Patch 7.17 Notes

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Patch 7.17 is on the way and the official patch notes have been posted!
Continue reading for complete notes, including previews of our upcoming champion ORNN,  a set of five new Star Guardian skins, Neo PAX Sivir, and more !

Here's the full 7.17 patch notes (be sure to check regional editions for slight variations!):
Welcome to a new patch, team!

Continuing recent trends, 7.17’s light on the balance front, but you’d be hard-pressed to call this patch “small” considering everything else going on! Ornn’s emerging from centuries of solitude (sort of… he is a toplaner, after all), and five new Star Guardians hit the Rift Valoran Park. Not sure where Valoran Park is? Sit tight for Invasion, League’s latest game mode. This patch also brings a sweet improvement to item sets—you can finally pre-select which slots your items go in when you pick ‘em up!

Quick housekeeping note: 7.17’s gonna be a longer patch than usual, so tack some extra days onto your expectations around the usual “during this patch”-esque comments below. The next set of notes will be for the patch we plan to host Worlds on.

Best of luck in your matches, friends.
 Paul "Aether" Perscheid Phillip "Costy" Costigan Mattias "Gentleman Gustaf" Lehman Lucas "Luqizilla" Moutinho



Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain, will be released during patch 7.17! In the meantime, learn more about League’s next champion here:


Passive grants less base gold; Draven loses more stacks on death.
While lane bullying is core to who Draven is, that power comes with the promise that enemies can stop him from scaling into mid- and late- game if they shut him down early. (Draven must leave lane with more levels and items than his opponents if he wants to be useful in teamfights.) At present, that promise isn’t being met. Unless teams chain-gank the Glorious Executioner into the dirt, a stray death here or there just isn’t enough to stop Draven’s (bank)roll. We’re steepening the Adoration penalty incurred on death and reducing the amount of free gold Draven gets for putting axes into foes' backs.

Passive - League of Draven



Q ratio increased.
Considering the current enchanter meta in botlane, it's understandable why Ezreal isn’t excelling. Whenever he manages to poke, he’s quickly countered by either a shield or a heal. So, we looked for spaces to give Ez a chance to do things that make his mahou* power more impactful. Due to the long range, low cooldown, and low mana cost on Mystic Shot, Ez gets to harass people during early laning phase. As the game progresses and his enemies’ abilities come online, he becomes less of a threat. Ezreal’s itemization factors into this as well. His unique item power spike comes when his Tear’s fully stacked and Muramana is completed—usually around the same time he finishes Trinity Force, meaning the two combine into one huge damage boost. We really like this pattern for Ez, so we're letting him capitalize harder on both his early lane phase and double-item spike.

(*Translator’s note: mahou means magical)

Q - Mystic Shot

RATIO1.1 total attack damage  1.25 total attack damage


E no longer ticks down during R’s charge. R fear duration now scales with distance traveled.
As an undead rider, the idea of Hecarim riding his opponents down is quite compelling. At the moment, it’s very common for Hecarim to ride up to somebody, then ult from point-blank range, which just doesn’t feel very horsey. To give him that good cavalry feel, we’re tweaking his ultimate—and the way it interacts with Devastating Charge—so he can feel better about aggressive, long-range engagements.

E - Devastating Charge

NEWCAN’T STOP WON’T STOPDuration no longer ticks down during Onslaught of Shadow's charge

R - Onslaught of Shadows

FEAR DURATION1 second  0.75 - 1.5 seconds (based on how far Hecarim traveled with his Spectral Riders)


Passive mark expires faster but deals more damage when proc’d. Q cooldown decreased at early ranks, increased at rank 5.
While Leona’s always been a powerhouse in regular play, she’s historically struggled to leave a dent at the top of League’s ladder. Our goal this patch is to give Leona power that plays best in the hands of more skilled players. Sunlight’s contributions are up for synchronized duos who proc it as it’s applied, but those procs are now less of a given if Leona and her carry aren’t acting in lock-step. Shield of Daybreak’s cooldown adjustment gives Leona more ways to help her team in early skirmishes where she’s otherwise left flailing her sword for ages after initiating the fight.

Passive - Sunlight

MARK DURATION3.5 seconds  1.5 seconds
DAMAGE20-105 (at levels 1-18)  25-144 (at levels 1-18)

Q - Shield of Daybreak

COOLDOWN9/8/7/6/5 seconds  6 seconds


Passive can no longer proc off of wards.
Maokai missed last patch’s work to standardize on-hit interactions with wards, so this change is basically playing catch-up.

Passive - Sap Magic

WARDS AREN’T PEOPLESap Magic no longer procs when Maokai attacks a ward


R slow duration and reactivation window increased. W lockout after failing to hit a champion with E reduced, W locked on debuff now refreshes with W hits.
Unfortunately the buff dude with the sick shotgun knees is struggling a little. To help him out, we’re allowing Urgot more time to drop his prey to Fear Beyond Death’s execution threshold, making the meat grinding that follows a more reliable spectacle. We’re also fixing some of the bugs and interactions around Purge and Disdain, making Urgot behave a little more like you’d expect him to when he’s locked on and blasting his enemies.

