God Fist Lee Sin now Available

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"Only the best will be legends." - The legendary tier God Fist Lee Sin is now available for purchase. New summoner icons, ward skin, and temporary bundle also up in the shop.
Continue reading for the godly details on his new look!

Table of Contents

Release Announcement

From the release announcement - "Trials of the God Fist"

He remembered his first ascent perfectly, although he was just a boy when he first reached the mythical peak in search of the God Fist. 
But the God Fist deemed him unworthy of any training and told the boy that he must first defeat each master in each school. Once he had done so, the boy could fight the God Fist. 
The boy was a young man when he returned, although the God Fist looked the same as he had before. The young man had completed his impossible task: he had spent his years fighting and had bested each master in each school. 
But the God Fist remained unimpressed by the young man’s incredible feats. “You must do it again,” said the God Fist, “and this time, you must be blindfolded. As long as you need mortal sight, you will be no challenge.” 
The young man protested, but the God Fist said no more.
 God Fist Lee Sin - 1820 RP
The young man was now full-grown. His third climb was effortless, even with the now-faded blindfold wrapped over his eyes. 
The God Fist looked the same as he had before, although now he stood as the man approached. His eyes glowed as he turned to face him. 
At last,” sighed the God Fist, “a worthy challenge.

Wards and Icons

God Fist Bundle

Skin Preview

God Fist Lee Sin

1820 RP

As a legendary tier skin, God Fist Lee Sin also has a unique voiceover including it's own special interactions. [Click here for full 15+ minutes voiceover!]

Non-English VOs:

New Ward Skin

To go with God Fist Lee Sin, we also have a new God Fist Ward skin:

God Fist Ward

640 RP

Ward-hopping to the God Fist Ward, while using God Fist Lee Sin, will also trigger a special ward sound.

New Summoner Icons

Two new God Fist Lee Sin themed summoner icons are also releasing along side the new skin - both are available for 1500 IP each while the God Fist icon is up for 1500 IP through the 10th.

New God Fist Lee Sin Login Theme

In tribute to his greatness, this cycle also includes a God Fist Lee Sin login theme!

Pre-release Teaser

Prior release, God Fist Lee Sin was teased on social media:

"Immortal sight cannot be obscured."


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