Red Post Collection: March 2nd Mid Patch Update, Meddler w/ Gameplay Thoughts, Nexus Site Updates, & more

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Tonight's red post collection includes the March 2nd mid patch update, Meddler with another set of gameplay thoughts including details on Lucian's PBE changes, Rumtumtummers with on upcoming Nexus site updates, a new pocket picks on Froggen's Anivia, and more!
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March 2nd Mid-Patch Update 

The official 7.4 patch notes have been updated with a mid patch update that went out to fix issues with the Meditation mastery and minion pathing.
Minion pathing
  • BUGFIX - Fixed a bug causing minions to occasionally get confused while pathing inside the enemy base if one of the nexus turrets has been destroyed 
  • BUGFIX - Fixed a bug where Meditation was granting more mana regeneration than intended"

Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 2nd 

Meddler has jumped back on the boards to share his quick gameplay thoughts for March 3rd, including a look at the current PBE changes for Lucian, SGU audio fixes, and more!
"Hi folks, 
Usual deal, bunch of things we're thinking about right now below. As usual, this isn't a comprehensive 'everything going on' list, just stuff good to talk about today. 
Click to hit spells and FoW 
Our intent for single target, click to hit spells is that when they're cast they reveal the caster if they're in FoW/brush. That gives a bit of extra counterplay (against the champion, not necessarily the spell itself) to those abilities and improves clarity of what's going on at the same time. We've got a fix for Jhin Q in the next patch that makes it so that he is now correctly revealed on cast as a result. Mentioning this in particular since if anyone's aware of any other similar spells that don't have that reveal attached a mention of them would be much appreciated so we can give them a look, see if they should. 
Lucian Changes on PBE 
Figured it would be good to touch on these briefly since I don't know if the exact details have been datamined properly. We've got some buffs in for Lucian that target his cast times and consistency of action chaining as follows: 
  • Q cast time now scales from 0.4s down to 0.25s by Lucian's level (was 0.35 flat previously) 
  • W cast time is now 0.25s, LoL's standard/default cast time, rather than 0.35 
  • Post cast lock on both Q and W should now be able to be consistently overridden by other actions (attacks, movement, spell casts) rather than sometimes requiring multiple clicks on a target, clicking to move then clicking to attack etc.  
Players reported for differences in playstyle versus their team 
Linking this post from WookieCookie yesterday for anyone interested that didn't see it. Short version is that our rules and approach around how trade offs between unusual/experimental gameplay and team interaction get handled need refinement. We'll be looking at that internally next week, hopefully be able to bounce some ideas off you folks soonish after.
Spirit Guard Udyr Audio Fixes 
We've got some fixes for some broken (not playing) audio lines on SGU. Not sure if those made the upcoming patch or if they'll be in the one after, yesterday was lock day for 7.5 and uncertain if they made it into before the lock or not. Looking back through Udyr's file history it looks like this is an issue that's cropped up multiple times for him. Along with making it so the lines play as they should we're also looking at a better structured way to call those lines in the first place so this doesn't happen again."

As for his unfortunate naming of the post as "March 3" when it was posted on March 2nd, he noted:
Isn't today the 2nd of March? :o
Well, looks like I'm bad at numbers as well as words early morning. I can't edit that thread title alas so I guess we'll be stuck with that today."

When asked about a hotfix for the Meditation mastery, Meddler noted:
"We're working on a hotfix at the moment. Not sure on exact timing yet, but pushing to get it out as soon as we can. 
Edit: Context for anyone confused now that the original post's been removed by its poster - a bug that can be exploited for meaningful power."

On the 7.4 Aatrox changes using a particle similar to Guardian Angel, Meddler commented:
Will Aatrox have a new animation for his passive ?? blood rush, actualy it's the Guardian angel animation .....
We used the GA visual effects because they made it really clear when Aatrox was/wasn't able to revive since we're used to seeing them associated with the same functionality on GA. Imagine we'll take a look at doing a somewhat customized version whenever we do a larger Aatrox update if the update still has a revive on the kit."
Meddler continued:
Wait...but he already has revive animation where he falls onto his knee and starts to regenerate health, no??? 
The animations while he's reviving should be the same. The visual effects that he has the revive available (while he's running around, hitting stuff etc) are what looks like GA."

On the 7.4 Aatrox changes as whole, Meddler reminded:
Quick Question: is that Aatrox mini-rework set in stone yet? I feel as though not many people approve of it and I personally feel as though you guys are wasting a lot of creation potential that his vague lore provides. Simply cutting him up as another re-hashed demon-warrior feels like another unfinished job where he'll be left alone for another several years, which is something I'm worried about
The patch the current Aatrox changes are in got locked yesterday (we can't make any more gameplay changes to it). Intent with it however wasn't 'this'll put Aatrox in a good spot where we can leave him' but 'this will put Aatrox in a less bad spot until we can update him properly'. That larger update, whenever it happens, will definitely look to do things like better incorporate his lore, make him more distinct from other similar champs etc."
Meddler  continued:
"The Aatrox balance changes will be in next week's patch, yes. 
Morde's fairly high priority for a full update, there are others that will definitely be out before him though (e.g. Galio, Urgot, Evelynn) and some others around the same potential level of priority (e.g. Nunu). A full update would include a new model certainly."

