VS. Event - Dawnbringer Riven and Nightbringer Yasuo

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[UPDATE 6/30: Event has ended and CHAOS has won! See site for updated end of comic and be sure to redeem your Reign of Chaos icon from the Victor's Emblem if you did that quest!]

The new VS. event is here! Team up with Dawnbringer Riven or Nightbringer Yasuo as Order versus Chaos! In addition to new content in the shop, earn new loot and rewards by participate in event missions and decide which side will win by playing matches during the event.
"VS. Begins - The world will begin again under Order or Chaos. Forge destiny with Dawnbringer Riven and Nightbringer Yasuo."
Continue reading for more information,  a comic, event details, and skin previews!

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VS. Event

The VS. Event lasts through June 29th at 23:59 PT! Through then enjoy limited time event missions and craftable loot, including  key fragments, icons, and more!

Below you'll find a new comic, the VS. promotional page, and a handy FAQ covering all the event has to offer. This information is also available in the client.


Unto Darkness, Unto Light Comic

A new comic featuring Dawnbringer Riven and Nightbringer Yasuo is now available at the top of the VS. Event page. Participation in the event on the side of either Order or Chaos will decide the ending:

VS. Event Page

Check out the VS event page for event information, including a tracker on Riven vs Yasuo, skin previews, details on the new missions and loot to earn, and more!

None can escape destiny, but you can determine it. 
Fight for Order or Chaos by collecting tokens, playing games with an Order or Chaos icon equipped, and winning games as Yasuo when a Riven is on the other team (and vice-versa).
Start by winning any matchmade game to claim your starting icons. 
Then complete daily missions with any Order or Chaos icon equipped to earn Order or Chaos Tokens.
Forge tokens into event-exclusive Chaos and Order rewards such as icons, emotes, orbs, and loading screen borders.
Take your journey further by purchasing VS. Passes that each contain a ward skin, 100 tokens, an orb, a Hextech set, double the tokens from daily missions, and exclusive mission lines with direct paths to a guaranteed gemstone.
Dawnbringer Riven
1820 RP

Under Order: progress beneath the steadfast sky.

Nightbringer Yasuo
1820 RP

Through Chaos: rebirth from dark destruction.


The bottom of the page includes an extensive FAQ on the event and new missions that will appear throughout the event,

Q: What is Missions? 
A: VS. is the first event to include Missions, a new feature that rewards you for completing objectives. We’re aiming for Missions to be a regular part of League, whether an event is happening or not. You can visit the dev blog to learn more about the thinking that went into designing Missions.

Q: Do I have to pay for anything during VS.? 
A: Nope. You’ll be able to complete missions, earn tokens, forge rewards, and determine a victor without spending RP. There are bonus rewards that are exclusive to VS. Passes, which are 1300 RP each, but the content in these passes is something extra for those of you who want a sidequest to your main adventure.

Q: Do I have to play as Yasuo or Riven to participate in missions? 
A: No, you can play whatever champion you like, unless you choose to purchase a VS. Pass. Most of the missions exclusive to these passes require playing as Yasuo or Riven.

Q: I only main one position. Do I have to branch out to other roles to succeed at missions? 
A: Nope, our goal was to make missions accessible for everyone. You should be able to complete missions in whatever role you enjoy playing.

Q: How much time do I have to do my daily missions? 
A: You have the full day based on your server’s local time, from 00:00 a.m. to 23:59 p.m. (see below to check the timezone for your server). Afterward, the mission will expire.
Server Timezones: 
North America: PT
Latin America North: CDT
Latin America South: ART
Brazil: BRT
EU West: GMT
EU Nordic & East: CEST
Turkey: TRT
Russia: MSK
Korea: KST
Japan: JST
Oceania: AEST
Thailand: ICT
Vietnam: ICT
Indonesia: WIB
Singapore & Malaysia: SGT
Philippines: PHT
Taiwan / Hong Kong / Macau: CST
China: CST

Q: How long do missions take to do? 
A: Every player is different and so is every mission. Some are designed to be completed in a few matches, others will take a bit longer. It really depends on the player, the matches, and the mission. So be sure to give yourself enough time to complete them!

