This Week In Esports [April 12th - April 24th]

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With MSI 2017 starting up on April 28th, we're back with This Week in Esports!
[Warning: This post contains event spoilers!]

Continue reading for current LCS & regional standings, team & player news, and more!

Final Standings:

The brackets and standings below are up to date as of Wednesday, April 26th and, as always, VODs can be found here and check out the various links to see advanced scheduling for the various regional leagues!


    • Both teams keeping their spot:
      1. Team Liquid
      2. Team Envy
    • Top 3
      1. TSM
      2. Cloud9
      3. Phoenix1


    • Promoted Teams:
      • Misfits Academy
      • Fnatic Academy
      • Top 2 - Group A
        1. G2 Esports
        2. Misfits
      • Top 2 - Group B
        1. Unicorns of Love
        2. H2K

    [Korea] LCK:

        • Top 3
          1. SK Telecom T1
          2. Sammsung Galaxy
          3. kt Rolster

      [China] LPL:

        • Group A Top 2
          • Royal Never Give Up
          • OMG
        • Group B Top 2
          • Team WE
          • Edward Gaming
        • Promoted Teams
          1. LGD Gaming
          2. DAN Gaming

      [TW/HK/MO] LMS: 

          • Top 3
            1. Flash Wolves
            2. ahq e-Sports Club
            3. J Team
          • Promoted Teams
            • WAYI SPIDER
            • Raise Gaming

        [BRAZIL] CBLOL: 

            MSI Qualified Teams:

            MSI 2017 begins in four days; here's a look at the qualified teams for each region:
            • NA LCS - Team SoloMid
            • EU LCS - G2 Esports
            • LMS -  Flash Wolves
            • TCL - Super Massive Esports
            • LCK - SK Telecom T1
            • OPL - Dire Wolves
            • GPL - Marines Esports
            • LLN - Lyon Gaming
            • LCL -
            • CLS - Isurus Gaming
            • CBLOL - RED Canids
            • LJL - Rampage
            • LPL - [Finals happen 4/29, RNG vs. WE]

            For full details on MSI 2017 and how the Play-in and Group stages will work, as well as a full schedule, check out our post, or the links below:
            You can also check out this video for a quick rundown:

            Team, Player, Event & Organization News

            Riot & LCS:

            "TL;DR: Over the course of the investigation into the allegations made by players of Tainted Minds, we have interviewed players, team ownership, current and former team staff and Rioters, as well as reviewed written correspondence between all involved. 
            In conjunction with Riot Oceania, we have found Tainted Minds to be in violation of certain contractual obligations when it came to their pro players, coach and manager—specifically not making payments in the timeframe required within League rules and not providing hardware as specified within contracts with the team’s manager and coach. 
            These contractual failings mean that Tainted Minds is subject to a fine of $7,000 AUD.
            Due to the fact that Tainted Minds made efforts in good faith to correct ongoing issues based upon player feedback and otherwise fulfilled obligations, we won’t be expelling them from the OPL. We expect the organization to make a concerted effort to improve in these areas. We will be placing the org on competitive probation for a period of 6 months, during which time any further rulings regarding any material contractual violations with players or other team staff will result in expulsion from the OPL. 
            As of April 4, 2017, none of the players in question or the former coach are listed in the Global Contract Database as a member of Tainted Minds."
            "TL;DR: As part of a Riot investigation, it was discovered that Origen’s management had not signed compliant employment contracts with their Head Coach and the players on their substitute roster. Additionally, Origen had failed to set up a remuneration structure which is compliant with the Team Participation Agreement for all of their team members. These issues have now been resolved by Origen. For their prior non-compliance with the contract terms of the Team Participation Agreement, Origen will be fined 10,000€."

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