Dragon Master Swain now available!

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Dragon Master Swain is now available to purchase for 1350 RP!
Continue reading for a preview of the new skin!

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Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "New Epic Skin - Dragon Master Swain"

1350 RP 
It’s been five years. 
Five years since I first envisioned these lands falling under my domain. I wait no more.
Now, I control the divine power of these beasts that rain hellfire from the heavens. And mankind is no match for a plotting god. 
Let them send their trainers. Their slayers. Their sorcerers. Let them see all too late that they are mere pawns before the Master."

Skin Preview - Dragon Master Swain

Dragon Master Swain is now available for purchase for 1350 RP! Check out the full preview:

Dragon Master Swain

1350 RP
Dragon Master Swain also has a set of special interactions:

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