Red Post Collection: Upcoming Changes to Rotating Game Modes, In-Client Email Verification, & More

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Today's red post collection includes an update on the rotating gamemode schedule, a note on in-client email verification, & more!
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Upcoming Changes to Rotating Game Modes 

Here's Riot Aeon with an update on rotating game modes for 2018:
"TL;DR: We won’t be running a RGM with every patch anymore. We’re going to continue to run the most popular modes, but our main focus will be on creating more new modes to launch alongside events as well as experimenting with older modes. 
Rotating Game Modes in 2018 
We went into last year with a renewed focus on supporting events by creating new modes to make each event special. We saw a lot of positive reactions to modes like Star Guardian: Invasion and The Hunt of the Blood Moon, and more of you showed up to play when we succeeded at making something new and distinct. We want to build on these successes in 2018. 
We’ve been building a better groundwork of tools that will allow us to create better, more polished maps and modes going forward. In 2018 our focus is on two things: 
  1. Delivering fun and better modes for events
  2. Experiment more with classic modes (i.e. Ascension) to give them new life 
Not too different than where we were last year, but the big change is how often we’ll be running RGMs. We’re moving away from every patch to a more sporadic schedule. 
Developing new modes can take a tremendous amount of time (Invasion took over four months), and we think putting our focus towards developing new modes is the best way to deliver better experiences for you. 
Old modes aren’t going anywhere though. We’ll still be running favorites like ARURF, One for All, and others throughout the year. There simply won’t be an RGM every patch. 
We’ve got some big plans, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store. First up this year will be Hunt of the Blood Moon in 8.3 and then the long awaited return of One for All in 8.6!"
Riot Aeon also noted that the game modes will run longer than just a weekend:
"We're definitely planning to have game modes run for longer periods like we did with the last runs of Overcharge and Invasion."
 They continued:
"As a note, this may or may not line up with an exact patch's timeline, depending on whether or not there is an event going on --- we try to line up with events when we can."

In-client email verification 

Here's Marowe with a boards thread on in-client email verifications:
"Hey League fam, 
Your LoL account is valuable. Whether it’s time dedicated to playing games or money spent on skins and cosmetics, your investments should be protected. Our Player Support team works throughout the year to help return compromised accounts as quickly and painlessly as possible. This sometimes takes a while, which can be frustrating. We do our best to protect your account and prevent this from happening, but we could use your help. 
Here’s where you come in! Verifying your email address adds a vital layer of security to your account and enables us to provide a faster route to recovering your account. A verified email address allows us to quickly send account recovery information if you have trouble logging in and identifies you as the legitimate owner of your account. 
What does this look like for me? 
Starting with patch 8.3, you’ll be able to verify your email in-client (rather than visiting If you have an unverified email address, we’ll send you reminders in the League client with steps for verification. If you need to change the email associated with your account, you can do that too. These reminders will be sent periodically to unverified accounts throughout the start of the season. If you don’t get the notification, your email is already verified. If you don’t get the notification but still want to change your email, you can change it on via the settings menu in the upper right hand corner. 
Do I have to? 
Right now, this process is optional. We strongly recommend you do verify your email ASAP, but you can postpone the reminder for later. During this time, we’ll be adjusting for any unforeseen issues and ensuring we’re giving everyone enough time to verify their accounts. After this initial optional phase, we’ll be rolling out mandatory email verification later in the year. 
Why email verification? 
There are several options when it comes to account security, and email verification is just the first step. It’s pretty standard practice at this point, and it’ll allow us to start unlocking other optional security features later this year, like Multi-Factor Authentication. 
We'll be here to answer questions below! o/"

