Lancer Paragon and Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank now available!

Posted on at 5:10 PM by Aznbeat
[NOTE: Temporarily out of shop until patch 7.24]

"Fired up and ready to serve." - Lancer Paragon and Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank are now available for purchase for 1350 RP each or together for a discounted 1820 RP.
Continue reading for more on these two new skins!

Table of Contents

Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "The Paragon and the Rogue"
1350 RP 
Lightning from the heavens brought forth a peaceful paladin. One that serves all honorable subjects, defending with true and calculated precision.


1350 RP 
From the raging skies, a furious bolt blackened the earth, manifesting as machine. Its protocol: Storming castles and eliminating kings on their thrones."

New Skins

The 1350 pair of Lancer Rogue and Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank skins (which will be available together in a bundle for 1820) are now available!

Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank

1350 RP /OR/ Bundle with LP Blitzcrank for 1820 RP

Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank

1350 RP /OR/ Bundle with LR Blitzcrank for 1820 RP

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