Champion Reveal: Urgot, The Dreadnought

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[7.14 PBE Cycle featuring Kayn and more!]

“They put me in chains, they gave me a weapon.” Urgot's large scope champion update is here! Check out the champion reveal for Urgot, the Dreadnought!
Continue reading for the full reveal, including his new kit and upgraded look.

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Champion Reveal: Urgot the Dreadnought

Full reveal site
A former Noxian Headsman, Urgot used to think he knew what strength was. Then he was betrayed by Swain and found himself bound in chains, a slave in Zaun’s mines. There, he discovered a new form of strength: pain. He revels in the chaos of suffering, knowing that it makes him strong. Now—his body augmented with machinery—he knows that Noxus can never truly be ruled by strength while it is ruled at all. He seeks to destroy the leaders of Zaun, and preaches to those who survive: there are no rulers, only survivors.

Attacking in the direction of one of Urgot’s legs causes that leg to combust flames outward, dealing physical damage to enemies in a cone and putting that leg on cooldown. Consecutive hits within a few seconds deal reduced damage.

Fires an explosive charge at the target location, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies and slowing them.Enemy champions struck are locked onto.

Urgot shields himself and rapidly shoots the nearest enemy, prioritizing enemies that are locked onto and triggering Echoing Flames when possible. While shooting, Urgot walks more slowly, but becomes resistant to incoming slows.During this time, Urgot can walk over non-champions and cannot basic attack normally.

Urgot charges in a direction. If he runs into an enemy champion, he'll stop, grabbing and throwing them to the other side of him - damaging and locking onto them.Non-champions trampled during Urgot's charge take the same damage and are knocked aside.

Urgot fires a hexdrill beacon that impales the first enemy champion struck, locking onto them, dealing physical damage and slowing them. 
While impaled, if the target falls below a health threshold, Urgot may re-cast Fear Beyond Death to suppress the target, slowly reeling them in and - when they reach him - executing them. During the re-cast, they are untargetable, and this effect can only be ended by killing Urgot. 
If Urgot successfully executes an enemy, he terrifies all nearby enemies.

Urgot is a force of destruction incarnate - an inevitable, unstoppable juggernaut who shoots, pulls, and grinds his opponents to their deaths. His strength is evident, and his foes should never underestimate him. Running away is always an option. 
Urgot wants to go toe-to-toe with enemy; his knee cannons can wreak havoc once he’s up close and can unleash them all. Find the weakness of your enemies - or create it - and then wrap them up in chains and finish them off. Forget the nimble, elusive enemies; they are weak and prefer flight to combat. But anybody who dares to fight you head on? Show them true strength. 
“They put me in chains, they gave me a weapon.”
- Urgot

  • Urgot’s ranged auto-attacks and Echoing Flames gives him significant poke against melee top laners, but are on a long cooldown early game. Without any built-in sustain, that poke is his only way of winning attrition wars.
  • Urgot’s legs don’t rotate when he turns, so you’ll have to maneuver around your opponents to make the most of Echoing Flames. Disdain helps Urgot take advantage of those trickshot back shotgun legs and make the most of his damage, while Purge helps him proc his passive multiple times in rapid succession (but slow Urgot’s movement). Position carefully to take advantage of all six legs.
  • Fear Beyond Death can be used to initiate for your team, but it’s best used to finish off a damaged foe. Slippery targets who might otherwise escape at low health can’t get away from Urgot’s meat grinder once they’re hooked! 
“I am stronger than man, stronger than machine, I am an IDEA.”
- Urgot 
In Game Model Videos


Social Media Video

Along with the release of his reveal page, Riot social media also released a video showing Urgot's model in-game:

Additional Discussion

GreaterBelugaWhale gave more context on how Urgot's new passive will work:
Hey Beluga can i ask how the dimensions of his passive work, also great job to both you and Repertoir
6 legs, covering 360 deg around him. Each leg has its own CD and covers 60 deg in a set orientation (legs don't rotate, even when he turns). If you hit an enemy with a basic attack or W in the 60 deg arc covered by a leg, it will fire if its ready. Deals tAD + % Max HP physical damage, with a bit of reduced damage for consecutive hits."
On Urgot's W, GreaterBelugaWhale commented:
"(hint: You can. W applies on hits at reduced damage.)"

He continued:
How many times does it apply on-hits?
shoots 3 times a second, dealing 1/3rd on hit damage per shot"
As for Urgot's R, Reav3 confirmed:
"He can only re-cast R to execute a enemy that falls below 25% HP
Reav3 continued:
What happens if the champion goes above 25% HP during the pull?
They still die."

As for ways to stop Urgot's R, GreaterBelugaWhale added:
That tooltip made me question if suppression worked since it said nothing can stop it.
Yeah, things that remove suppression will stop it. Things that destroy missiles will interact with the chains in the recast (it fires out really fast chains that are missiles by all the rules of the game). Things that make the target invulnerable when the target has been reeled in and ground will block the damage. Revives and death passives still function. Basically the recast supresses the target and then deals the target's current health in true damage (plus a bit more), but otherwise respects the rules of the game."

As for R's range, GreaterBelugaWhale added:
My question: is there a max tether range on that ult, or can he reel in his marked target from longer range?
the initial shot is a range limited skill shot. the reel in is global 
When asked if Butcher Urgot would be available to purchase after the update's release, Reav3 confirmed:
Will Butcher Urgot be available to purchase? I love you Riot and your amazing work <3

On Urgot's Auto attack range, RiotMEMEMEMEME commented:
"Current AA Range is 350"

As for the symbol on Urgot's arm,  GreaterBelugaWhale explained:
That symbol he is getting on his arm is the same symbol on the man clothes who is in the tube. I think I saw it somewhere already. Is it simplified Noxus symbol or??. Also he wants to kill leaders of Zaun, is that a typo and it's actually meant to be Noxus or?.
It's symbol that a chem baron uses like a family crest. This crest belongs to the now drowning baron, specifically. Urgot burns these into his own arm as he kills them.
Overall, he believes that the politics that dominate Noxus are a sham, and not representative of the pursuit of true strength (after Swain weaseled his way on top) - and that he can mold Zaun into what he sees as a representation of that pursuit by creating a society ruled by chaos/anarchy. Step one is eliminating the chem barons."

Riot Repertoir answered a few questions on his Twitter; first up, why shotgun knees:
"Wanted his legs to have special purpose that merited having so many. This seemed like a fit after we found it."

On how the R came about, Repertoir commented:
"The ult I designed to bring to life a piece of concept art @VictorMaury_ came up with. Maybe I can find it..."

As for the concept art in question, Victor Maury provided the image:
"this one?"

As for how they designed a 'Ranged Juggernaut", Repertoir commented:
"Ranged Juggernaut" sounded like, if we would ever try it, Urgot is the fit, so I tried to make a kit that went that way bit still felt fair"

As for what aspects of the old kit they tried to preserve, Repertoir replied:
"Few kit elements we thought we "must" preserve, but we managed to get lock-on, swap, shield, and a few others, though they're all different."

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