Kai'Sa, Daughter of the Void, Now Available!

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"Are you the hunter... Or the prey?" - Kai'Sa is now available for purchase!

During her first week of availability, Kai'Sa will be priced at 975 RP / 7800 BE, after which she will drop to the standard 6300 BE price point. Alternatively, you can pick up Kai'Sa and Bullet Angel Kai'Sa in her limited time release bundle for 1837 RP for the first few days after release.
Continue reading for more on Kai'Sa, her gameplay, special interactions, and more!

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Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "Kai'Sa Available Now!"

"The Daughter of the Void has begun her hunt. Adapt to the environment and evolve new ways to eliminate your prey—Kai'Sa is available now.
The bundles 

The Bullet Angel Kai’Sa Bundle will be available for 1837 RP from now through March 14th at 23:59 PT.
Bundle includes:
  • Kai'Sa (50% off)
  • Bullet Angel Kai’Sa
Customize your Bullet Angel with 8 chromas at 290 RP each:
  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Catseye
  • Granite
  • Obsidian
  • Pearl
  • Rose Quartz
  • Ruby
Want all the options? Expand your arsenal with the Bullet Angel Kai’Sa Chroma Bundle for 3157 RP from now through March 14th at 23:59 PT (available for 3645 RP after that). 
Bundle includes:
  • Kai’Sa (50% off)
  • Bullet Angel Kai’Sa
  • All chromas (165 RP each)

Discover more
Learn more about Kai’Sa, her gameplay, and her backstory:

Kai'Sa, Daughter of the Void

[Helmet is able to be toggled on or off]

Champion Spotlight

Before we head into the dark details, here is Kai'Sa's champion spotlight:

Stats & Abilities

[Passive, Q1, Q2, W1, W2, E1, E2, R)

  • Move Speed: 335
  • Attack Range: 500
  • Base HP: 554.4
  • HP Growth: 80
  • HP Regen: 1.24
  • HP Regen Growth: 0.15
  • Base Mana: 344
  • Mana Growth: 38
  • Base Magic Resist: 30
  • Magic Resist per level: 0.5
  • Base Armor: 33.04
  • Armor Growth: 3
  • Base AD: 62.46
  • AD Growth: 1
  • Base Attack Speed: 0.644
  • Attack Speed Per Level: 1.8


Second Skin (Passive)
"Caustic Wounds - Kai'Sa's basic attacks stack Plasma for 4 seconds and deal [(7-12) + 10 % AP] + ([(1-9) + 5% AP] per stack) bonus magic damage. Kai'Sa's attacks detonate Plasma at 4 stacks, dealing bonus damage equal to ([15-20] + [2.5 per 100 AP])% of the target's missing health (max: 400 against monsters).
Allies' immobilizing effects on champions also add 1 stack of Plasma.
Living Weapon - Kai'Sa's suit adapts to her choices, evolving her abilities based on permanent stats from Items and Champion Levels.

Icathian Rain (Q)
55 Mana
10/9/8/7/6 sec Cooldown
"Kai'Sa launches 6 missiles that split among nearby enemies, each dealing 45/61.25/77.5/93.75/110 (+40% bonus AD) (+20% AP) physical damage. Additional hits on a champion or monster deal 30% damage (max: 113/153/194/234/275  (+100% bonus AD)(+50 AP). 
Living Weapon - 100 Bonus Attack Damage (current: X) - Icathian Rain fires 12 missiles. 
Minions below 35% health take 200% damage."
  • After upgraded with living weapon, Q's 12 rockets make the maximum damage to 194/263/333/403/473 (+172% AD)(+129% AP)

Void Seeker (W)
55/60/65/70/75 Mana
22/20/18/16/14 sec Cooldown
"Kai'Sa fires a Void blast that grants True Sight on the first enemy hit, deals 20/45/70/95/120 (+1.5 total AD)(+ 65 AP) magic damage, and applies 2 stacks of Plasma. 
Living Weapon - 100 Ability Power (current: x ) - Void Seeker applies 3 stacks of Plasma and refunds 50% cooldown on champion hit."

Supercharge (E)
30 Mana
16/15.5/15/14.5/14 sec Cooldown
"Kai'Sa spends [1.5 seconds] Supercharging her Void Energy. She gains [40]% Movement Speed during the charge, and 40% Attack Speed for 5 seconds when charged. 
Living Weapon - 100% Attack Speed (current: X%) - Supercharge grants Invisibility for 0.5 seconds 
Basic attacks reduce Supercharge's cooldown by 0.5 seconds. Supercharge's cast time and Movement Speed improve with Attack Speed."

Killer Instinct (R)
100 Mana
110/90/70 sec Cooldown
1500/2000/2500 Range
Kai'Sa warps to a location near an enemy champion affected by Plasma, gaining a shield that absorbs 75/100/125 (+100/150/200% total AD)(+75% AP) damage for 3 seconds.


Kai'Sa has just under 30 minutes of VO:

Kai'Sa also has a ton of special interactions:

Choose VO: "Are you the hunter... or the prey?"
Ban VO: "You wouldn't last a day in the void."


Kai'Sa's short form lore entry:
"Claimed by the Void when she was only a child, Kai'Sa managed to survive through sheer tenacity and strength of will. Her experiences have made her a deadly hunter and, to some, the harbinger of a future they would rather not live to see. Having entered into an uneasy symbiosis with a living Void carapace, the time will soon come when she must decide whether to forgive those mortals who would call her a monster, and defeat the coming darkness together... or simply to forget, as the Void consumes the world that left her behind."
Check out her full biography and short story - The Girl Who Came Back - on her Universe page! You can also check out the comic released for her, Kai'sa: Breach!

Login Theme

A new login theme featuring our upcoming champion Kai'Sa will be on the client this patch:

Release Skin - Bullet Angel Kai'Sa

As seen on her champion reveal, Kai'Sai's release skin is Bullet Angel Kai'Sa!

Bullet Angel Kai'Sai

1350 RP

New Summoner Icons

Also available for completing a mission is the Void Consumes All Icon!

New Chroma

Along with the release of Bullet Angel Kai'Sa, eight chroma will also be available to purchase:

Bullet Angel Kai'Sa


Champion Price Reduction

With Kai'Sa's release, Nami and Dr. Mundo's BE/RP price has been permanently reduced.

For more on Kai'Sa, check out these links:

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