W - Purge

STAY FOCUSEDPurge now refreshes the duration of the ‘locked on’ debuff, preventing cases where Urgot would switch targets partway through Purge’s duration

E - Disdain

QUICK RECOVERYIf Urgot casts Disdain during Purge but fails to toss a champion, Purge will now resume firing for the remainder of its duration a bit earlier than before (lockout period reduced to ~1.375 seconds  1 second)

R - Fear Beyond Death



Base attack speed increased. W shadow duration increased.
Zed could be a little bit stronger right now, but we believe his burst damage is at a pretty sweet spot already. So instead, we're giving the Master of Shadows more opportunities to out-maneuver his opponents and use Living Shadow to do more ninja stuff. This helps Zed control minion waves, split push, and find more windows to use his abilities more aggressively.

Base Stats


W - Living Shadow

SHADOW DURATION4.5 seconds  5 seconds


Ardent Censer

Attack speed buff and health drain buff decreased.
Ardent Censer already offers a lot of power as a rush item: attack speed and lifesteal for carries who are still building their multiplicative items. It doesn’t need to scale nearly so well into the late game on top of that.

Gargoyle Stoneplate

Stoneplate’s introduction earlier in the season gave tanks a powerful tool to double down on their teamfight survivability. That said, we need to clear up a few problem cases if we want it to stick around for the long term. This patch addresses a bugged interaction with Cinderhulk, whose bonus health modifier was double-dipping to make Stoneplate’s active stronger than intended. This in turn affects stuff like Cho’Gath’s ult and Locket of the Iron Solari’s shield, hence us pulling the fix up into its own section. One bugfix isn’t the end of the script, though—expect further changes within the next few patches.
BUGFIXFixed a bug where the Metallicize active forgot to remove Cinderhulk’s +20% bonus health multiplier when calculating its health increase. Cinderhulk’s multiplier always applies after all other health-modifying effects, meaning Metallicize was benefitting more than it should have.
SO MUCH MATHFor example, at 1000 bonus health, the combination of Cinderhulk + Stoneplate was granting 1640 additional bonus health instead of 1400 with three or more enemies nearby. (These numbers don't take base health into account since that portion of Stoneplate's bonus wasn't bugged.)

Preferred Item Slots

Items can be assigned to specific item slots in your item sets!
This one’s for everyone who’s ever tried to Zhonya’s by spamming Boots of Speed.
PERSONAL PREFERENCEPreferred item slots are a new feature of item sets (under the “Collection” tab). Settings are saved per item set, so make sure you’ve assigned your item sets to the correct champions and maps!
CLICK MEItems added to an item set now display a grid icon in the upper righthand corner. Clicking the grid icon lets you assign a preferred slot for that item to occupy.
REDUNDANCY IS OKAYMultiple items can be assigned the same preferred slot, but each item can only be assigned one preferred slot
HOW ACCOMMODATINGWhen you purchase an item with a preferred slot, your inventory will automatically shift to put that item in its preferred slot unless a different active item is already in that slot
HOW FLEXIBLEYou’re still free to rearrange your inventory however you want in-game!
NEVER MINDSwitching item sets in-game also switches your preferred item slot settings. Reminder: the “Default” item set has no preferred slot assignments.


Sometimes you just wanna keep rolling into your next game. So now if you get more honors after you bail from end-of-game screen, you’ll get a notification.
HEY WAITA notification now appears when you miss honors from your previous match.

Rotating Game Modes

Hunt of the Blood Moon

The Hunt of the Blood Moon looms into rotation from 25/8/17 at 21:00 CEST - 29/8/17 at 13:00 CEST and 31/8/17 at 21:00 CEST - 5/9/17 at 13:00 CEST. Sacrifice Spirits, Demon Heralds, and enemy champions to gain points and the Demon Brand buff, which turns you invisible to hunt down your enemies.

Only 20 of the most vicious champions are available for the Hunt (10 of which will be free to play for the game mode only).

Free to play

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Katarina
  • Kennen
  • LeBlanc
  • Rengar
  • Shaco
  • Talon

Available if you own the champion

  • Camille
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Fizz
  • Kassadin
  • Kha'Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • Pantheon
  • Yasuo
  • Zed

Look out for more information as the blood moon approaches. Happy hunting.

Upcoming Events

New Skins: Star Guardian

It’s time to shine, ladies and gents. Five new Star Guardian skins arrive this patch.

New Game Mode: Invasion

Witness the arrival of a new and mysterious Star Guardian team, and participate in the new Invasion game mode to help protect the city from a series of monster attacks. From 7/9/17 at 20:00 CEST – 26/9/17 at 08:59 CEST, band together in a five-player PvE game mode to defend the Starlight. Earn Starlight Tokens for completed missions on this custom map, and then craft those tokens into the New Horizon Ward and a Hextech Mystery Champion (random Champion Permanent). All Star Guardian skins are free to play during Invasion.

