Red Post Collection: 10 Bans Live, Quick Gameplay Thoughts June 8th, Nexus Update June Edition, and more!

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Today's red post collection includes 10 bans live around the world, Meddler's quick gameplay thoughts for June 8th including upcoming 7.13 nerfs & buffs, a Nexus update for June covering recent articles, & more! 
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10 Bans now live

After testing on NA earlier in the cycle, the new 10 bans system has rolled out to all regions!

After tweeting the regional deploys, Draggles shared:
[1] "10 bans now live across the world! expect a few more dodges than usual at the start as people get used to stuff, but have fun!" 
[2] "remember: you can play with the esports format right now in custom tournament draft games, and we'll be bringing it to a new team mode later"
For more information on 10 bans, check out the [10 bans now live] article that was bumped up on the regional timelines - this repeat article offers an overview of the process and design as well as an FAQ.

Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 8 

Here's Meddler with his quick gameplay thoughts for June 8, covering topics such as cc scoring at end of game, 10 bans going out globally, and 7.13 balance changes:
Morning all, 
Usual Disclaimers 
These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The nature of the work could change or, depending on what we discover, projects mentioned may get put delayed or even stopped.
If you'd like to see a Tweet whenever a new one of these posts goes up: 

CC Score at end of game 
We mentioned this at mid-season, it's been delayed until now though. Short version is a CC stat at the end of game that reflects how much CC each champion in the game has applied. Should be shipping in the next patch (7.12). We ended up having to get the system rewritten because the original version imposed a higher than appropriate server load (scripted in an inefficient manner). 
10 Bans in match made games 
Should now be live everywhere, or just about to be. Looking at its effects so far they look pretty good, with champ select times down noticeably, dodge rates (deliberate or accidental) no higher than before and annecdotal feedback fairly positive. Still monitoring all of those things though of course. 
In terms of champion ban rates Yasuo's has spiked up significantly, other champions look fairly unaffected. Will want to see how that does or doesn't change over the next couple of weeks and what the trend's like in other regions (since we're just looking at NA data for now since that's where it was initially rolled out). Pick/ban rates can vary dramatically region to region so it's possible there will be some other high ban rate cases out there, would also expect Yasuo's ban rate to be significantly lower in at least some NA regions based off historical trends. 
More thoughts on 10 bans to come soonish. 
7.13 Balance Changes 
Details to come next week, some of the targets we're considering though are: 
Nerfs - Kennen, Fiora, Galio
Buffs - Cho'Gath, Poppy, Gnar, Trundle, Maokai 
Existing Keystones Masteries as New Runes 
Our expectation is that we'll transfer at least a couple of existing masteries, with some modifications, into the new runes system. We've got some in mind already that we've been testing, wanted to throw the question open to you folks as well though. Poll below for which of the current keystones you'd be most interested in seeing translated over, also really interested in hearing thoughts as to why though of course.
There is also a poll on what keystone mastery you would most like ot see in the new Runes Reforged system. Check out the full post to participate in the poll.
Meddler continued:
Nerfs - Kennen, Fiora, Galio
Buffs - Cho'Gath, Poppy, Gnar, Trundle, Maokai
Why ?
Too strong\weak ?
Those are where the darts on the dartboard landed. 
Serious answer - yes, the nerfs are to champs we think are too strong, the buffs to those we think are too weak. Details and more thoughts to follow (probably early next week)."

When asked about the Syndra nerf in 7.12, Meddler noted:
Syndra's winrate fell by a lot -- is this something you guys were aiming for? Were your nerfs meant to take her out of the competitive meta? 
Just some thoughts on where you think she's at now would be great.
So far the Syndra nerf looks like around what we were targeting."

When asked about base stat adjustments when the new Runes system launches, Meddler noted:
@Meddler, Bychance how might the new runes and masteries system affect champions reliant on runes and masteries? For example, I'm assuming armor seals will be removed as well as attack speed marks/quints which would make laning/jungling as a whole an entirely different experience (far more difficult than the norm). 
Will there be new runes that replace and add the same effect?
We'll be going through and giving all champions some base stats. Which stats will depend on the champ in question. Might also tweak jungle camps, adjust starting items and/or add one or two new ones. Some needs will also still be met through the runes system (e.g. Overcharger as replacement for CDR/level runes)."
Meddler continued:
With the deletion of most masteries, therw has to be a worry that some champs will fall from being good just from the loss of their keystone, are there any plans to ramp up champs after seeing if the runes have had a bad effect on them or not. Ie, if burst champs lose thunderlords, how to balance that back and give some power back.
We'll need to do a bunch of balance followup certainly after the new runes system hits. We're also aiming to have all the major needs the current system meets met in the new system too, though not necessarily in the same way. There'll still be at least one good burst option for example, even if that's not necessarily like Thunderlord's."

