Red Post Collection: Valentine's Day Merch Store Update & more

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Today's red post collection includes new merch in the Riot Games Merch store, including cards, keychains, and Sweetheart Tibbers, red comments from around the web, and more!
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Valentine's Day Merch Store Update

The Riot Games Merch Store has been updated with new Valentine's Day merch! From the Facebook:
"Sweetheart Tibbers has arrived and has brought a mini collection of cards and keychains to help celebrate his release!"
Check out all the new merch below:
Have you met Sweetheart Tibbers?
Write a sweet (or salty) message to someone you love (or hate) with this 10-pack of league greeting cards. There are two cards for each of the five designs, blank inside so you can get it just right ;-).

For those waiting for the Xayah and Rakan merch that was previewed on the Riot CN merch store, the Riot Games Merch FB noted they would be coming later in the year:
"Later this year - around September we will have a dedicated moment for x/r that will include the bracelets."

Quick Hits

  • Riot Shantzilla noted more lore would be coming this year for a wide range of champions:
"Hey man, going to copy my response from the main Noxus thread: 
"We're actually going to have more time with Noxus throughout the year as we do more faction updates moving forward. While this update may have been a little smaller overall, we're aiming to increase the overall quantity of lore beats in 2018. Expect some similar focus (in this case, "how is Noxus run?" "what is the military like?" etc) but a wide range of champions as well." 
I can't say right now if we're going to end up getting to Talon, Riven, or anyone else specifically (too early, honestly), but you won't have to wait a year for more lore beats like this. 
Hope that helps."


To round out this red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!

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