5/3 PBE Update: Items sets, Ping mute assets, and more!

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[UPDATE: Item sets now enabled for testing!]

The PBE has been updated! As we continue the 7.10 PBE cycle, tonight's update includes assets for ping mutes, an item tab added to the LCU, tentative balance changes, and more!
Continue reading for more information!

(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and subject to change - what you see below may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers at the end of the cycle! Manage your expectations accordingly.)

Table of Contents

Items Sets return

As mention in the latest LCU article, ITEM SETS have returned to the League Client! The feature is now in the new client and ready for you to assemble your customized item sets,
You can access the item sets feature by going to COLLECTION and clicking ITEMS.

The main item sets menu includes a browser for your custom item sets, management options like editing, copying, and deleting as well options at the bottom to browse recommended item sets.

Clicking into an existing page or creating a new page brings you into the set viewer, allowing you craft up your custom item set for your favorite champion, champions, or even all champions for the map of your choosing.


New Mute Options - Pings and Full

While not enabled for testing yet, assets for new Ping Mute options popped up in today's update!

Here's Riot NaKyle with a boards thread on the upcoming ping muting options in testing:
"Hey everyone, 
Earlier today we shipped some code for ping muting to PBE. We'll be turning it on for testing on PBE in the next few days, and hope to have it live around the world within just a couple patches. This is a new button we're adding to the tab menu. It'll axe standard, smart, and HUD pings from the player you ping mute. 
The mute button that's already in the game is not moving or changing at all. It mutes chat, and extracurricular animations and emotes. The idea is to give everyone granular mute controls.
He added:
"Standard, smart, and HUD pings will be axed by this button. It's a new button that'll live right beside the chat mute button that's already in the game :)"

A muteping command has been added to mute player pings:

  • game_console_chatcommand_muteping_help
Ignores or unignores a specified player's or champion's gameplay-related pings.
  • game_chat_command_help_muteping
/muteping [player] - Blocks player's gameplay related pings for this game. Also see /pingmute

HUD assets were also updated to include new markers.

Also a new Fullmute (both ping and chat) also added:
  • game_console_chatcommand_fullmute_short
"Ignore all a player's pings and chat."
  • game_chat_command_help_fullmute
"/fullmute [player] - Blocks all player's gameplay related pings and chat for this game. Also see /mutefull"

Balance Changes

Remember *: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, and sometimes radical or experimental changes. Be aware that what you see below may be lacking context or other changes that didn't make it in or were implemented in an earlier patch this cycle! These are not official notes.

  • Health lowered from 552.76 to 525
  • Help, Pix! (E) shield strength lowered from 80/120/160/200/240 to 70/105/140/175/210

[Context & Changelist]
  • [These are animation and cancelling focused, see thread for more info. All listed changes except for "Change 2: Emotes no longer cancels animations" are now on PBE as of today's update!]

Face of the Mountain
  • Unique Passive - Spoils of WAR -melee basic attacks that would execute a minions now have an extended range of 150. 
    • [NOTE: This only shows up on the inventory hover of the item but is functional in-game]

Howling Abyss 

Howling Abyss Aura
  • [New] Grants Melee champions +10 MR

Wave Spawns
  • Cannon minions now alternate between Red and Blue Side (No canns on first wave)
  • Inhibitor respawn rate lowered from 300 seconds to 250 seconds
    • "This will maintain the 10 waves per inhib kill"

Gold Flow
  • Gold "Coin" flow rate increased form 3 to 5
  • Ambient gold increased from 5/5 to 5.5/5

  • Base damage increased from 25-100 to 40-115

Super Minions 
  • Base Armor decreased from 100 (+50% DR) to 60 (+37.75 DR)
  • Base Magic resistance increased from -30 (-23% DR) to 10 (+9% DR)
  • [New] OOC movespeed aura is disabled on champions after the Super Minion enters combat

Howling Abyss Items
  • Rod of Ages, Tear of the Goddess, Archangel's Staff, and Manamune
    •  have been replaces with their quick charging counterparts
  • Guardian's Hammer
    • AD increased from 15 to 20
  • Guardians's Horn
    • Health increased from 150 to 200
  • Guardian's Orb
    • Health increased from 150 to 200

Context & Notes

Contextimania is running wild on WIP brother.

1) ManWolfAxeBoss on ARAM changes in today's update:

2) Riot Exgeniar with details on upcoming 7.10 Riven changes, -".
"7.10 Riven - More Deterministic, Less Random 
Calling die hard Riven mains everywhere, 
Coming soon to the PBE for testing is a set of changes to Riven slated for 7.10. These sets of changes are meant to embrace her animation cancelling, and make them more consistent, and at the same time let's us do some house cleaning on her. Since Riven’s scripts are more on the intricate side, we are looking for feedback about these changes. 
Before the hurling of pitchforks, please note. Excluding emote inputs, we are NOT removing any combos, and are more so embracing the animation cancelling aspect of Riven. If there are any removed combos, please let us know! 
Change 1: Q Animation Canceling more consistent in 5/3
Juicy technical details on Riven’s Q animation cancelling: 
Q has a min lockout time of 0.4 seconds. If Riven is moving (before or after pressing Q), her animation is unlocked after an arbitrary delay based on server tick rate (0 - .25s). This timing is pretty much random. So your ability to animation cancel is more determined by your latency and luck. 
We are trying to make this no longer random, but deterministic - If you cancel your animation via moving, it will reliably cancel your animation. 
Change 2: Emotes no longer cancels animations NOT FULLY IN 5/3
And are locked out during Q W and E. 
  • With the changes above, we don’t need this anymore. No more hiding and breaking of spell animations. 
Change 3: Q spell buffering internal cleanup 
(Buffering and targeting better calculates the location of a target in the case of high latency) 
  • Cleaning up old scripts so that the 0.4 cast time of the Q is more exactly 0.4 seconds every time.
  • The targeting change might not be noticeable, but the visual indicator of a targeted cast will guarantee a targeted cast of Q. 
Change 4: E can be buffered during Q in 5/2
  • If you press QE really fast, your E didn’t queue up previously. Now it does. No more dropped commands. Sorry, it wasn’t lag’s fault... 
Change 5: P, Q and R buff icons now appear in their spell slots 
 in 5/2
  • House cleaning."

3) Video previews for Brolaf and Headhunter Rengar Chroma are now up.


Check out [THIS PAGEfor a comprehensive list of the new content & changes currently on the PBE as a part of this cycle or catch up with the individual update links below !

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