Mecha Rengar & New Chroma now available!

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"Another piece for my collection." - Mecha Rengar, his chroma, and new chroma sets for Mecha Aatrox and  Mecha Kha'Zix are now available!
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Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "New Epic Skin - Mecha Rengar returns to the Hunt"

1350 RP 
With a mechanical roar, Prototype 09 crashed into the testing grounds; Prototype 01 hovered above him, victorious but severely damaged. The lab abandoned 09 and documented their findings: the beast’s construct proved inferior to the insect’s.
But 09’s internal memory would not let him forget. He was the true predator. And a true predator always returned to the hunt.
290 RP Each"

New Skin - Mecha Rengar

The newest skin for Rengar is now available - Mecha Rengar! Check out our coverage for a look at his VFX and model:

Mecha Rengar

1350 RP

Mecha Chroma

Three skins have new chroma available now, including sets for Mecha AatroxMecha Kha'Zix, and the new Mecha Rengar:

Mecha Aatrox

[290 RP each or in bundles]

Mecha Kha'Zix

[290 RP each or in bundles]

Mecha Rengar

[290 RP each or in bundles]

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