Patch 7.14 Notes

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Patch 7.14 is on the way and the official patch notes have been posted!
Continue reading for complete notes, including previews of the upcoming new champion Kayn, The Shadow Reaper, his release skin Soulhunter Kayn, new chroma, and more!

Here's the full 7.14 patch notes (be sure to check regional editions for slight variations!):
Salutations, Summoners,

Welcome to patch 7.14. This patch drops a lot of names we haven’t heard in a while, from Singed to Garen to Diana to… well at this point, we’re just rattling off the table of contents in random order. Many of these champions have been sitting in obscurity for a while, and we’re happy to dust them off.

We’ve got some shake-ups on the item front as well. The Thornmail update gives tanky champs access to Grievous Wounds, with Bramble Vest as a stepping stone component along the lines of Hexdrinker, QSS, and other “I build into a bigger version of myself” items. We’ve also taken the lethality items into the shop to ensure they’re offering assassins meaningful, satisfying choices.

And finally, we'd be remiss not to mention the shadow lurking on the horizon. Keep an eye out for Kayn, not that it'll matter once he steps out from the wall behind you.

Nothing personal, kid.
 Paul "Aether" Perscheid Mattias "Gentleman Gustaf" Lehman Lucas "Luqizilla" Moutinho



Kayn, the Shadow Reaper will be unleashed on the Rift later during patch 7.14. In the meantime, learn more about the shadow and his scythe here:


Damage reduction on R increased.
Alistar has always needed to get up close and personal, but these days he has to stay there a bit longer to access the full extent of his crowd control. As a result, the Minotaur needs to be a bit tankier when he commits to a fight.

R - Unbreakable Will

DAMAGE REDUCTION50/60/70%  55/65/75%
NEWCLARITYNow displays how much damage Unbreakable Will is mitigating per damage instance (visible only to Alistar and his attacker)


Attack speed per level down.
Our goals today are the same as patch 7.11: we’re continuing to trim strengths aside from Caitlyn’s primary contributions (smart trap placement and juicy Headshots). Our previous changes to reduce the Sheriff’s sustained damage in the late game didn’t go far enough in this direction so we’re continuing along the path.

Base stats



E now only applies to next three attacks, but does significantly more damage. Q mana cost down. W silence duration up at earlier ranks.
In theory, Vorpal Spikes is a lot of consistent power for a melee character. In practice, Cho’Gath’s low mobility makes it a struggle to land more than a few attacks on any moving target. We’re windowing Vorpal Spikes so Cho’Gath only needs to land a few attacks to get the full value, and adding a slow to the ability to give him a better shot at doing so.

UPDATEDE - Vorpal Spikes

Cho’Gath’s next 3 basic attacks launch spikes that damage and slow all targets hit.
NEWCOOLDOWN8/7/6/5/4 seconds
NEWCOST30 mana
BASE DAMAGE20/35/50/65/80 (+0.3 ability power) (unchanged)
NEWMAX HEALTH DAMAGE4% target’s maximum health (+0.5% per Feast stack)
NEWDECAYING SLOW30/35/40/45/50%, decaying over 1.5 seconds
NEWSET AND SPIKENow grants 50 extra basic attack range
NEWSPEEDY SPIKESNow resets Cho’Gath’s basic attack timer
BUGFIXNow correctly applies Hunter’s Talisman’s health drain

Q - Rupture

DAMAGE80/135/190/245/305  80/135/190/245/300
COST90 mana  60 mana

W - Feral Scream

SILENCE DURATION1.5/1.625/1.75/1.875/2 seconds 1.6/1.7/1.8/1.9/2 seconds


Passive’s attack speed now procs off spellcasts and increases with E rank. Passive attack now restores mana. Q cooldown reduced at early levels. W mana cost reduced at early levels.
Diana’s a champion with fractured identities, sitting somewhere in the middle of assassin and diver, laner and jungler. While this multifaceted nature works for some champions, we’ve seen what happens when an assassin gets to be tanky, or when a diver gets to blow people up. This makes Diana difficult to tune on a patch-by-patch basis, since we can’t responsibly balance Diana around a single identity without first giving her the tools to succeed in that role. (Read: she needs an update.)