As for thoughts on Lethality at the moment, Meddler shared:
Thoughts on lethality?
Some items with Lethality on them are too weak. Planning to work on those in the short to moderate term."
On Lethality, Meddler continued:
Concerning Lethality: 
How much of a difficulty, balance-wise, is the fact that all Lethality items are intrinsically also giving out-of-combat MS? And would that ooC MS be a possible avenue to tune these items?
That could be a good approach yeah. OOC MS looks like it's probably more snowbally on those items than predicted. Could remove if from some, strengthen it on others to make them easier to balance and more distinct. 
Having said that giving assassins non direct combat power's also got some good arguments for it (more ability to start good fights, less just raw 100-0 potential)."
When asked if a version of the reverted 7.12 PBE cycle Singed changes would return,  Meddler noted:
So do you know if the singed changes will return?
Likely they will."

Nexus Update: June Edition 

Rather than our usual Ask Riot, Thursday featured a Nexus update on all the recent NEXUS content:
"There’s no Ask Riot this week, so let’s talk a bit about Nexus itself (if you don’t care about Nexus, here’s something else to do). We’ve learned a lot over the last eight months, and hopefully you’ve seen the results in a more frequent cadence, deeper stories, and new ways to experience Nexus content (like videoscolumns, etc.). There’s more to come, so stay tuned! 
In the meantime: 
All Nexus features are live, and with the full integration of Ask Riot and Champion Insights, Nexus has officially left beta. We’ve made an effort to listen to your suggestions for small improvements here and there, which we think has resulted in a much better Nexus than what we originally imagined. 
Player suggestions have led to: 
  • RSS feeds
  • Full search capability
  • Ask Riot archive
  • Light/dark theme selector
  • Any-region commenting
  • Progress bar
  • In-post Ask Riot question submit
  • Other stuff I’m probably forgetting 
We aren’t expecting any new major features to ship over the next few months, though we may invest in some small quality-of-life upgrades if we spot good opportunities. If you have suggestions, please don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments. 
We’ve published a LOT of stuff since launching last October. Here are some highlights:
In our last Nexus update, we talked a little bit about the localization process. If you’re not up to date: Nexus is currently English-only. The content itself goes through the same localization pipeline as anything else at Riot, but the indexed, categorized, searchable Nexus experience is only available to English-speaking players. Launching as English-only was part of the plan, but we’ve never intended for Nexus to stay monolinguistical. 
As of late April/early May, we’ve invested all of Nexus’s design resources into getting the full experience up and running in all Riot regions. There are some behind-the-scenes quirks that make this more complicated than simply translating the site (for example, making sure we don’t break any existing localization best practices or accidentally add a bunch of extra work for content teams), but overall progress is moving pretty smoothly. 
We’re hoping to have localized versions of Nexus launched and running globally by the end of summer. This, of course, could slip—but hopefully not by more than a few weeks. We should have a clearer picture of this next month and will update you accordingly. 
That’s it! Ask Riot will return as scheduled next Thursday (for those of you waiting for the Marc and Brandon Ask Riot, it’ll be a few weeks). And as I said last time around, if there’s any type of content you’d like to see on Nexus, please let us know."

Asyrite on Yasuo work in near future

In a reddit thread discussing the new 10 bans system and Yasuo's ban rate, Asyrite noted:
"Going to do a good old hijack of this comment! We're going to be looking to do a small scale update to Yasuo in the near future to help resolve some of the long standing issues he's experienced (power skewed based on MMR, frustration, lack of reason to pick when trying to win etc). To note, this isn't as a result of 10 bans, as he was already on our list of champs for us to look at, but undoubtedly increased the priority. 
No plans yet as to what we'll actually be doing, but that he's very much on our radar for work in the near future."
In a separate reddit thread, Asyrite continued:
"Hey there! I'm the Riot dude who wrote the post. Just wanted to say that the type of update we're thinking is like the Rammus/Kindred/Heimer stuff we've been doing. Nothing drastic like a roster level change since I really don't think Yasuo needs it, but something a little deeper. 
Exact goals would likely be: 1. Preserve the fun aspects that make people love to play Yasuo 2. Give opponents a little more agency in the playing against case - people should know steps they can take to outplay a Yasuo in lane phase - mainly aimed at reducing frustration so we can get his banrate back down to reasonable levels. 
We want you guys to be able to play Yasuo too!"
He continued:
"Correct. The plan would be to not go drastic - but to find the things we can change or alter slightly to make him a more compelling champion to play as, as well as healthy champion to play against."