As for follow up on the 7.4 Cho'Gath R changes, Meddler  commented:
Any followup for the Cho'gath changes? His winrate still remains amoung the bottom. The nerfs to ap ratio and hp towards the end of the pbe cycle seemed excessive and he still needs a faster cast time on his spells.
I believe we'll be looking at him in 7.6, not sure what yet though."
Following his last comments how Quinn, Pantheon, and Jayce are doing, Meddler commented:
Now that you've been able to obtain some good hard data on how strong Quinn, Talon, etc. are with Lethality being nerfed, what does the team think of their current strength? Have you decided that nerfs might still be necessary, or have you come to the conclusion that they're in a good spot now (again)?
Still assessing. Quinn looks like most likely to still be out of line, Panth, Talon less so. Jayce unclear."
As for a similar audio issue on Karthus, Ququroon noted:
Meddler, could it be possible to look into the Karthus audio bug that is very similar to Spirit Guard Udyr's taunts? All special lines for Karthus (items purchased, first movement of the game, ward placement) are mute, and he only speaks his movement, spell and autoattack quotes. It's been happening for three patches now, and it'd be really nice if you looked into it.
Thank you SO much for these gameplay thought posts!
Looking into it! 
Edit: Pretty sure I found the issue. Thanks for the report! "
When asked why Master Yi's win rate has jumped in 7.4, Meddler noted:
Any theories as to why Master Yi's winrate jumped this patch?
Nothing concrete yet, though we're also seeing Udyr's win rate spike up noticeably on sample sizes big enough they should be meaningful. Potentially same indirect cause (meta shift/changes to other champions?)."

An Update on the Nexus 

Instead of an Ask Riot for the week, Rumtumtummers posted an update on Riot's NEXUS site including a few new features and languages that will be hitting the page soon!
"It’s been about five months since we launched Nexus, and in true Riot form, we’re Still In Beta. Since there’s no Ask Riot this week (most of the folks who typically answer Ask Riot stuff are off at GDC), now seemed like a good time for a brief update on what we’re up to and where we’re headed.  
So. Let’s just dive into it, yeah?  
We stuck the beta tag on Nexus at launch to indicate what you were seeing then wasn’t the final version of what we intended to make. Most of the work done since then was on building the backend (at launch, Nexus posts were hard-coded—now we actually have a CMS), but we’ve also shipped a number of small quality-of-life updates.  
Stuff like: 
  • Category filtering! 
  • Ask Riot moved to Nexus! 
  • Any-region commenting (SHOULD BE WORKING I HOPE) 
Over the next few weeks, we’ll be implementing the last few features, ending with what we lovingly refer to as “Nexus 2.0.” Here’s what to expect:   
  • Full Ask Riot integration (including the Ask page) 
  • A complete Ask Riot archive with every question ever asked 
  • Search! On a League of Legends website! 
  • RSS feed 
  • Some small stuff, like a progress bar on articles and minor visual changes  
These new elements will go live whenever they’re ready—it’s not a one-giant-update kind of thing. Once they’re all up and running, we’ll remove the beta tag (take that, Mac client!). 
One of the biggest bummers about the current iteration of Nexus is that it’s English-only. While the content still follows the normal localization pipeline at Riot and ends up published globally, only English-speaking regions have the full Nexus experience. We knew starting with English would be the fastest way to get going and test content, but it has always been our intention to bring Nexus to every region. 
Once 2.0’s features are live and functioning (which I expect/hope will be before the end of March), we’ll focus all of our efforts into getting Nexus localized and live in other regions. I’m not sure how long this will take, but it’s going to be the editorial team’s #1 priority. I do have to apologize here—we had intended this to begin much sooner but ran into some technical hurdles with the backend that slowed us down quite a bit. Hopefully we’ll be able to do the regional versions right and fast now that we’ve learned how to do it wrong and slow. 
That’s pretty much the gist. We’ll keep you posted as things change or don’t change, and Ask Riot will return to its regular Thursday time slot next week. Thanks for hanging out, and thanks for reading/watching/asking/commenting. And please, if there’s any type of content you’d like to see on Nexus, let us know. We can’t do this without you."

Pocket Picks: Froggen's Anivia

A new pocket picks is up, this time focusing on Froggen's Anivia pick! 

"Pocket Picks is a series where pro League of Legends players share tips and tricks to help you master their favorite champions. This episode features Echo Fox's mid laner Froggen showing you how to fly high and get the most of his Pocket Pick, Anivia. 
To learn how to pull off some Anivia tricks that Froggen's done over the years, head to"

LoL Esports - The Penta, Mic Check , and This or That

New episodes of the The Penta, Mic Check, and This or That as we kick off LCS week 6!

"Want the best plays from around the world? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, with this week’s latest episode of The Penta. This week, we’re jumping in the pit and counting down the best Baron steals of the season so far."

"Mic Check is here to take you behind the screens and give you an inside look at the players’ comms during your favorite games. This week, we take a look back at the series between CLG and TSM from week 3."

"Jatt and Kobe return for This or That, the show where the slides are made up and the points don’t matter. Each week they’ll be back with fresh slides (which they've never seen) and will argue whether it’s “This” or “That”."

Riot Intern: Daniel's Story

With intern applications for summer 2017 closing soon, Riot Support has tweeted out a video sharing Daniel's story as an intern at Riot:


To round out this red post collection, here are reminders on current promotions or limited time events!

  •  As mentioned in the 7.4 patch notesAll Random Ultra Rapid Fire (ARURF) is set to return to live in the RGMQ from 3/3/17 - 3/6/17.

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