In the meantime, it’s plain to see Diana simply isn’t fitting in anywhere. We’re tackling two aspects of Diana that hold true regardless of playstyle by alleviating some of her mana problems and better rewarding Diana for playing into her spellcaster/basic-attacker playstyle - the dual nature we’re happy to support.

Passive - Moonsilver Blade

ATTACK SPEEDPassively grants 20% attack speed  Diana’s spellcasts grant 20% attack speed for her next 3 attacks, increasing with Moonfall’s rank
NEWMANA RESTOREMoonsilver Blade’s attack restores mana equal to 15% of Diana’s ability power

Q - Crescent Strike

COOLDOWN10/9/8/7/6 seconds  8/7.5/7/6.5/6 seconds

W - Pale Cascade

COST60/70/80/90/100 mana  40/55/70/85/100 mana

E - Moonfall

NEWATTACK SPEEDIncreases Moonsilver Blade’s attack speed bonus to 50/60/70/80/90%


Passive’s movement speed down. R no longer grants Duelist’s Dance’s movement speed when near the target.
Playing around Vitals gives Fiora a lot of power, but her opponents are at too much of a disadvantage to stop her from doing so. When Fiora’s striking lone Vitals, the movement speed Duelist’s Dance provides often lets her escape retaliation. When Fiora goes all-in with her ultimate, the movement speed she gets allows her too much leeway to out-maneuver her opponent even before hitting any Vitals at all. In both cases, Fiora’s movement speed rewards need to be toned down so opponents have a fair chance to win the game of footsies.

Passive - Duelist's Dance

BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED20/30/40/50%  15/20/25/30%

R - Grand Challenge

REMOVEDDANCE FLOORGrand Challenge no longer grants Duelist’s Dance’s movement speed while near the target


Passive modernization (and buff). W now grants damage reduction and tenacity briefly after activation, E AD ratio per spin up.
Garen provides his opponents with a healthy amount of counterplay as his opponents learn to kite. This leaves Garen with not that much skill expression of his own, making the “skill” in “skill matchup” pretty one-sided. We’re giving Courage a skill check to make Garen a little less straightforward, letting the beastliest Garens flex their muscles and show off. While we were on Garen, we took this opportunity to modernize his passive by shifting it from a 3-tier model to one that transforms once around the end of laning phase.

All in all, we still think there’s more that can be done to make Garen more compelling in the future, so take these changes as the start of a larger Garen conversation.

Passive - Perseverance

OUT OF COMBAT HEALTH REGEN2%/4%/10% maximum health per 5 seconds (at levels 1/11/16)  2%/8% maximum health per 5 seconds (at levels 1/11)
OUT OF COMBAT TIMER9/6/4 seconds (at levels 1/11/16)  9/4 seconds (at levels 1/11)
NEWDEMACIAN BOLDNESSRegeneration increases to 4/16% maximum health per 5 seconds when Garen is below 25/50% maximum health (at levels 1/11)

W - Courage

NEWCLARITYNow displays how much damage Courage is mitigating
NEWSTEEL YOUR COURAGENow grants Garen 60% damage reduction and tenacity for the first 0.75 seconds, returning to the normal 30% damage reduction for the remaining duration thereafter

E - Judgment

RATIO PER SPIN34/35/36/37/38% total attack damage 36/37/38/39/40% total attack damage


Self-slow on W decreased in intensity.
Defensive Ball Curl’s self-slow is proving a bit too painful for Rammus players, so we’re tuning it less aggressively. Plus, with this patch’s Thornmail update having less synergy with the Armordillo’s passive (less armor and less armor scaling on the new Thornmail), the Armordillo could use a buff anyway.

