Blood Moon Teaser

Posted on at 2:50 PM by Moobeat
"Blood in the heavens. Blood on the earth." A new Blood Moon themed teaser on Riot's social media!
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The image caption reads: "Blood in the heavens. Blood on the earth."
Official English Source(s):

The teaser originally debuted on various regional LoL FB:

The assumption would be this is a new skin in the popular Blood Moon skin line and the gun that resembles that of Jhin. Look for more on what this is teasing soon! The 7.3 PBE cycle starts next week.

UPDATE 1/23: Teaser for Blood Moon Jhin, Diana, Talon, and Twisted Fate

In case you missed it, 7.2 PBE cycle also included assets for a Blood Moon ward skin but it was never fully implemented.

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