PBE Preview: Mecha Rengar and Mecha Chromas

Posted on at 5:56 AM by Aznbeat
A second PBE preview went out on the LoL France social media, showing off the upcoming Mecha Rengar skin, as well as new chroma Mecha Aatrox and Mecha Kha'zix!
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The preview is combined with the Lancer Blitz preview seen earlier today. Check out Lancer Blitz, Mecha Rengar, & Chroma:

"PBE Preview: Mecha Rengar #leagueoflegends #knifecat#stabbytabby"

"PBE Preview: Patch 7.22 Chromas #leagueoflegends"


Look for more on these new skins and chroma as the 7.22 PBE kicks off soon!

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