W - Defensive Ball Curl

SELF SLOW60%  30%
BUGFIXDefensive Ball Curl now properly increases the size of Iceborn Gauntlet’s slow zone


New passive grants movement speed when passing by other champions. Base and scaling health increased. Q base damage down, AP scaling up. W now grounds enemies within it.
Singed isn’t on our VGU list for the near future, so we wanted to find opportunities to bring Singed’s existing abilities into 2017. The big issues we wanted to address: his build inflexibility and his struggles against slippery champions.

Empowered Bulwark meant that Singed relied on mana items for efficient durability. Instead, we’re giving him higher base durability and letting him itemize more freely. His new passive ensures Singed has the stickiness and closing power a growing melee champion needs.

While Noxious Slipstream should assist him in getting to opponents, Singed is still harshly countered by slippery champions. Mega Adhesive grounding those standing within it should give Singed more of a chance to get to those champions.

Finally, we’re shifting Poison Trail’s damage from base values into scaling so Singed can feel good about building damage when snowballing, rather than always feeling best about Righteous Glory.

Base stats

BASE HEALTH542.76  610

NEWPassive - Noxious Slipstream

NAMEEmpowered Bulwark  Noxious Slipstream
NEWNOXIOUS SLIPSTREAMWhen Singed passes within 225 range of a champion, he drifts off of them, gaining 20% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds. This effect has a champion-unique 10 second cooldown.
REMOVEDEMPOWERED BULWARKSinged no longer gains health based on his maximum mana

Q - Poison Trail

BASE DAMAGE44/68/92/116/140  40/60/80/100/120
RATIO0.6 ability power  0.8 ability power
UPDATEDMORE CLOUDYParticle size increased to more clearly represent the poison’s area of effect
BUGFIXPoison trail no longer visually disappears when Singed leaves enemies’ vision

W - Mega Adhesive

AREA DURATION5 seconds  3 seconds
NEWEXTRA STICKYNow grounds units within the Mega Adhesive puddle
SLOW35/45/55/65/75%  40% at all ranks
REMOVEDLINGERMega Adhesive’s slow no longer lingers for 1 second after enemies leave the puddle
COST70/80/90/100/110 mana  60/70/80/90/100 mana
COOLDOWN14 seconds at all ranks  17/16/15/14/13 seconds

E - Fling

COST100/110/120/130/140 mana  80/95/110/125/140 mana

R - Insanity Potion

COST150 mana  100 mana
BONUS STATS35/50/80  35/60/85


Mana regen increased at early levels. Q heals more; charge model updated. E cooldowns higher early; lower later. E deals more damage and stuns for the same duration at all ranks.
While Taric’s ult makes him one of the best supports in the late game, the penalty he’s paying in the early game is currently too steep. Starlight’s Touch is lackluster at early ranks, but prioritizing it can feel like a trap since its mana cost shoots through the roof for the 10-healing-per-charge each rank provides. While the core concept of Starlight’s Touch remains the same, we’re updating most of the details to make it a much more satisfying part of Taric’s kit.

We’re also upping Dazzle’s payoff. It’s a fairly difficult ability to land, and for how vulnerable Taric becomes when Dazzle misses, he deserves to win trades a bit more convincingly when it connects.

Base stats

MANA REGEN5 per 5 seconds  8.5 per 5 seconds

Q - Starlight's Touch

HEALING PER CHARGE20/30/40/50/60 (+0.2 ability power) (+1.5% Taric’s bonus health)  30 (+0.2 ability power)(+1% Taric’s maximumhealth)
MAX CHARGES3 at all ranks  1/2/3/4/5
COST60/80/100/120/140 mana  70/80/90/100/110 mana
RECHARGE RATE15 seconds (unchanged)
UPDATEDBRAVADOBravado-empowered attacks reduce Starlight’s Touch’s recharge timer by an additional 5 seconds  reduce Starlight’s Touch’s cooldown by 1 second and instantly grant a charge

