Red Post Collection: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 25, /Dev: League's VFX Style Guide, & more

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Today's red post collection includes Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for October 25th, covering runes, jungle xp, and more, as well as a /Dev on VFX, and a few reminders!
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Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 25

Here's Meddler with his quick gameplay thoughts for 10/25, including thoughts on runes coming back to the PBE, Jungle XP, and more:
"Morning folks, 
Usual Disclaimers 
These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The nature of the work could change or, depending on what we discover, projects mentioned may get put delayed or even stopped. 
If you'd like to see a Tweet whenever a new one of these posts goes up: 
Runes back on the PBE 
We're in the home stretch before runes go live and they're back on the PBE again now we're past the 7.21 testing period. We've made significant changes to a number of runes since the system was originally revealed, some of which haven't got as much visibility (and therefore testing) as others. Feedback, particularly from people who've played them in game, highly appreciated on: 
Guardian - Now triggers on spell casts on allies/priority, compared to version initially shown which was right click on ally. 
Sudden Impact - Now also works after exiting stealth, not just on dash/teleport. 
Press the Attack - Now deals damage after 3 auto attacks on the target, followed by amping all damage against them for 6 seconds (was stacking AD/AP). 
Presence of Mind - Now gives you free spell casts for 5 seconds after level up or takedown (used to restore mana by auto attacking when lowish on mana). 
Arcane Comet - Cooldown now reduces whenever you damage an enemy champion with an ability (should be much more appealing on champs with frequent spell casts or DoTs) 
Adjusting Jungle XP and Catch up XP in pre-season 
We'll be adjusting how jungle XP's earned somewhat in pre-season as is probably already on PBE at this point. TLDR is only catch up xp on large/epic monsters instead of all, some changes to individual camp xp, less ambient catch up XP. More details and our thinking about why these changes in a separate dev corner post to come shortly. 
Edit: Looks like that post's out already and had plenty of discussion already. Link for anyone that's missed it though: 
Minions/Monsters spawning 10s earlier in pre-season 
Another change we'll be making in pre-season is having minions and monsters spawn 10s earlier than they normally would (e..g red/blue buff spawning at 1.30, not 1.40). Goal there's to remove a bit of time that's usually just spent by people afk/alt tabbed. At the same time we don't want to make jungle invades too hard to pull off, so to preserve similar timings on those we'll be increasing the speed bonus from the game start Homeguard effect as well. 
Couple of pre-season changes moving to 7.23 instead of 7.22 
Almost all of the pre-season stuff will be in 7.22, we'll have a few things though that will be a patch later however. Those are a slight increase to minion movement speed after 20 minutes and minion damage to towers (helps with split pushing for champs who don't themselves do as much tower damage in particular), plus a small increase to overall tower health (leaving towers as tough, or slightly tougher, overall, even accounting for the extra minion damage)." 

When asked his opinion on Galio after his changes in patch 7.21, Meddler replied:
so when you hotfixing galio's Q damage?
also, why the change to guardian? I thought it was pretty cool you could use the shield by rightclicking and have that much control over when to use it. sounds like now you cant really use it on someone like thresh, though he has other good options anyway
We'll be looking at Galio today to see if something's needed there or not. 
We liked the right click approach to Guardian too in theory. In practice it led to far too many accidental activations though."

Meddler continued:
"I'll stand by that phrasing yeah. Even if he were to turn out to be the most ridiculously busted thing in the game ever we should still be looking at what's actually going on in game, not just what's being argued on Boards, Reddit etc to make an assessment on what to do."

He went on:
Hypothetically, if you guys were to hotfix galio, what numbers would you tweak? A slight dial-back of the AP ratio buffs? Or something else?
I suppose y'all also have to wait for data to confirm what needs to be hit, if hit at all.
Depends on the issue. If his Q is just doing far too much damage over its duration then I'd expect AP ratio on the % damage most likely. 
Or if he's now too tanky, maybe the W AP ratio. 
Or maybe he's on average balanced, but when heavily snowballed does inappropriate things even for a snowballed state, which might mean looking at his power curve in general."

