Out of the Toy Box - New Skins & Chroma now available!

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"You can't milk those!" - The new Moo Cow Alistar, Super Kennen, Pug'Maw, and Renektoy skins are now available! New chroma for Moo Cow Alistar, Dino Gnar, Meowkai, and Surprise Party Amumu are also available, as well a few limited time bundles and the legacy Draven Draven skin!
Continue reading for more information and previews, including new skins and chroma!

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Release Announcement

From the official release announcement - "Out of the Toy Box" -


Hurry, hurry, lift the lid,
Let’s go play without that kid,
Scamper ‘round and horse about,
Before ol’ Pug’Maw finds us out! 
Hurry, hurry, get his ball,
Bounce it up and down the hall,
Time is short, there is no doubt,
That ol’ Pug’Maw will find out! 
Hurry, hurry, grab your things,
Don’t wait for his slobb’ry sting,
Back inside the box — don’t pout,
That ol’ Pug’Maw found us out!
Toy Box 2017
975 RP 
Condition: Mint
Product Details: 
  • Hit that cowbell as many times as you like
  • Moooove on back to base — but first, a bowl of milk for Meowkai’s saplings
  • Still can’t milk those, though

750 RP
Condition: Mint
Product Details: 
  • “R” triggers a dark blue, spinning vortex
  • Building blocks disassemble upon death
  • Disclaimer: Item ships with anger issues

750 RP
Condition: Mint
Product Details: 
  • Shockingly white hair and electric blue super suit
  • Zap ‘em all with lightning bolt particle effects
  • Not bathtub safe

975 RP 
Age: Unknown
Vaccinations: None
Children: Not recommended
Conditions: Corrosive Spittle Disorder, Insatiable Hunger
Draven Draven - 500 RP
Available from 3/30/17 11:00 PT - 4/3/17 23:59 PT 
Condition: Ridiculously Perfect
Product Details (approved by Draven): 
  • Relive Draven Day with the biggest, baddest, bestest skin
  • Don’t forget handsomest 
  • Only 500 RP — that’s 90% off the true price! Thanks, Draven.

Chroma - 290 RP Each
Moo Cow Alistar

Dino Gnar


Surprise Party Amumu
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New Champion Skins

Four comical new skins are now available for purchase - Moo Cow Alistar, Super Kennen, Pug'Maw, and Renektoy.

Moo Cow Alistar

975 RP
[Unique dance animation - more cowbell! GIF]


975 RP

Super Kennen

750 RP


750 RP

Returning Legacy Skin - Draven Draven

Following 2016's DRAVEN DAY, the big headed and legacy Draven Draven skin is available for 500 RP through April 3rd!

Draven Draven

500 RP

New Skin Chroma

Several new skin chroma are also available, including a set for the new Moo Cow Alistar skin!

Moo Cow Alistar




Dino Gnar

[Sapphire 1/2, Rose Quartz 1/2, Catseye 1/2, Pearl 1/2, Astral 1/2, Peridot 1/2, Aquamarine 1/2, Amethyst 1/2]

Surprise Party Amumu


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