E - Dazzle

DAMAGE60/105/150/195/240  100/145/190/235/280
COOLDOWN15 seconds at all ranks  17/16/15/14/13 seconds
STUN DURATION1/1.125/1.25/1.375/1.5 seconds  1.25 seconds at all ranks


Mist Walker base damage down early game. Maiden of the Mists health up late game. Mist Walkers more responsive, graves more consistent.
Yorick does quite well in the early game, but the Shepherd of Souls falls off pretty hard as the game goes on. We want to support his mid-to-late-game split pushing fantasy, so we’re giving the Maiden more late-game durability and a lower cooldown to increase her uptime.

Passive - Shepherd of Souls

NEWMIST JUMPERSMist Walkers now attack immediately upon landing from the E Jump
MIST WALKER BASE DAMAGE10-95 (at levels 1-18)  2-100 (at levels 1-18)
MIST WALKER RATIO0.3 total attack damage (unchanged)

R - Eulogy of the Isles

COOLDOWN160/150/140 seconds  160/130/100 seconds
BASE HEALTH700/1500/3000  700/1500/4000

Mid-Patch 7.13 Balance Update

The changes here were made partway through patch 7.13. We’re re-posting them here for anyone who missed ‘em in the update to the 7.13 patch notes.


BASE HEALTH REGEN7 per 5 seconds  5 per 5 seconds
ARMOR26.38  23






Now provides health. Now applies Grievous Wounds to attackers
Against champions and teams that lean on heavy healing and regeneration effects, tanky melee types sometimes feel like they’re actually hurting their team by serving as convenient health batteries. While mages have Morellonomicon and other carries have Executioner’s Calling to help focus down healing-oriented threats, we wanted to make sure that melee champs can at least force high-sustain damage dealers to look elsewhere for their healing.
BUILD PATHCloth Armor + Chain Vest + 1250 gold  Bramble Vest + Ruby Crystal + Warden’s Mail + 400 gold
TOTAL COST2350  2900 gold
ARMOR100  75
UPDATEDUNIQUE PASSIVE - THORNSUpon being hit by a basic attack, reflects magic damage equal to 25 + 10% of your bonus Armor, inflicting Grievous Wounds on the attacker for 1 second.
NEWUNIQUE PASSIVE - COLD STEELWhen hit by basic attacks, cripples source’s attack speed by 15% for 1 second.

Bramble Vest

Thornmail’s redesign makes it a strong answer to healing-heavy comps, but its price point is too high for it to serve as a timely reaction to an out-of-control threat. We’re introducing Bramble Vest to make the Thorns passive available at lower gold investments. This is a paradigm you’re probably familiar with on other items: Hexdrinker into Maw of Malmortius, Quicksilver Sash into Mercurial Scimitar, etcetera.
BUILD PATHCloth Armor + Cloth Armor + 300 gold
UNIQUE PASSIVE - THORNSUpon being hit by a basic attack, reflects 20 magic damage, inflicting Grievous Wounds on the attacker for 1 second.

Ancient Coin Line

Quest reward now grants movement speed to approaching allies instead of an early skill point.
While an early skill point was a unique and novel reward for Ancient Coin’s quest, it also didn’t line up well with what Coin’s core users want to do: guide their team into and out of fights (your Rakans, your Jannas). We’re replacing it with a more familiar effect that provides supports the means to serve as “GO HERE” guideposts for their teammates, giving them the edge when determining where a fight goes down.
QUEST REWARDFavor is upgraded to Emperor’s Favor and you get an elixir that grants a bonus skill point  nearby allies gain 8% movement speed when moving toward you

Randuin's Omen

Build path updated. Grants more health.
Randuin’s is the item to buy when you’re looking to counter crit-focused champions, but even then, it’s a bit weaker than it ought to be. We’re giving Randuin’s a bit more bang for the buck and changing its build path to make it easier to to pivot away from (or toward) as the situation warrants.
BUILD PATHRuby Crystal + Ruby Crystal + Warden’s Mail + 1100 gold Giant's Belt + Warden's Mail + 900 gold (2900 gold total cost unchanged)
HEALTH350  400
We’ve updated the default recommended items pages for a bunch of champions (mainly supports) to reflect some of the item updates from across the season.