Q: Do I have to play for one side throughout the event? 
A: Nope! You can switch sides throughout the event, but you may only support one side daily.
You decide you want to play for Order today. You equip your Riven icon and win a game. This triggers the mission of the day for Order and disables its Chaos counterpart. 
This does not apply to the VS. Passes, which allow you to play for both sides if you choose to purchase both.

Q: How will the winner of this event be determined? 
A: We’re tallying points based on tokens collected, games played with an Order or Chaos icon equipped, and games won as Riven when there is a Yasuo on the other team (and vice-versa). While you can’t see the number of points individually contributed, you can check the meter here to see who’s in the lead.

Q: If I use my tokens, do they still count in determining whether Chaos or Order will win? 
A: Yes! There’s no need to save your tokens. Once you have them, they’re automatically part of the count, so feel free to use them.

Q: What happens if I switch icons during the day? 
A: You’ll need to equip an Order or Chaos icon to pick your side for the day. Once you win a matchmade game with your chosen icon equipped, either an Order or Chaos daily mission will appear. You’ll have to use an icon associated with that side for your mission achievement to be logged.

Q: I have to equip an Order or Chaos icon to complete daily missions for that side. Which icons count for Order and Chaos? 

Q: What are VS. Passes? 
A: These optional passes grant you exclusive content that is themed toward Order or Chaos: a ward skin, 100 tokens, an orb, a Hextech set, a token multiplier (doubles the amount of tokens you earn on daily missions), and two special mission lines. They can be purchased for 1300 RP each. If you've already made progress on a daily mission and you purchase a pass, the mission will reset with “Way of Order Pass” or “Way of Chaos Pass” next to its name. You’ll then be able to earn double the tokens for completing it. 
The Novice mission line includes three missions that reward you with a Hextech set and 40 tokens: 
Way of Order Novice Missions:
Novice of Order (1/3): Win 1 game with a Riven on either team; Get 8 Kills and/or Assists in 1 game
[Reward] Hextech Key 
Novice of Order (2/3): Kill 1,200 Minions with your team; Win 2 Summoner’s Rift games
[Reward] Hextech Chest 
Novice of Order (3/3): Play 1 matchmade game as Riven; Get 15 Kills and/or Assists in 1 game
[Reward] 40 Order Tokens
Way of Chaos Novice Missions: 
Novice of Chaos (1/3): Win 1 matchmade game with a Yasuo in it; Get 8 Kills and/or Assists in 1 game
[Reward] Hextech Key 
Novice of Chaos (2/3): Collect 20,000 gold; Win 2 Summoner’s Rift games
[Reward] Hextech Chest 
Novice of Chaos (3/3): Play 1 game as Yasuo; Get 15 Kills and/or Assists in 1 game
[Reward] 40 Chaos Tokens
Way of Order Master Missions: 
Master of Order (1/3): Win 2 matchmade games with at least 5 Kills or 10 Assists
[Reward] 40 Order Tokens 
Master of Order (2/3): Get 60 Kills and/or Assists
[Reward] Gemstone 
Master of Order (3/3): Collect 75,000 gold
[Reward] 60 Order Tokens
Way of Chaos Master Missions: 
Master of Chaos (1/3): Win 2 matchmade games with at least 5 Kills or 10 Assists
[Reward] 40 Chaos Tokens 
Master of Chaos (2/3): Get 60 Kills and/or Assists
[Reward] Gemstone 
Master of Chaos (3/3): Kill 2,000 Minions with your team
[Reward] 60 Chaos Tokens
Novice and Master mission lines can be played simultaneously. Unlike the daily missions, these special mission lines can be played throughout VS. and without equipping an Order or Chaos icon, but they will also expire on 6/29/17 23:59 PT.

