Rift Herald Death Teaser

Posted on at 5:29 PM by Aznbeat
A new in-game teaser has been spotted on live servers!  A mysterious void missile has been spotted killing the Rift Herald prior to Baron's spawn.
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Rather than dying off a few seconds before Baron spawns, a small portal opens and a mysterious void-like missile shoots out and kills the Rift Herald!
This interaction does not seem to be happening on the PBE, only on live servers.

As for what this may mean, the recent January 2018 Champion roadmap included information on upcoming champions and reworks - more specifically mention of a new marksman and an image of a void corrupted landscape. While nothing is confirmed, we're no strangers to in-game teasers preceding new champion releases, such as the October 2017 roadmap's bubbles & the Asleep teaser for Zoe.

Here's a video showing off the teaser:

Look for more on the new champion we we move into further PBE cycles!

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