Lethality Items

General Notes

We originally introduced lethality to give us finer control over flat armor penetration’s impact at various points in the game and to separate assassin items from those of other physical damage dealers. As they exist today, lethality items are generally on the weak side and aren’t offering assassins real choice in their builds (just rush Ghostblade every game).

Looking at the options, Youmuu’s Ghostblade (roaming power) and Duskblade of Draktharr (damage proc, vision denial) should be competing for an assassin’s first buy as the pure-offense Dirk upgrades. In practice, Duskblade is behind the curve on pretty much every front. We’re leveling the playing field between the two blades in terms of build path, cost, and stats to create a more compelling choice.

As a result of this work, Ghostblade is reclaiming its monopoly on movement speed among armor penetration items. But, with mobility removed, the Dirk items need a different way to help assassins carry advantages forward. Changing lethality from enemy-scaling to self-scaling fills this gap while advancing our original goals by pushing it further away from bot-laners (who tend to be lower level).

Final note: Dirk’s upgrades have generally lost attack damage and gained lethality. The idea here is similar to our durability work in midseason: siphon strength out of the generalist stat (attack damage) and into the specialized stat (lethality).
SCALINGLethality grants armor penetration based on your target’s level  your level
CLARITYItem tooltips now display the current amount of armor penetration lethality is granting you
STATSCompleted lethality items grant more lethality and (except for Edge of Night) less attack damage
REMOVEDMOBILITYExcept for Youmuu’s Ghostblade, lethality items no longer grant out-of-combat movement speed

Serrated Dirk

Passive updated to grant your next ability bonus damage after killing a unit.
The Headhunter passive rewards assassins for premeditated trades and kill attempts, adding a chunk of damage to their combos if they last-hit a minion or monster before going on the offensive. It also serves as a wave or camp clearing tool for champions with area-effect abilities, enabling the roaming Dirk’s movement speed previously encouraged.

Bonus context: Headhunter is basically Dirk’s original passive with a facelift. Where the previous version was a smaller, persistent effect best suited for ranged poke and harass (proccing off basic attacks and single-target spells), this one’s a larger effect on a cooldown that triggers off any damaging ability. Headhunter is better aimed at assassins than the original and should be more rewarding for them to play around.
NEW? UNIQUE PASSIVEHeadhunter: After killing an enemy, your next damaging spell will deal 40 bonus physical damage to all enemies it hits (30 second cooldown)
REMOVEDOUT OF COMBAT MOVEMENT SPEEDNo longer grants 20 out of combat movement speed

Poacher's Dirk

Inheriting the changes to Serrated Dirk. This is a pretty significant buff to clearing speed!
NEW? UNIQUE PASSIVEHeadhunter: After killing an enemy, your next damaging spell will deal 40 bonus physical damage to all enemies it hits (30 second cooldown)
REMOVEDOUT OF COMBAT MOVEMENT SPEEDNo longer grants 20 out of combat movement speed

