Swain: the Noxian Grand General | Champion Teaser

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A teaser for the upcoming Swain champion update is up on Riot social media!
Continue reading for the full video!

Swain: The Noxian Grand General | Champion Teaser

This video shows Swain looking out over Noxus, then transforming..
"I have the vision to see what others cannot. The monsters of today will be the heroes of tomorrow, and by my hand will Noxus rise once more."

The youtube description reads:
"Noxus has endured, because Noxus is strong. But the Grand-General Jericho Swain knows there are many kinds of strength—and the greatest leaders of the next age will be those who can wield them all..."


For more information on Swain's update, check out these blurbs from the Champion Roadmap: July 2017 and Champion Roadmap: October 2017. Swain' s Champion Update will be a large scope update similar to Evelynn.

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