Star Guardian Skin Teaser: Star Guardian Ahri, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Soraka, Syndra

Posted on at 7:22 AM by Aznbeat
A skin teaser for new Star Guardian skins is now available on the LoL facebook!
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From the League of Legends facebook, a new Star Guardian image was posted, seeming to show new Star Guardian skins for Ahri, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Syndra and Soraka!

This is a 360 photo, so make sure to check it out on Facebook for the full effect!

[Link to full 360 image!]

Here is the full image:

Images showing Star Guardian Ahri, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Star Guardian Soraka, and Star Guardian Syndra:

Keep your eyes out for more teasers and PBE previews as we start the first day of the 7.17 PBE cycle!

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