On the Press the Attack rune, Meddler commented:
Please bring back the old press the attack.. why does everything has to look/feel like thunderlords? The ad stacking was way better and fun to play with.. This one feels like thunderlords for adcs .. like cmon now
The main issue with the old Press the Attack was how heavily it shared space with Lethal Tempo. Both were increased auto attack damage, over a sustained period of time. That meant that, with some exceptions, which to take was too often just a mathematical optimization. 
Secondary benefits we saw to this change also include making the Precision tree more accessible to non marksmen/skirmishers (the team damage amp helping a lot with that) and addressing some edge cases with split pushers getting the prior Press the Attack to enormous stacking AD/AP values."

On Arcane Comet, Meddler replied:
How does the refund on Comet works? 
What if my DoT is ticking and I use a AoE or Single Target, what will be prioritized? 
Can AoE MultiTrigger?
If you have a DoT ticking and use a spell both will reduce the CD. AOE spells that multihit will reduce the CD per target hit. Single target spell hits reduce the CD more than AOE spell hits, with each individual DoT tick reducing the CD by less again. 
Also worth emphasizing that as a fairly newly added mechanic this one's still being tuned too, so the exact values in right now might need work."

As for his thoughts on Brand, Meddler commented:
What are Your thoughts on Brand after the buffs? Are You guys happy how he turned out or will he see some adjustments after runes go live?
Looks like they helped him slightly, but he's still got a lot of challenges as a solo laner. That's not surprising, given didn't expect we'd be able to solve things that much with a quick change like this. We'll assess him, like all other champs, post Runes."

As for future mini reworks, Meddler replied:
Hey Meddler can I ask which champs you want to take a look at with mini reworks when you get back to them?
We'll talk about a candidate or two there in a while, for now though we're really focused on pre-season and I don't want to start making implied promises about updates until we've got some proven direction for them."

/Dev: League's VFX Style Guide

A new Dev blog on the VFX used in League is now available:
"We all love shiny, bright, and beautiful VFX, but we don’t love visual noise that ruins our experience playing League. VFX should communicate a spell’s gameplay space, power, and function, without creating a distraction or muddling action on the Rift. For example, Ziggs’ ultimate ability is visually loud because the impact of that ability wrecks. Janna’s basic attack is visually small; it doesn’t impact the game in profound ways. In League, visual impact should represent gameplay impact (imagine if Janna’s basic attack was as large and bright as Ziggs’ ultimate ability, or the reverse—if Ziggs’ ultimate was as small and unsubstantial as Janna’s basic attack). 
The visual effects discipline at Riot breathes life into these fantastical elements of League, whether it’s magic, fire, smoke, explosions, or the occasional sparkle. But the challenge is in delighting players while simultaneously preserving gameplay integrity. And since League is an ever-evolving game, there wasn’t a single point of reference to measure successful VFX, resulting in a wide range of inconsistency across the many teams at Riot using VFX. We realized the need to better communicate what “good” looked like in our game. 
So, The VFX team sat down and outlined four main goals of VFX in League of Legends. Our VFX should: 
  1. Provide visual clarity for gameplay
  2. Minimize visual clutter
  3. Promote a champion’s theme
  4. Surprise and delight players 
How we accomplish those goals is a combination of five areas: gameplay, value, color, shape, and timing. This created a framework for us to build around and document digestible chunks of knowledge. After months of revisions and a mixture of examples, explanations, and visuals, we created the final document you see here. We use this style guide to make sure every team at Riot is creating VFX with the same mindset and standards. 
Since all this League VFX goodness is housed in one concise area, we wanted to share it with you! We hope this helps show why we make the decisions that we do and provides examples that help you hold us accountable for our work. Our hope is that we can learn and grow along with League—and its players."

Click here to download the Visual Effects Style Guide!

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Last up, a few reminders on upcoming and ending soon promotions and sales!
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