Duskblade of Draktharr

Builds out of Caulfield’s Warhammer instead of B. F. Sword and grants cooldown reduction. Cost decreased. Lethality up, attack damage down. Nightstalker proc scales with level instead of lethality.
Duskblade has the harshest build path of any Dirk upgrade as well as a passive that’s most effective in a glass cannon build (which leaves assassins susceptible to being blown up in fights before they can get their combos off). Both these factors make it unattractive as a first purchase, leaving Youmuu's as the only option for every AD assassin. To make Duskblade more competitive, we’re giving it Youmuu's cost and build path, and ensuring Nightstalker stands on its own even if Duskblade’s the only lethality item an assassin gets to buy.
BUILD PATHSerrated Dirk + B. F. Sword + 850 gold  Serrated Dirk + Caulfield’s Warhammer + 700 gold
TOTAL COST3250 gold  2900 gold
REMOVEDOUT OF COMBAT MOVEMENT SPEEDNo longer grants 20 out of combat movement speed
NEWCOOLDOWN REDUCTIONNow grants 10% cooldown reduction
NIGHTSTALKER DAMAGE75 (+2.0 lethality) true damage  90 + 15 per level (105 - 360 at levels 1-18) physical damage
NEWNIGHTSTALKER SLOWNightstalker now slows the target by 99% for 0.25 seconds
NIGHTSTALKER PROC WINDOWWithin 4 seconds  5 seconds of being seen

Youmuu's Ghostblade

Grants even more movement speed. Lethality up, attack damage down.
Doubling down on Ghostblade’s identity as the mobility-oriented Dirk upgrade, now that it’s the only one that grants movement speed. It already offers every damage stat a physical assassin wants (attack damage, lethality, and cooldown reduction) so we didn’t need to do much else here.
TOTAL COST2900 gold (unchanged)

Edge of Night

Grants health instead of magic resist. Lethality up.
Edge of Night faces steep competition with Maw of Malmortius and Mercurial Scimitar in the “magic resist items for squishy champs” space - a competition it tends to lose. We’re switching the MR to health so assassins can buy Edge and Maw or Scimitar, making it viable against all-physical-damage teams in the process. This does come with a downside: the health makes it harder to maximize the Giant Slayer bonus from Lord Dominik’s Regards (especially if The Black Cleaver’s in the mix as well).
BUILD PATHSerrated Dirk + Pickaxe + Null-Magic Mantle + 675 gold Serrated Dirk + Pickaxe + Ruby Crystal + 725 gold
TOTAL COST3100 gold (unchanged)
REMOVEDOUT OF COMBAT MOVEMENT SPEEDNo longer grants 20 out of combat movement speed
ATTACK DAMAGE55 (unchanged)
NEWHEALTHNow grants 250 health
REMOVEDMAGIC RESISTNo longer grants 35 magic resist


Medium sized Krugs can now be Smited!
Medium Krugs do enough damage and have enough health that Smiting them isn’t really a waste of cooldown, so we’re giving you the ability to do so.

Vision Abilities

A number of abilities in League of Legends grant vision, whether through a debuff on the champions it hits or a summoned object that grants vision around itself. Abilities like Hawkshot obviously should give vision, because that’s their job. We’re starting from removing vision from some summoned terrain - like Pillar of Ice - which are primarily used for other purposes (disruption in this case), yet also give vision for some reason. Brushmaker, on the other hand, generally requires an ally to walk into it to be valuable, and so we think the vision granted makes sense; it’s just castable at too high a range. Overall, we’ll looking at vision-granting abilities in future patches in order to create more consistency around the “uh-oh, they can see me!” experience.
  • Trundle’s E - Pillar of Ice no longer gives vision around the cast area
  • Ivern’s W - Brushmaker cast range changed to 1600  800
  • Anivia’s W - Crystallize no longer gives vision around the cast area

Attack & Ability Queueing

Many abilities are meant to get champions within striking range of their foes. In these situations, we often add an attack command at the end of the ability so champions aren’t standing around awkwardly after closing in on an enemy. Based on how input queueing works in League, however, this attack command overwrites any attempt to queue a second ability during the original ability’s cast time. We’re modifying a bunch of abilities so the hidden attack command no longer overwrites spell queueing attempts, but will still work if a second ability isn’t cast. Let us know if you think we’ve left something off the list!
THIS IS A BIT CONFUSINGChanged several interactions where abilities overwrote any spell queuing commands, instead forcing the caster to immediately begin basic-attacking once the ability completed.
SO HERE’S AN EXAMPLEIf Pantheon tried to queue E - Heartseeker Strike during W - Aegis of Zeonia’s dash, he’d begin basic-attacking the target once Aegis of Zeonia completed instead of casting Heartseeker Strike.
BUT WHAT ABOUT MY…This change only affects the following abilities:

