Chroma for IP Sale 3/22 - 4/5

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Now through April 5th, ten different sets of Chroma released in the last six months are be available for purchase for 2000 IP each as part of our second Chroma for IP sale!
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Sale Announcement

From the sale announcement:
"Heads up! The first chroma IP sale of the year is coming from 3/22/2017 11:00 PT until 4/5/2017 23:59 PTAs we mentioned when Chromas 1.1 launched, IP sales roll out for new chromas five months or more after launch.  UPDATE: After their first IP sale, chromas will return every other IP sale (this means chromas from last year’s sale will return after this one).
Snag your favorites for 2000 IP per chroma. Chromas that are overdue for an Early Sale will also be available for 195 RP each. Check out the breakdown below. We’ll smooth out this process so that moving forward, chromas will join Early Sales first and then have an IP sale."

More information can be found on Riot Support's Chroma FAQ page.

Chroma on Sale

Ten Sets of chroma are now on sale for IP! Each chroma are available for 2000 IP, and certain chroma who have not yet been in an early sale will also be available for 195 RP each.

High Noon Yasuo

2000 IP Each

Shockblade Zed

2000 IP Each

Arcade Miss Fortune

2000 IP Each

Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao

2000 IP Each

Cottontail Teemo

2000 IP Each

Debonair Ezreal

2000 IP / 195 RP Each

Mecha Malphite

2000 IP / 195 RP Each

Battle Bunny Riven

2000 IP / 195 RP Each

Lunar Goddess Diana

2000 IP / 195 RP Each
 Ruby / Pearl / Aquamarine / Turquoise / Amethyst / Peridot / Obsidian

Dunkmaster Darius

2000 IP / 195 RP Each

More information can be found on Riot Support's Chroma FAQ. These sales occur about twice a year.

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