Reav3 on Champion and Splash Art Updates

When asked what the new set of skin splash art updates will be for, Reav3 noted:
"We are currently working on a update to Miss Fortunes old Skin splashes. As for what's after that, we haven't decided yet."
As for future class update plans, Reav3 shared:
Hey are there any plans for detailing any class updates for preseason or has it been shelved for runes reforged?
I am working on a new blog that should be out pretty soon. Planning to start doing update blogs more often, rather then every 6 months. I will be going over the class updates in the blog though, among other things."
Reav3 continued:
is it the blog after Urgot Rework? Or is it a other blog about class update and the blog about VGU and new championsite will come after Urgot?
Before. It will go over many topics between VGUs and New Champions. Won't be announcing the next VGU yet though as we arn't completely locked on that yet, that should still be in the one that comes after Urgot. Will be giving some updates on current VGU progress though."
Reav3 clarified:
Wait, you will talk about NEW champion in your dev blog? So you are planning to tell us what this champion will be like?
That's the plan, yes, though it will be pretty high level, don't want to spoil the eventual reveal too much."

Reav3 added:
How soon? before Urgot is released?
yes, I will still do another one after Urgot ships as well"
Reav3 continued:
We know that the blog after Urgot will be about 2 next VGU's, the one we are talking about will be about next class update, right Reav3?
It probably won't go over the next 2 VGUs and we are still super early on the VGU that would start after Evelynn. Since I'm going to be doing these more often it they will probably be announced one at a time as they exit ideation and enter production. The one after Urgot will probably focus on the champion going into production after Urgot as well as the new champion going into production after the next new champion."

When asked to confirm Urgot will be updated before Evelynn, Reav3 noted:
So Urgot VGU is first? Will Noxus lore come with it, or will it wait for Swain VGU?
Yup. Check out the Champion Update Schedule. Urgot has always been before Evelynn."
Reav3 continued:
Can I assume the "Yup" goes for Noxus lore too?
Nope. I wouldn't assume to much about Urgot's updated lore
As for when Sivir might be up for skin splash art updates, Reav3 noted:
Hey Reav3, why haven't you guys talk about Sivir splash update yet? She was receive her remake a long time ago, and still using awful placeholders for her skins.
She's on the list for sure. We likely won't do another female Marksmen right after MF as we like to spread out the type of champs we rework a bit so we hit different player bases.

Quick Hits

[Quick Hits is our own collection within a red post collection, often including easy to digest stories, specialized information, and/or repeat info you may have missed in other posts!]

1) Over on the Riot Games website, Weszt Hart, a UX designer at Riot, has posted the first in a three part series taking a deeper look at the design and release of the discontinued Team Builder feature:
"This is the first part of a three part series we’re doing to peek behind the curtain on how we design and implement systems at Riot Games. Below, we do a deep dive on the release of our 2014 Team Builder feature. Next Thursday (6/15) and the Thursday after that we’ll be dropping Part 2 and 3. "

2) Ricklessabandon on Malzahar PBE changes set to go out in 7.12:
[1] "late in the dev cycle, but there's a (somewhat meaningful) bugfix for malzahar and some lighter nerfs as follow-up work in 7.12"
[2] "overall hope he'll be in a stable spot after this -- will be monitoring during the next dev cycle"

3) Update on the NA Challenger series. TLDR = "The Summer Split of the 2017 NA CS will move to a double Best of 3 format with live broadcasts on Thursdays." See full article for more. 

4) Riot will soon be premiering a new esports show called LanexLane. Here's the teaser:

"Here's a taste from rehearsals of our brand new show, LanexLane, premiering June 9th!"

5) When asked about a previously tested PBE iteration of Thornmail, Riot Axes commented:
"Didn't get any useful data off PBE, but internal playtesting was pretty conclusive. 
Findings were basically: 
  • There's a possible place in the game for a strong counter item that says "You can't drain tank off me." 
  • At 15% damage reflect + Grievous Wounds, it reads like a damage item - user feels bad about not seeing it do good damage, enemy feels bad about not being able to build lifesteal to counter it.  
Tried a version that deals 20 magic damage and reduces self-healing by 75%, which did solve those problems - it was clear why you bought it. 
  • At 2000 gold (i.e. tuned to be exactly stat efficient off of armor alone), it was 600-800 gold too expensive to be a good counter item (typically need to be able to pivot onto counters fast), 600-800 gold too cheap to be something you can sit on (2000 gold end point item is hard to make be worthwhile).  
  • Collides pretty hard with Frozen Heart/Randuin's Omen, which also reduce lifesteal quite a lot due to their anti-auto attack properties.  
Next steps would be looking at a component/final item combo like Hexdrinker -> Maw of Malmortius or QSS -> Mercurial Scimitar, where the reason to buy the final item is because you needed to buy the strong component item earlier in the game. That has some promise, but it also has a lot of risk (may not make the game better) for a lot of cost (at least one new item) and I don't know if anyone will be pursuing it any time soon. 
For what it's worth, this sort of exploration isn't all that unusual - the unusual part is just that I shipped it to PBE."


Last up, a few reminders on upcoming and ending soon promotions and sales!
  • As mentioned in 7.11 notesDoom Bots of Doom returns to the RGMQ 6/9 - 6/13.

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