Q: Is there a reward for participating in the event? How do I get it? 
A: Yes. There’s a mission called Force of Wills in your mission log that unlocks the Victor’s Emblem. You’ll need to complete any seven missions to get it, excluding In the beginning... The Victor’s Emblem will sit in your loot inventory until VS. is over. You will then need to craft it into an icon that celebrates the reigning side. 

Q: What happens to my tokens after the event? 
A: You’ll have until 7/24/17 23:59 PT to craft leftover tokens into batches of Blue Essence (every 10 tokens = 10 Blue Essence). If you don’t craft the tokens by the deadline, they will disappear.

Q: How do I equip an emote from the event? 
A: You have to own and equip the icon that the emote comes with (i.e., Daybreak Icon or Nightfall Icon). These emotes temporarily replace your Mastery emotes (using Ctrl + 6) and last until 07/11/17 23:59 PT.

Q: I redeemed my tokens for a loading screen border. Do I have to do anything else for it to show up? 
A: Nope, once you redeem it, the loading screen border will automatically appear forever for Dawnbringer Riven or Nightbringer Yasuo. This doesn’t replace season rank borders.

Q: How can I get the Dawnbringer and Nightbringer Ward? 
A: These wards are only available as part of the Way of Order or Way of Chaos Pass.

Q: What is an Orb of Order / Orb of Chaos? 
A: The Orb of Chaos is event-exclusive and contains a guaranteed Legacy skin shard and a 50% chance to get a bonus drop. If your orb triggers a bonus drop, you’ll have a chance to get either a random amount of Chaos Tokens, two gemstones, or the Hextech-exclusive Soulstealer Vayne skin shard. 
A: The Orb of Order is event-exclusive and contains a guaranteed Legacy skin shard and a 50% chance to get a bonus drop. If your orb triggers a bonus drop, you’ll have a chance to get either a random amount of Order Tokens, two gemstones, or the Hextech-exclusive Hextech Annie skin shard.

Q: Why did I get tokens with my Hextech chest purchase? 
A: As part of VS., all Hextech sets and bundles purchased during the event come with 10 bonus Chaos or Order Tokens per chest."
An additional FAQ can be found [here].

Porocles also mentioned you can craft the limited time borders now if you plan to purchase the skin in the future:
"The border can be crafted independently! As long as you've unlocked the border during the even, you can grab one of the skins anytime later and still have it."

The two icons for if either Riven or Yasuo win the event are:
On these icons, Broporo noted:
"You're right! That's the icon that will be available if Yasuo wins the event. It's a pretty sweet icon, and I'd hate it if you missed it, so make sure to complete the Force of Wills missions (requires you to complete 7 missions over the course of the event). After doing that, you'll get the Victor's Emblem token which you can craft into the winning side's victory icon once the event is over."

New Champion Skins

Dawnbringer Riven

1820 RP

[Loading Screen Slice]

Special loading screen border show below. available via new event crafting:


Dawnbringer Riven also has many special interactions:

Nightbringer Yasuo

1820 RP
[Loading Screen Slice]

Special loading screen border show below. available via new event crafting:

Nightbringer Yasuo also has many special interactions:

New Summoner Icons

Ten new Dawnbringer Riven and Nightbringer Yasuo themed icons are now available.
See the information above for how to earn each through event missions and crafting.

New Ward Skins

In addition to the new skins, we also have Dawnbringer and Nightbringer themed ward skins! These are only available as part of the Way of Chaos Pass and Way of Order Pass.

Dawnbringer Ward


Nightbringer Ward


Temporary In-Game Emotes

Two new temporary in-game emotes are obtainable through the new crafting - one for Nightbringer and one for Dawnbringer. Earn these temporary emotes to use during the event by crafting the appropriate border & icon combo for 280 order or chaos tokens!

New Login Theme

New login theme featuring unique art of the upcoming Dawnbringer Riven & Nightbringer Yasuo skins:

The artist for this unique login art is Suke.

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