Fight With Honor: 2018 Season

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The Honor minisite has been updated with changes for the 2018 season! 
Continue reading for all the details of the changes!

From the Honor minisite - "Fight With Honor"

"Fight With Honor 
Honor in 2018 delivers new rewards for your tilt-proof plays, sweet calls, and GG <3 moments!
Honor Progression and Rewards 
We’ve added checkpoints between Honor levels and new rewards that get better with every level up. You’ll climb towards level 5 by fighting with honor, just like before.  Your Honor level resets at season start and new players begin at Honor level 2.
You’ll complete three checkpoints on your way to the next level until level 5. When you reach a checkpoint after level 2, you’ll get a reward to celebrate your progress. 
Honor Orbs
This new reward is guaranteed every time you reach a checkpoint past level 3. When you reach Honor level 5 and can’t level up anymore, you’ll still get level 5 Orbs until the end of the season. 
Honor Capsules
Instead of getting these randomly like before, you get a Capsule when you reach levels 3, 4, and 5. Honor Capsules have better rewards every level up and include a guaranteed cosmetic!
Unlock Rewards 
We’ve made some big adjustments to how rewards work. You are guaranteed a reward every time you reach a checkpoint or level up just by fighting with honor. Key fragments still drop at random along the way. You can click through every Honor level and checkpoint below to see how your rewards level up as you do.

Honor Level Reset 
If you finished last season with a high Honor standing, you start closer to upgraded rewards in the new season. If you were below Honor level 2 at the end of last season, you’ll stay right there at season start. Your old Honor level is on the left and the checkpoint you’re reset to is on the right."

For a full refresher on Honor, check out the minisite, FAQ, or the S@20 coverage on it!

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