Red Post Collection: 2018 Global Esports Event Locations, 50% off Select Emotes, Kai'Sa discussion, & more.

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[Update: Added Rengar Changelist for 2/27 PBE and 2018 Global Esports Event Locations!]

Today's red post collection includes the 2018 global esports event locations, 50% off select emotes through March 11th, Riot Jag discussing item builds for our upcoming champion testing Kai'Sa, and more!
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2018 Global Esports Event Locations

Riot has announced the locations for all the big global esports events this year! Check out the full article here or see below for a summary:
"This year, history is on the line as we take our global events to some of our most established competitive regions. Following our record-breaking 2017 World Championship in China, we’re proud to be hosting the Mid-Season Invitational for the first time in Germany and France, before bringing the 2018 World Championship back to the home turf of five of the past seven World Championship winners: Korea. In between MSI and Worlds, regions will battle it out at Rift Rivals events taking place all over the globe, and we will cap off the year with the All-Star Event."

Rengar Changelist for 2/27 PBE

Here's Riot August with a new changelist for Rengar with changes upcoming in the 2/27 PBE Update:
"More PBE changes coming at you for tomorrow (2/27) 
Buffs + a METRIC TON of feel improvements and bug fixes. 
Specific callout to the change that makes the Q attack able to be canceled. PLEASE GO TEST AND TELL ME HOW IT FEELS. 
Ferocity falloff timer:: 6 >>> 8 
Q damage:: 20/50/80/110/140 (+1.1 TAD) >>> 30/60/90/120/150 (+1/1.05/1.1/1.15/1.2 TAD)
Emp Q ratio:: 1.3 TAD >>> 1.4 TAD 
Rengar's true vision now linger for .5 seconds after the spell ends. 
Bug fixes and feel improvements:
Lockout duration on gaining full ferocity for E and Q reduced to .1 seconds (from .25)
Only the spell used to gain full ferocity is locked out 
Q attacks can now be canceled (like a normal basic attack) 
If Rengar presses Q or W during the E cast time he will now buffer those spells and cast them when the E completes.
---------Previously movement orders would eat the input and you'd have to press Q and W again. This should make his Leap - E - W - Q combo feel a lot smoother. 
Fixed a bug where tiamat could sometimes cause Rengar's basic attacks to become the Q animation
Fixed a bug where Emp Q's attack frame was slightly faster than base Q 
Still hunting down the bug where he sometimes drops aggro on his target when casting E and W. We think we have a fix, but we're not sure. It's weird...
Overall Rango is looking to be a tad weak on live so we're throwing in some buffs. The Q changes I made pre-release seemed good to go back on. Guess is that his overall damage is simply too low at the moment. Additionally, increased the time Rengar has before losing ferocity out of combat to compensate for the fact that the new Q makes it harder to generate and keep up ferocity. Finally, letting the truesight on R linger a bit after he leaps in. Was weird to see an enemy over a wall, right click on them to jump, and then lose vision the second you start your leap. Should now lose vision a tad after the leap ends. 
I expect he may need even more after this, but I'm staying on the conservative side due to the multitude of feel improvements that we're also trying to ship out (they should raise his power in more subtle ways). 
If he remains weak after 8.5 we'll give him another bump in 8.6 (with special consideration for the possible dusk blade nerfs). 
On the bug fixing/feel side, you guys were right. The ferocity lockout felt bad, especially with new Q, so we're reducing it/removing it as much as possible. It's still important to have a brief lockout on the spell you used to get to max to prevent double casts, but that doesn't mean the other spells need to be locked out as well. 
Letting people cancel the Q animation for maximum BM. Expect this makes him feel smoother and have less instances of getting accidentally locked into attacking something you didn't want to. It's also a smol nerf however, as making the attack cancelable means enemies that flash out of vision will cause it to not complete. 
I think one of the many reasons Rengar players seem to dislike the E cast time is that it can cause you to lose your inputs on W and Q if cast during the E. Creates a feeling of "wait I thought I pushed that button." Added some spell buffering to help remedy this, now W and Q should cast automatically at the end of E should you push the buttons during its cast time (provided you aren't CC'd of course). 
Can't repro the de-aggro bug on internal environments, which makes me hope that we fixed it...If anyone has reliable repro steps pls let me know. 
Thanks a ton, feedback appreciated.

