Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun | Champion Teaser

Posted on at 11:07 AM by Moobeat
Following Engineering the Nightmare , we have a video teaser for Warwick's larger scope champion update - check out Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun.

"In Zaun’s Gray-filled streets, the criminal underworld is hunted by an engineered beast."
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Here's a small gallery of screen shots taken from the video: 

While confirmed to not be his splash art, here's a 1920 x 1080 of the Warwick picture used as a thumbnail / in the news timeline, revealing his enhancements:

ZenonTheStoic tweeted CertainlyT is the gameplay designer on Warwick's update.


Look for more on the Warwick champion update soon! The 7.2 PBE cycle starts later this week.

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