New Champion - Kayn

Posted on at 1:38 AM by Moobeat
[UPDATE: Champion Reveal is out!]

A video has surfaced offering an early preview of an upcoming scythe wielding champion Kayn!
Continue reading for more information on Kayn and the Darkin Rhaast!

Here's a community mirror of the now removed video (removed link) featuring Kayn & mentioning the Darkin Rhaast. Presumably this is the usual ability preview included in the reveal but released a bit too early.

The short video shows our next champion Kayn. Judging by the tooltips and ability preview, Kayn's gameplay revolves around battling against the Darkin Rhaast for control and eventually transforming based on who succeeds- one form a Darkin and one a Shadow Assassin.

The ability bar features a new UI element relating to the transformations. Ability icons also differ by form:

Redditor AKB_no_LOL was quick to snag screencaps from a video of one of  Kayn's  abilities:
"Shadow Assassin 
Kayn is strong enough to destroy the Darkin inside the scythe and become a true Shadow Asssassin. Activate while on the summoning platform."
Rhaast is strong enough to dominate Kayn, warping his body into a fearsome Darkin, Activate while on the summoning platform."
The full details of our newest champion, Kayn, the Shadow Reaper, are now available in his champion reveal!

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