Galio Update Ability Preview + Galio PBE Stream on 3/7

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[UPDATE: Full Galio reveal here!]

With Galio's large scope champion flying on to the PBE soon,  a new ability preview teaser is circulating on social media and a recent article on an upcoming PBE gameplay stream has revealed the new splash art for Gatekeeper Galio!
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Galio Update Ability Teaser

Our third Galio update teaser video is a social media preview for Galio's new gameplay and abilities, including a first look at his iconic AoE taunt that was not seen in the last teaser.

Originally posted on the LoL twitter.

Youtube Mirror:

Galio's new base splash art can be seen in the teaser:

Galio PBE stream on 3/7 and Gatekeeper Galio splash

An announcement regarding an upcoming Galio PBE stream is also out, including the first look at Gatekeeper Galio's brand new splash art!

Full announcement:
"Join Galio’s update designer Solcrushed at 22:00 GMT for Q&A and a live PBE demo of Galio’s updated gameplay. If you’re here a bit early, leave your questions in the comments below so we can answer them on stream!


Look for more information as the 7.6 cycle hits the PBE later this week!

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