Red Post Collection: November Sales Schedule, Lag Report, Worlds Tech Issues, & More

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[Added in Preseason Healthbar Update!]

Today's red post collection includes a look at the November sales schedule, a new tech tool called Lag Report, Tech Issues on Day 4 of the Worlds Knockout Stage Quarterfinals, and more!
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Preseason Healthbar Update 

Here's Rayven with more on healthbar changes coming to a PBE near you:
"Hey folks, as part of preseason, we’re updating League’s healthbars and I want to give you some conte- Wait! You don’t have to relearn anything and you’re getting some new toys. 
Y Tho? 
The purpose of the health bar is to give players the information they need to make tactical decisions—who they can kill, who they should run from, etc. With this update, we’re adding more tools to help teams coordinate attacks and play around important timing windows (please stop hitting the Rammus when Defensive Ball Curl is up). 
A general rule is that the more impactful a mechanic, the more visually notable it should be. League has a few massively impactful mechanics that are basically invisible: shreds, defensive buffs, auras, and more. Others like extra life would benefit from standardization and clearer visibility. 
In order to create more interesting tactical choices for players around these systems, we need to communicate them better than they are on Live. The difficulty of League of Legends should stem from making the right decisions, not battling the interface. 
This is just the beginning—we plan on following up with an additional batch of features including heal over time, damage over time, and more. 
Visually, we’re all used to what’s on Live, but there’s a big disconnect between what we as players know is a big moment and what gets displayed. We want to start bridging that gap beginning with new supporting animations on events like burst damage and tower destruction. 
Show Me What You Got 
Champ Burst

Moment of Death - Structures
Extra Life / Unkillable
Themed ammo
Non-champ bars
Sacred Minotaurs 
Rest easy, we are going to great lengths to ensure that we don’t mess with actions where you’ve built up lots of muscle memory and mastery around, such as last hitting or objective takes. In the new system, lane minion healthbars are identical to live and objective healthbars (red, blue, dragon, etc) are the same width. Colors are generally similar as well. 
How much health a player has should ALWAYS be instantly readable and we are intentionally not showing some of the bigger moments on your own healthbar just to play it safe. 
A note about noise: The health bar is not the buff bar. We value an uncluttered game space as much as you do - for example, many of us play with names off. Additions to this space are mainly high impact and low uptime. 
Your feedback is important, especially in a few key areas: 
- Does last hitting feel the same? What about jungle takes?
- Do these identifiers show up responsively enough and clearly enough to understand and react to?
- In what situations do you most notice the changes?
- Thoughts on additional moments to amp up through animation?"

November Sales Schedule

Here's Riot Evaelin with a new list of skin sales for November:
"We’ve noticed a lot of comments on how some people have been waiting for over a year and a half for skins to go on regular sale. We took a closer look and realized that there was a bug in our algorithm. We zapped that bug, so you should notice many of these skins making their way into the sales rotation. Thanks for the catch! 
With that in mind, check out all the champs and skins on sale this November. Like previous sales schedules, we’re not posting the exact dates for each champ and skin, but they’ll all be on sale sometime next month. 
Just a heads up—since we’re publishing these in advance, we won’t offer partial refunds on champs and skins purchased before they go on sale."