Affected abilities

  • Aatrox’s Q - Dark Descent
  • Amumu’s Q - Bandage Toss
  • Darius’s E - Apprehend
  • Ekko’s E - Phase Dive and R - Chronobreak
  • Elise’s Spider Q - Venomous Bite
  • Evelynn’s E - Ravage
  • Irelia’s Q - Bladesurge
  • Kha’Zix’s Q - Taste Their Fear
  • Kindred’s E - Mounting Dread
  • Lee Sin’s Q - Resonating Strike
  • Maokai’s W - Twisted Advance
  • Pantheon’s W - Aegis of Zeonia
  • Poppy’s E - Heroic Charge
  • Rek’Sai’s R - Void Rush
  • Talon’s Q - Noxian Diplomacy

Ranked Flex

It sucks to be working your way up the Ranked Flex ladder with a group of friends, and then suddenly have your group become invalidated because someone happened to advance into the next tier before the rest of the group. This was happening a lot for groups around Diamond, where restrictions really started tightening, so we’re relaxing the high-MMR restrictions originally placed on Flex parties.
RELAXED RESTRICTIONSRanked Flex party restrictions are the same as Solo Queue (Diamond, Master, and Challenger parties have tighter restrictions)  identical for all Tiers. All Ranked Flex parties can now include players within one Tier, including Diamond, Master, and Challenger parties.

Rotating Game Mode

Dark Star: Singularity runs from 7/14/17 12:00 PT to 7/18/17 04:00 PT and 7/21/17 11:00 PT to 7/25/17 04:00 PT. Play as Dark Star Thresh in a 3v3 match on the Cosmic Ruins, which features a Dark Star Thresh announcer and chilling music.
  • Hook or Flay opposing players and Abyss Scuttlers into the black hole in the center of the map to gain points.
  • You’ll fly further the more damage you’ve taken, but you can’t die from health loss.
  • The first team to 100 points wins the round, and the first team to win two rounds wins the game.
The Singularity calls. Will you answer?

2016 SKT T1 Skin Updates

The 2016 SKT T1 skins have each received custom audio effects! In addition, water effects have been added to SKT T1 Nami’s loading screen art.


