Evelynn Update Splashes

Posted on at 5:41 AM by Aznbeat
The KR LoL store was updated with Evelynn's upcoming update's new splash art early! The splash art for Shadow Evelynn, Masquerade Evelynn, Tango Evelynn and Tango Twisted Fate, and Safecracker Evelynn and Pickpocket Twitch have been released.
Continue reading for a full look at each new splash!

Here is a look at each new Evelynn splash that was scraped from the LoL KR Store website:

Shadow Evelynn

Masquerade Evelynn

Tango Evelynn and Tango Twisted Fate

Safecracker Evelynn and Pickpocket Twitch

Here is an album with mirrors of each splash! Look for more on Evelynn as we head into the 7.20 PBE cycle later today, or check out these links:

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