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"I'm here. You're welcome."Following The Hour of Need, a new in-game teaser for Galio's upcoming large scope champion update is up - this time showing off his new appearance in-game!
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Galio: The Colossus | Champion Teaser 

UPDATE: The teaser is up on the official youtube now!

The second Galio champion update teaser includes a look at the significantly changed Galio base look as well as his updated skins and Gatekeeper Galio! The new Galio is seen throwing punches, uppercuts, wind blasts, and flying through the air to punish some unlucky Noxians. The video ends with brief previews of Galio's updated skins and notes the update will be available in patch 7.6!

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Additional Discussion

Following the teaser, several Rioters jumped on reddit, the boards, and social media to talk about the update!

When asked about Galio's new appearance,  Reav3 explained Galio is made of anti magic white marble:
I'm wondering, is the galio we've seen final aesthetic wise? I feel his base looks a bit ugly/not really gargoyley and more a sheet of marble
In the Demacian lore the Anti-magic stone they use is a white marble. He is made out of it! You can see a lot of it used in the Demacian architecture on the universe website."

When asked about the abilities shown off in the video and the lack of Galio's iconic AoE taunt, Reav3  commented it is still on the kit just isn't his R anymore:
Galio would have been completely viable with a few minor changes, and maybe a one-skill change overall. Like they did with MF last time they worked her over. 
It looks like they completely cut his ult, and that was the best part of his kit.
We didn't cut the ability, it's just not his ult anymore. We didn't show all of his abilities in that clip"
Reav3 added:
My one concern is that it doesn't seem his ult will return. That was an incredibly unique ult and I hope they bring it back on a champ.
We only showed 3 of his abilities in that..... 
Let's just say he still has a AOE Taunt....It's not his ult though :)"
Reav3 later added:
sooooo.... you can aoe taunt every time you W?
Yes, it works differently then the live Ult though. You will have to wait until tomorrow to see the rest of the kit details :)"

As for Galio's role and position in this update, Reav3 commented:
Will the idea behind him still be anti-mage tank or he will be a bruiser now?
He is a Anti-Mage Warden. Though he does like to buy some amount of AP usually."
Reav3 continued:
So, it looks like he is more of a tanky guy with cc instead of a mage now, right?
He's a Warden/Battle Mage. A bit of a hybrid leaning more heavily towards Warden"
Reav3 added:
Support? or Top? or Jungle?
Top/Mid most likely"

When asked about Galio's jump into the air and dive attack, Reav3  commented:
Correct me if I'm wrong, but one of his abilities just looks like a more powerful Pantheon ult where enemies in the landing zone are also CC'd.
It's different then Pantheon. He can only target Allies, like Shen. But the landing zone doesn't move with the ally moves after cast. The landing zone is created on the ally in cast and doesn't move"
On the range of R, he added:
"Fixed, but the range is very far"
and he added that it includes a shield and a knock up:
"Yes. With a shield like Shen ult, and a knockup"

Reav3 also commented on Galio lacking an ability to perch on top of towers:
I was really hoping he would be able to sit on top of towers like a gargoyle and snipe people.
We actually tried many iterations of this in early development. Turns out its actually not very fun to sit in one place. The enemy usually just walked away and then you would just hop down. 
It was one of those things that sounds WAY better on paper."

As for the ominous figure at the end, Reav3 reminded that is the legendary Gatekeeper Galio!
That last skin looks amazing!
It's Gatekeepr Galio, a Legendary skin. It has it's own unique VO as well!"

When asked about Galio's new voiceover, Cactopus noted:
"I think the title of that Facebook video sort of misrepresented him a bit. He's not gonna feel cocky in game. More joyful."

Josh Petersdorf has been confirmed to be the voice actor.


Look for Galio's champion update in the 7.6 PBE cycle. This update will be large scope and includes new visuals, updated kit, new voice over, and more, similar in scope to the larger Taric or Yorick updates in recent times.

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