Pulsefire Caitlyn now available

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"Paradox resolved." - Pulsefire Caitlyn, new summoner icons, and a new ward skin are now available!
Continue reading for more information, previews of the new skin, PF Ezreal's update, & more!

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Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "Not On Her Watch"
"Not On Her Watch 
Time is a way to escape. From the mundanity of a life. From the limitations of an era. 
From the law. 
And when it comes to running from the law, she doesn’t have time for that. 
1820 RP

The legendary time-law enforcer, feared in every age. Time is a fragile enigma under her protection, and those who dare to break its boundaries have inevitably met with the end of her barrel. 
The adventurous time-law fugitive, now with newly-upgraded specs. Learn more about why we updated Pulsefire Ezreal here.
  • Updated VO
  • Updated basic attack animations
  • Updated VFX
  • Updated texture for all four forms
  • New recall animation
  • New homeguard animation

Owning this skin unlocks these icons.

Wards and Icons
Pulsefire Caitlyn Set - 2462 RP
5/25/17 11:00 PT - 5/29/17 23:59 PT"

A social media only animated trailer was also released:

Also available on FB.

New Legendary Skin - Pulsefire Caitlyn

Pulsefire Caitlyn

1820 RP
[Multiple portals and hats for her recall - 5 variations!]
[Passive ready changes the gun to red]
[Gun changes after ranking up R]

Pulsefire Caitlyn also has a ton of special interactions:

Pulsefire Ezreal Update

Pulsefire Ezreal, our first ultimate tier skin released way back in 2012, has had several updates on in 7.11 - including updated textures on all forms, new VFX, a new dance/recall, a new VO , and more!


Turnaround for all four forms:
[New Homeguard animation]

[Recall animation features the deleted Heart of Gold item!]
PFE voiceover  has also been updated, clocking in at roughly 5 minutes longer than original VO from 2012!
Video preview: 

New Summoner Icons

Three new Pulsefire themed summoner icons this cycle, one for Caitlyn, one for Ezreal, and one that is just a symbol.

Pulsefire Caitlyn Icon [250 RP] & Pulsefire Icon [250 RP or 1500 IP through 5/29!]

Pulsefire Ezreal Icon [Free for owning PFE
As part of his update, a new Pulsefire Ezreal icon will be automatically added for everyone that owns Pulsefire Ezreal. Expect these to go out by 29th or within a week.

Pulsefire Ward Skin

To go along with the new skin and updates, we also have a Pulsefire Ward skin!

Pulsefire Ward
640 RP

Pulsefire Caitlyn Login Theme

A new login featuring the Pulsefire Caitlyn:

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