Red Post Collection: 2017 All-Star Vote now Open, Runes Reforged Path Summaries & more

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Today's red post collection includes the 2017 All-Star Event voting open now, a summary of the Runes Reforged paths, an update on Preseason Healthbar changes, new PROJECT: merch, and more!
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2017 All-Star Vote now Open!

Now that Worlds 2017 has been completed, it's time to cast your votes for your favorite players to join the 2017 All-Star Teams in the All-Star 2017 Event from December 7-10!
The 2017 All-Star Event will comprise of a dream team tournament based on fan votes. It's up to you to decide which pros are worthy of representing your region's dream team. Cast your vote before November 10th and prepare yourself. Dream Teams Assemble!"

[Build Your All-Star Team Here!

For more on All-Stars tickets and the event it self, check out this article!

Runes Reforged Path Summaries 

Here's Riot Sparkle with a summary of the Runes Reforged system in prep for the start of Preseason:
"Hey folks! 
With the patch notes for 7.22 releasing today we figure it's a good time to talk a bit about how Runes will work and what they are again. :) 
So without further ado: 
The Basics
  • Rune pages can be created or edited in champion select
  • You will pick one primary path and one secondary path for your rune page
  • You will slot in a total of 6 runes:
    • 1 keystone and 3 runes from your primary path
    • 2 runes from your secondary path
  • Each primary path gives a small stat bonus. Right now they are the same for each combination of paths, but that could change in the future.
Path Summaries 
Here's a visual TL;DR for each Path and all the runes within it. For more detailed versions, be sure to check out the official patch notes
Happy to answer any Qs you may have and look forward to seeing you all on the Rift soon for Preseason!"

Brace Yourselves: Runes Are Coming 

Riot Sparkle also provided more tips on what to do Day 1:
"Hi friends! 
Since yesterday's rune prep pictures had such good discussion, I'm back with a few more images to make your Day 1 Runes Reforged experience extra awesome. Here are a few insider tips to get you ready for runes before you boot up your very first game. :D 
As always we're hanging around to read through all your thoughts if you have any questions or comments for us. Happy Preseason everyone!" 

Preseason Healthbar Update v2

Here's Rayven with another iteration of the Preseason healthbar update:
"Hey folks, we're back on PBE with another iteration on the updated healthbars and we need your feedback on the changes. The theme of this iteration is Familiar Plus Goodies. 
Changes are as follows: 
- Champ meters are now the same width as live and just a bit taller.
- Champ meter colors should be much closer to live values.
- Normal damage hangs around a tiny bit longer - similar to live.
- New spell shield border.
- All borders should look cleaner.
- Themed secondary resources like Corki, Jhin, etc still need a bunch of polish - feedback is still valid, but we are aware of their stylistic issues.
- Kled is fixed.
- Grey health should be much clearer.
- Burst damage is brighter on the left and darker on the right hand side to make current health more visible at all times.
- Extra life and unkillable icons got tweaks.
- Shred and defense up icons and systems have been simplified.
- Mana missing bug fixed (related to the manaflow band rune).
- CC text now has a text gradient.
- Level numbers should be centered (hopefully the fix sticks this time). 
- Resource polish (as mentioned above).
- Tower death and Nexus animations.
- Level number colors.

New Burst
Live Burst

New Project Merch on the Merch Store

A handful of new PROJECT merch is now available on the Riot Games merch store, including a new PROJECT: Yi Figure, PROJECT Minis, and a new mousepad! These items join the previously release PROJECT shirt line! Here's more from the Riot Games Merch FB page:
"Let us begin. Initiating... PROJECT: YI Watch, and learn. The Wuju bladesman strikes his way into the Series 2 figure line. PROJECT: Yi is a Special Edition release available for a limited time."

"Initiating... PROJECT: Yi 
Highly compatible with multi-target combat."

"Synchronizing... PROJECT Initiates: Katarina, Ashe, Yasuo, Zed, Lucian
Seek to achieve synergy 
This Special Edition set is #02 in the Team Mini line."

"Updating... PROJECT: Mousepad 
Enhance your gameplay."

Quick Hits

"Zoe loading screen art for everyone's favorite new champion from Targon!!!"
  • With Zoe now available for testing on the PBE, Erica Lindbeck, the voice actor for Taliyah, revealed she also voiced Zoe!
"Had such a blast voicing this goober. #LeagueOfLegends #Zoe"
  • KateyKhaos noted on Twitter that the Death Sworn and Omega Squad ward skins would be increased in size sometime during this PBE cycle:
"A huge thanks to Reddit user LuxBerr (+ upvotes) for calling out the baby sized Death Sworn/Omega Squad wards. They're sized up for 7.23!

  • KateyKhaos also noted she could be checking into skin bugs this week and asked for bug reports:
"I'm gonna poke through some skins bugs this week; know of any? Toss me a bug report here and I'll take a look -"

"Tbh it just isn't a priority the way new game features are (modes, events, champions, etc., plus articles and trailers for all those things). 
That doesn't excuse it, but that's the reality at the moment. The real question is whether we end up overhauling it entirely, or scrapping the less useful parts and fixing the ones that players actually rely on. Also, that shit is old and there is legit tech debt to factor in. Again, it's a question of priorities when we could be sharing newer, cooler stuff versus band-aiding old things.
But we also need to understand how game info fits into your experience, because with so many third party sites out there, I think there's a real question about how valuable it actually is for us to keep it updated alongside all these other resources that you (and we) use more regularly. 
I'm spitballing, if you all have thoughts don't hesitate to comment or DM me with em"
  • Riot Ve1vet tweeted about a Poro toy that notes more of the series would be coming soon:
"Opened my bag with the bangers in it from yesterday and found this little Poro mini?? It’s so gold and cute! Back says series 1 coming soon?"

".@riotgames is about to announce that they will build and manage the LCK-exclusive stadium in South Korea"
"Relive the biggest moments and memories from the 2017 World Championship!"
"In this video, find out about the big changes coming to League of Legends this preseason, like Runes Reforged, updates to the progression system, and changes in in-game currencies, along with introducing veteran rewards and the new Essence Emporium."
Here's a quick note on this video from RiotShadowDame:
"Hello! I saw a lot of comments around the BE multiplier and wanted to clarify. The BE Multiplier in this video is for the SG/MY server. Please check your local announcements for your server's multiplier (i.e for Riot regions, it is x6.5). 
I've updated the description of the video with this clarification as well, I hope we clear up any confusion! 
Edit: SG and MY is Singapore and Malaysia. BE is blue essence. 
Edit edit: Hijacking my own comment to clarify some things. This video was created by the Riot Singapore office specifically for local players. We didn't expect (nor prepare for) it to gain the traction it has garnered so far. Any confusion was unintended."


To round out this red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!

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