Gun Goddess Miss Fortune Now Available!

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"A girl, a galaxy, and some names on a list. Isn't that how it always starts?" Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, League's newest ultimate skin, is now available for purchase! You can grab GGMF for 2775 RP (including 4 icons) or in her Payback edition bundle for 3500 RP, including another icon, loading screen border, and the Exo-Ward skin!
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Release Announcement

While there is no release article, more on GGMF can be found in client!in the client:

"Gun Goddess Miss Fortune
Next ultimate Skin | 2775 RP 
Payback is a Goddess. Clear your hit list with four interchangeable superweapons - Scarlet Fair, Royal Arms, Starswarm, and Zero Hour - and catch up with EXO the A.I. on GGMF's past, present, and purpose. 
Get Briefed:
a friendly A.I. who aids the fearless Miss Fortune in navigation, survival, and my personal favorite, combat. 
Allow me to optimize this time by bringing you up to “light speed.” That is a joke. 
Ten years ago, a great civil war stretched across the galaxy. Billions died. A brilliant scientist created blueprints for a superweapon that could end the war: The exosuit. That man was the founder of Fortune Industries. Emphasis on was, because he is dead. When his comrades discovered the exosuit plans, they wasted no time murdering him. He was survived by his only daughter, who they shot in the face. 
This is considered tragic. I cannot cry, but feel free to express yourself. 
The criminals mass-produced the exosuits, the war suddenly ended, and the previously-shot-but-still-alive girl began drawing up a hit list and customizing her father’s blueprints. Oh! And she also built me. I helped. 
Her first exosuit was Scarlet Fair. She tested it out on an unsuspecting target and acquired her next suit: Royal Arms. And then she obtained Starswarm. And finally, Zero Hour.
What a truly excessive yet exciting amount of weaponry. Our killing menu now includes death by antimatter warheads, rapid-fire bullets, alien fire, and black holes eating your human hearts out. That murderous little girl has grown into a murderous young woman. Her dead father would be very proud.
Hovering over the small red dots on the home page reveals a bit more on GGMF's background:

Payback is a Goddess | Animated Video

She's Come to Collect | Skin Trailer

If you head over to the shop, you'll find the GGMF Payback edition bundle which includes the Gun Goddess icon, the Exo Ward skin, and a loading screen slice. 
Bundle  - 3500 RP (on launch)
Gun Goddess Miss Fortune - Payback Edition
  • Gun Goddess Miss Fortune
  • Miss Fortune
  • Exo-Ward Skin
  • Gun Goddess Icon"
(NOTE: If you already own GGMF, you can still purchase the  Payback Edition bundle for an adjusted 725 RP!)

The GGMF icon and loading screen are exclusive to the bundle and available through April 5th:
"After 14 days, the loading scren border and Portrait Icon will no longer be in bundle and the price will drop to 3250 RP." 

New Champion Skins

Here's a look at each of GGMF's four exosuits, each boasting new VFX!

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

[Ultimate skin - 2775 RP + Payback Edition Bundle on Launch]
[HUD can be open and closed when at the fountain by clicking the blue dot above portrait!]

Scarlet Fair (Base)

Zero Hour

Royal Arms


Gun Goddess Miss Fortune has just over 18 minutes of new voiceover:

As well as a ton of new special interactions:

And here is an ability video showing off her VFX in each form:

New Summoner Icons

A total of five new Gun Goddess Miss Fortune summoner icons are now available with her release, one for each of her suits included with skin purchase and one portrait icon included in her Payback Edition bundle. More info here.

Gun Goddess Icon
[Available with bundle purchase]

Scarlet Fair, Zero Hour, Royal Arms, Starswarm Icon
[Available with skin purchase]

New Ward Skin

Along with GGMF we also have the new Exo Ward skin, available exclusively the Payback Edition bundle.

Exo Ward

[ Exclusive to Payback Edition Bundle]

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune Login Theme

A new login theme featuring Gun Goddess Miss Fortune is also out to celebrate the release:

Gun Goddess Miss Fortune will feature an animated splash in client like other ultimate skins! Here it is in action:


For more on Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, check out these links:

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