  • Fixed a bug causing the first raven of Swain’s R - Ravenous Flock to visually spawn from the blue side fountain
  • Phantom Dancer no longer prevents some champion abilities (primarily stealth effects) from ignoring unit collision when no enemy champions are nearby - the condition for Phantom Dancer’s own immunity to unit collision
  • Rek’Sai now properly marks targets for R - Void Rush even when the damage is completely blocked by a shield
  • Blast Cones no longer fizzle when triggered by a burrowed Rek’Sai at maximum attack range
  • Fixed a bug causing Ashe’s Passive - Frost Shot bonus damage to apply to inhibitors
  • Fixed a bug where several forms of loss-of-control effects (Fear, Flee, Taunt, Knockback, and Charm) weren’t properly cancelling Anivia’s R - Glacial Storm
  • When Zilean tries to walk into range to activate Passive - Time in a Bottle on an out-of-range ally, he’ll no longer cast his most recently-used ability instead once he gets into range. Something something time joke.
  • Zilean’s E - Time Warp cast range indicator has been reduced to match the actual range
  • Lucian’s Q - Piercing Light cast range indicator has been reduced to match the actual range
  • The second hit of Sejuani’s W - Winter’s Wrath no longer counts as a separate spellcast
  • Raptor’s Cloak is now purchasable on Howling Abyss. Not technically a bug, but felt like one since Banner of Command builds out of it.
  • Twitch no longer gets stuck as visually translucent if Guardian Angel triggers during Q - Ambush’s camouflage duration
  • Practice Tool’s “Lock XP” button now properly displays the ‘toggled’ state while active
  • Fixed a bug causing the profile page to sometimes display a lower ranking than your highest one
  • Fixed a bug where LeaverBuster and surveys would fail to show after Honor votes
  • Players on low-spec mode now see the celebration for earning 3+ Honor votes
  • Fixed a bug where Honor 1.0 buttons would still display at the end of game screen
  • Fixed a visual bug where a blue bar would appear in the transition between the Honor vote and the end of game screen
  • Reinder Kog'Maw's vintage loading screen border now properly displays for original owners of the skin
  • SKT T1 Nami's hair no longer twitches at the start of one of her idle animations
  • SKT T1 Ekko's W - Parallel Convergence no longer uses base VFX when Ekko's shield absorbs damage or when its bonus damage against low health targets procs
  • SKT T1 Olaf's Q - Undertow on-hit particles no longer become a massive disco if Undertow hits a moving target
  • Re-added Freljord Taliyah's voiceover for W - Seismic Shove
  • Restored custom audio effects for Heartseeker Orianna's basic abilities
  • Mecha Zero Sion's custom VO now plays on kills
  • Snow Day Ziggs's joke audio no longer restarts toward the end of the animation
  • The Star Guardian beginning-of-game music no longer overlaps with DJ Sona's music at the start of a match
  • Candy King Ivern no longer steals Jhin's taunt sound effects during his taunt animation
  • Snow Day Syndra's Q - Dark Sphere ground snowflake VFX now properly displays on Medium or lower settings
  • Gothic Orianna's model textures no longer change slightly depending on whether she's currently holding The Ball or not
  • The Mechs vs. Minions ward skin no longer has a confusingly bright shadow in champion select's ward skin selector

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

The following chromas will be released in patch 7.14:

Points of Interest from the 7.14 PBE Cycle

Here's a brief look at many of the new things included in patch 7.14. This coverage includes preview screen shots and video taken during the 7.14 PBE cycle and may vary slightly from what is pushed to live.

New Champion - Kayn, the Shadow Reaper

Kayn, the Shadow Reaper is headed our way for release sometime in the 7.14 patch! Look for a full post at release, including previews, ability scaling, and a collection of what we know about Kayn, his scythe, and the Darkin Rhaast!

Kayn's release skin is SOULHUNTER KAYN and will be priced at 1350 RP.

Soulhunter Kayn

1350 RP

New Summoner Icons

With the new cycle are two new summoner icons relating to Kayn, one for each of his Shadow Assassin and Darkin forms. Look for more details soon!

New Chroma

New Chroma sets are here for Pool Party LuluPool Party Graves, and Pool Party Fiora! Chroma are available for 290 RP each or discounted bundles.

Pool Party Lulu

Catseye / Sandstone / Peridot / Ruby / Turquiose / Citrine / Rose Quartz ]

 Pool Party Graves

Citrine / Amethyst / Sapphire / Emerald / Ruby / Turquoise ]

Pool Party Fiora

Tanzanite / Turquoise / Rose Quartz / Aquamarine / Citrine / Pearl / Rainbow / Sapphire ]

SKT Sound Effects Update

Following the earlier announcement, here's Riot Katey Khaos sharing that the new sound effects have been added to the 2016 SKT World Championship SkinsShe also mentioned these sound effects are final.
"EDIT: June 29th - Additional sounds for all SKT skins have been added! 
Syndra - Q, W, E, R, AAs
Zac - Q, W, E, AAs
Nami - Q, W, E, R and E (and empowered AAs)
Ekko - Q, W (when the bubble spawns), E and R
Olaf - Q, W, E, R, AAs
Jhin - Q, R"
Here are updated spotlights for each skin:


  • Along with the new Pool Party Graves chroma, the base Pool Party Graves texture was updated with color tweaks and improvements.
  • Random option added to champion select.
  • SKT Nami's loading screen has been adjusted, including adding waves to the bottom part of the cut:

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