Compare Your Connection With Lag Report 

Here's Westbroke with a look at a new tech tool called Lag Report:
"Introducing Lag Report: A New Tech Tool 
TL;DR: Lag Report is a new tool that compares your League connection to others in your area, showing you which ISPs and network setups get the best results. 
The internet is dark and full of terrors. If you’ve ever had connection troubles, one of the first things you do is try to figure out what the hell went wrong. We’ve faced these existential questions, too: is it my ISP? Which router settings should I change? Is it my roommate’s questionable torrenting habits? What is life? 
For the next campaign in our righteous crusade against lag, we’re shining a light on the root causes of internet issues with Lag Report, a tool that scans the countless ways people connect to League of Legends around the world to find what gets the best results in your area. 
We want Lag Report to help you get the most out of your internet; it’s a new tool for transparency that lets you see the best ways people are connecting to League in your area so you can make informed choices with all things internet-related. Check it out and let us know what you think. We’re excited to refine and improve this mad experiment, and the more data points and constructive criticism we get from you guys, the better it’ll be. 
  • What is this tool? Lag Report is a website that provides you with visibility into the quality of internet connections to League of Legends based on actual games played. It also includes a bunch of tips on how to get the most out of your connection and breakdowns of what causes lag and ways to fix it.
  • How does it work? We’ve aggregated data from billions of games of League of Legends to allow players to compare their League connection against your ISP and other ISPs in your area.
  • Why should I care? Have you ever wondered how your connection stacks up against other players on your ISP? Have you ever wondered how your ISP stacks up against other ISPs in your area? If so, you’ll enjoy trying out Lag Report.
  • My score is low! Your connection score can be influenced by a variety of factors, however it is most significantly caused by high packet-loss and high jitter. If your score is significantly lower than your ISP’s score or other ISPs in your area, we have multiple recommendations in the “What can I do?” section.
  • What about a ping test tool? Lag Report’s a bit different - it’s not a minute-by-minute way to see your ping before entering a game, but it will give you a new vantage point to judge how good your connection is overall, and what to expect based on your past games. Future attempts at something like a ping tester will be more valuable because of the groundwork laid by Lag Report, and while we don’t have updates on that front right now, we’re certainly not finished with our quest to unmask and destroy lag in all its forms.
Head over to Lag Report and let us know what you think!"
A video was also released showing how the tool works:

"Get your connection score at
For more tech tools and nonsense, visit
How does your internet connection compare to other League players? Is your ISP really fulfilling your needs? Lag Report is a new tool that takes data from games in your area to see which ISPs and connection types get the best results. The internet is dark and full of terrors, and we’re revealing its mysteries with the holy light of transparency and big-data aggregation."

Tech Issues on Quarterfinals Day 4 

In Worlds news, you may have seen some issues on Day 4 of the quarterfinals. Here's an article with more about it situation:
On the fourth day of Worlds 2017 Quarterfinals, we experienced audio issues on the International and English stream feeds during the first game of Cloud9 vs Team WE. Due to the noticeable impact on the broadcast, we wanted to provide a brief technical explanation of what happened and how we worked to resolve the issue. 
At the beginning of the day we suffered from a card failure on the audio console in the Central TV truck, which impacted caster and in-game audio. Failures like this are rare but very impactful for the entire audio setup. When the primary audio console began to show signs of failure, we made the decision to copy the configuration from the failing console to a secondary audio console under the control of the master console. This decision would allow us to effectively restore functionality as quickly as possible, causing the least amount of disruption time. 
Full functionality came online in stages during the day’s first three games. By the fourth game, we routed the main truck console through the international feed desk, effectively restoring complete show control to the primary audio console. We’re exploring a variety of ways to resolve this for the semifinals, including replacing the audio console entirely. 
We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding while we worked to resolve this issue."

Quick Hits

"At long last, issue #419 of “Troubleshooting” is here! In this special issue, Player Support shares sizzling tech tips so spicy they’ll make your PC melt, as well as provide you valuable information and general tips on a variety of common hardware & connection issues that are sometimes difficult for us to convey in an engaging manner. Hot!"

"In a weekend of near-misses and surprising upsets, the Quarterfinals have left everyone wondering: is the East vs West skill gap closing? Find out with Flashback."


Last up, a few reminders on upcoming and ending soon promotions and sales!
  • The ranked season ends November 7th! Check out this post for all the end of season goodies you will be eligible for at the end of this season!
  • With Worlds 2017 in full swing, Summoner's Rift is celebrating with new emotes, map accents, and much more as Worlds hits the Rift through the end of Worlds! Championship Ashe and her Golden Championship chroma, ward, legacy esports skins and much more are now available! Check out the post for all the details.

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