Quick Hits

"I have gotten a lot of similar messages for Swain as well as basically every VGU we have done in the past, so I'm just going to pick this one to respond to and hope other people that have sent me similar messages read this. 
The reasoning for these generally goes something along these lines. I Don't like the rework. I see other comments from people that don't like the rework, therefor the majority of players or X Champion Mains also dislike the rework (or a specific thing about a rework) and Riot hasn't done anything which means Riot doesn't care about the players, or Mains of a Champion.
I have worked at Riot for awhile now, and have been the producer of many reworks, VGUs and New Champions and I can definitely say that the players and thier feelings are heavily prioritized at Riot, even though when we make a decision that you specifically don't agree with it can feel like we don't. 
The reality is that many times the comments on reddit or other social media platforms don't represent the majority of players or even the majority of players on that particular platform. Even on this subreddit the current pole about the rework seen here: 
Doesn't show that the majority of Swain players hate the rework. Reddit users make up a extremely small percentage of our total player base in English speaking regions (less then 5%) and it doesn't include all the other players in non-English speaking regions around the world. All players matter to me, regardless of what region they are from. 
This is why we have a talented Insights team here at Riot to help us gather player feedback from all Regions and from all types of players and let us know what the majority of players actually think. They can parse out what players think about each part of a Champion (Theme, Gameplay, VO, Visuals) as well as see what Mains and Non-Mains think. 
What we have found with all VGUs is that the reddit/baords comments don't always represent the majority though sometimes they do, and when they do we usually discuss making changes. Rengar, for example, initially had really good sentiment from a majority of Rengar players but once we got him into a more balanced state his sentiment dropped significantly which is why we are currently exploring a revert on his rework. 
Believe it or not every single VGU since Sion has had the majority of mains like the rework. Galio, for example, many players will say that many Galio mains hated his visuals and we changed Galio way too much, yet Galio was one of the highest rated in theme/visuals from mains compared to almost any VGU we have ever done (Evelynn I think was tied with him.) In fact, the most controversial VGU we have ever done was Evelynn, in regards to her gameplay specifically, where about 70% of mains loved it and 30% disliked it, and that was one of the highest dislike ratios we have ever had. We knew going in though that a majority of Eve players wanted to play her as an Assassin and that we would have to make some big changes to her kit to make a permastealh Assassin in our game not permabanned, so we kind of went in knowing that would happen (Though not making her an Assassin would have upset another group of Eve players) 
The Class updates are another example where while many players did like them and thought they shook up the game and meta in a fun way we were finding that about 50% of the champions we reworked for Class updates had a majority of there mains disliking the reworks. We stopped doing them even though we were getting good gamehealth/diversity results as upsetting that many mains was not something we felt was a good strategy to continue, and if we were seeing similar feelings on VGUs we would likely rethink our VGU strategy as well. Currently we see very positive feedback from players and Champion mains on VGUs and recently a large player survey showed that 50% of our players prefer VGUs over New Champions. 
Anyways that wasn't really about Swain as he hasn't hit live yet so that we can start gathering feedback from players across all our regions. If we do find that the sentiment of Swains Visuals is felt by a majority of our players we will of course discuss as a team what makes sense. Thanks!"
"He seems like he's in a pretty good spot overall imo. 
Going mid and being effective honestly doesn't seem like a big issue to me. In fact, I see it as a good thing that he can be effective there, as long as he's not just dominating everyone regardless of matchup (which would be a problem regardless of whether the champion was an "intended" midlaner or not). It's even possible that, if Juggernauts were more generally desirable to have on your team (that's a larger issue related to the overall landscape of the game), it could be a very cool niche for Urgot to be the one that does go mid lane. That said, I think we're pretty far from that. 
Longer term I'd like to investigate some work so that there could be exceptions for champions like Urgot when it comes to not being able to use certain "melee only" items that it feels like he should have access to (Steraks comes to mind, obviously), and I'd also like to see if we could buff his base AS to not be so garbage now that the Runes situation is so different from what it was when we shipped him. 
For what it's worth, I always enjoy your content when I make my way over to urgotmains :)"
He continued:
"I think that change in particular is probably a bit too risky, for some of the mentions you've listed, but also because of some oddities it would give the spell. If we make it a spell with 2 charges, it would easily blow up the minion wave with a double cast (and I like for champions to have to spend some time killing the minions so that there's a good chance for pvp combat to arise). If we wanted to prevent it from blowing up the minions easily, we would need to do stuff like cut its damage in half or increase the recast time between charges to several seconds. Additionally, as you've noted, we'd have to address the permaslow case, and so the slow would need to be adjusted. 
Really, if it was a big issue that Urgot didn't feel like he had active enough button presses, we could probably just reduce the Q CD along with the damage and slow to see how it plays, but I strongly suspect it would be an overall net reduction in satisfaction. 
This isn't to say all these things wouldn't be possible to test to eventually get in working order. It's more that I think it's really risk to go making pretty significant mechanical changes to a kit that seems to be in a decent spot."
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