PBE Previews: Conqueror Karma, Cosmic Blade Master Yi, and Rakan & Xayah + release skins!

Posted on at 11:03 AM by Moobeat
Three new PBE previews are going out on social media showcasing upcoming Conqueror Karma and Cosmic Blade Master Yi skin, previews of our new champion duo and their release skins, and more!
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PBE Preview #1

The short PBE preview video shows off an upcoming Conqueror Karma skin:

LoL Esports tweeted out that Conqueror Karma will contribute to the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational prize pool.

PBE Preview #2

Next we have a preview showing gameplay of the new champions, Rakan and Xayah!


Full splash art:

PBE Preview #3

A final preview was released for the new champions' release skins, as well as a new Cosmic Blade Master Yi skin:



Look for more on these upcoming skins in our 7.8 PBE cycle coverage.

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