Stay tuned for more information during the Star Guardian event.

Match History

At some point during patch 7.17, we’ll update match history to be consistent with a change to Riot’s API policy. Third party websites can now collect and display unranked data, providing they follow some guidelines. For more information, check the Developer Portal.
SITUATION NORMALUnranked match history is now publicly visible


  • Corrected Cho’Gath’s suggested starting items to no longer cost more than starting gold
  • Muramana now correctly refunds 15% of spent mana
  • Blade of the Ruined King no longer causes Black Cleaver to apply two stacks per basic attack
  • Fixed an interaction where energized attacks prevented some movement speed boosts, including Blade of the Ruined King’s active and Warwick’s W - Blood Hunt
  • Urgot is no longer too cool to have Control Wards in his recommended items
  • Yasuo can no longer activate Zeke’s Convergence by attempting to casting R - Last Breath on enemy who is not currently knocked up
  • Rek’Sai’s E - Tunnel no longer becomes permanent if they are destroyed as she exits them
  • Zac’s Passive - Cell Division bloblets are now correctly invisible when in fog of war
  • Star Guardian Jinx and Poppy no longer play their initial spawn song during their first respawn
  • Twisted Fate’s W - Pick a Card empowered basic attacks no longer consume all Energized buff charges
  • Redemption’s active is now correctly amplified by its own +10% Heal and Shield Power passive while the casting champion is dead
  • Malzahar’s Passive - Void Shift now correctly blocks Fizz’s R - Chum the Waters
  • Nidalee’s W - Bushwhack is no longer considered a valid unit for Bard’s Q - Cosmic Binding to stun against
  • Illaoi’s W - Harsh Lesson no longer does additional damage on crits when she dashes
  • Zed’s R - Death Mark no longer behaves inconsistently when interacting with Ryze’s R - Realm Warp
  • Fixed a bug where—when playing with a skin—Cassiopeia’s portrait would revert to her base portrait while dead
  • Arcade Hecarim's VO is now more audible
  • Dark Star Thresh's center body buffbone now follow his model during all animations
  • Star Guardian Lulu's buffbone now follows her model during homeguard and recall animations
  • Slay Belle Katarina no longer gets stuck in her recall animation if she uses Passive - Voracity right before beginning her recall
  • Lancer Zero Hecarim's Q - Rampage VFX no longer ends prematurely after receiving the second stack
  • Dragon Trainer Lulu's Pix no longer uses classic VFX
  • Blood Moon Jhin's R - Curtain Call now has enemy and ally indicators
  • Battle Boss Malzahar’s auto attack animation is no longer faster than his base model’s
  • Players on low-spec mode can now properly access Honor tooltips on the end-of-game screen
  • Banned players now have an accurate tooltip telling them why they can’t play
  • Fixed a bug where setting your status to “Away” didn't work

Neo PAX Sivir

Neo PAX Sivir arrives later this patch! Neo PAX Sivir is a limited-time, loot-exclusive skin, craftable with 10 gemstones from 31/8/17 at 19:00 CEST until 9/1/18 at 08:59 CET. Read more about Neo PAX Sivir here.

Note: Original PAX Sivir owners will automatically receive Neo PAX Sivir and a special loading border for their original skin. The original PAX Sivir will NOT be given away, added to loot, or made available again.

Points of Interest from the 7.17 PBE Cycle

Here's a brief look at many of the new things included in patch 7.17. This coverage includes preview screen shots and video taken during the 7.17 PBE cycle and may vary slightly from what is pushed to live.

Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain

"Solitude always meets my expectations." Our latest champion Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain is hammering his way on to live sometime during 7.17!

Ornn's release skin is  Thunder Lord Ornn!

For more on stats & abilities, see [this post] or look for our release coverage!

New Champion Skins

Five new Star Guardian skins and Neo PAX Sivir are headed our way soon! Look for more information in the near future. Last we heard these will be releasing September 7th!

Star Guardian Ahri

1820 RP

Star Guardian Ezreal

1350 RP

Star Guardian Miss Fortune

1350 RP

Star Guardian Soraka

1350  RP

Star Guardian Syndra

1350  RP

New Ward Skins

Along with the new Star Guardian recruits, we also have new Mimi and New Horizon ward skins!

Mimi Ward

640 RP

New Horizon Ward

640 RP

New Summoner Icons

Several new summoner icons included in this update, including a Star Guardian set, an honor themed set of five, and an Ornn icon. No details on availability yet.


  • The new game mode INVASION will debut during 7.17! This is a co-op experience and includes a new map full of unique models and particles! See our pbe coverage for more.
  • Star Guardian Login Theme

  • Ornn Login Theme

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