Bonus point:
If you play Gragas, we noticed that he had a similar bug to Rengar, where attacking with his W just as the buff expired would cause it to fizzle. Should be fixed now on PBE."

50% off select emotes: Round one begins 

Here's Riot Evaelin with the announcement on the emote sale starting today and continuing through the next few weeks:
"Cheer up, little kittens! You can now snag How Could You, Sad Kitten, and Delightify for 50% off (that’s 225 RP each) until March 11, 2018, at 11:59 PM PT.
At that time, we’ll start the second batch of emote deals. See the full emote list and schedule here."

What Do I Build On Kai’Sa? 

Riot Jag, the designer of Kai'Sa, provided this guide for what items to build on her:
Hey guys, I’m Riot Jag, the lead Gameplay Designer on Kai’Sa. I’ve seen a lot of confusion on what type of role, playstyle, or build she’s supposed to have, so I’m here to provide some context and some advice. 
First off - Kai’Sa is intended to be a versatile champion. The goal is for her to have multiple roles, playstyles, and builds. So, I’d like to give a bit of context on each of her abilities and how they achieve this. Always remember that you don’t need to upgrade every ability every game, and most cohesive builds will evolve no more than 2 spells. 
Ability breakdown 
Almost everything on Kai’Sa’s kit scales directly with an offensive stat. Let’s talk about each ability in detail. 
P (Caustic Wounds): Magic damage, scales primarily with AS and AP. Kai’Sa’s passive is the backbone of her damage output in most of her builds. In a conventional ADC build, she’ll probably do about 65% of her total champion damage as Physical Damage, and around 35% as Magic Damage, primarily due to the very strong AS scaling on her passive. Almost every build will get a lot of value here. Her passive is also one of the biggest reasons she’s extremely strong as a bot laner - pair her up with a CC monster like Leona or a Thresh and you’ll have some awesome kill lanes as they ramp up her passive stacks for her. 
Q (Icathian Rain): Physical damage, scales primarily with AD and CDR. It has AP scaling, but since it’s Physical Damage, it’s much more likely to have value in builds that include Essence Reaver , Infinity Edge , or Duskblade . If you’re playing an Assassin style with Lethality, this is your bread and butter. 
W (Void Seeker): Magic damage, scales primarily with AP, AD, and CDR. Most builds will always get some value out of W (especially since it accelerates your passive), but AP builds scale this spell harder than anything and it becomes your primary nuke if you’re starting out with items like Luden’s Echo or Lich Bane. This also has plenty of punch with Hybrid builds that utilize Hextech Gunblade or Guinsoo’s Rageblade . 
E (Supercharge): Scales primarily with AS and CDR. It’s important to note Attack Speed purchases scale down E’s cast time and scale up the MS it gives, making it feel super good with items that give that stat. Items like Blade of the Ruined King or Statikk Shiv really shine with a build that pushes to upgrade Supercharge first. 
R (Killer Instinct): Shield scales primarily with AD, AP, CDR. Not much to think about here, just don’t build tank and you’ll get good value out of the shield. The AD ratio gets much better with level, so AD Kai’Sa builds will get better shields that can actually absorb a Critical Strike from an enemy ADC that has also reached late game. 
Few other tips:
-Kai’Sa has some of the worst level scaling in the game in terms of offensive base stats (her AD and AS per level are extremely low), but her item scaling is extremely potent. Most item purchases will scale you up quite well, as long as they’re offensive (if you’re thinking about Tank Kai’Sa, just don’t!).
-Lifesteal is always a good purchase for ADCs with short attack ranges, and Kai’Sa is no exception. Blade of the Ruined King is a great item for ADC builds because it gives Kai’Sa a bit of everything she needs (AD for Q Evolve, AS for E Evolve, lifesteal, dueling potential).
-Some penetration items may be correct on Kai’Sa depending on the game, but since her damage profile is fairly mixed, it’s usually better to look at other items. Critical Strike becomes quite potent in conjunction with a few rankups in her E since the stats multiply quite well. 
I’m happy to answer further questions here, but my main hope is that people will have a lot of fun exploring their favorite build path on Kai’Sa, as opposed to me telling you exactly what to do. Good luck!"

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