Red Post Collection: Camille Dev podcast, E. Lux Border/Icon Ending Soon, Diana/Galio price reduction, & more!

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Tonight's red post collection includes a reminder on Elementalist Lux's limited time border and icon, a new League Podcast on Camille's development, a fan artist feature on Skyzocat, a look at the moments and memories from 2016 All-Star Event, a reminder on Diana & Galio's price reduction, & more!
Continue reading for more information & reminders on various promotions that are ending soon!

Table of Contents

Timing running out to get Elementalist Lux special border + Icon 

Time is running out to snag the limited edition Elemental origin loading screen border & Elementalist summoner icon - these two cosmetics are only available by purchasing the ultimate tier Elementalist Lux skin before the end of the day (PT time) on December 13th!
"The time to pick up the Elemental Origin border and Elementalist Icon is almost up. From now until December 13, 2016 at 23:59 PT, buying Elementalist Lux or her Master Elementalist Edition unlocks the Elementalist Icon and Elemental Origin border. After that, the border will no longer be available (unless you draw it directly onto your screen, but we don’t recommend that).
Check it out below."
More information & previews for Elementalist Lux available [here].

League Podcast: Inside Camille Development

With Camille now available on live, we have a brand new League Podcast with Jag, Thermal Kitten, and Hdot, discussing out latest champion!
"Welcome to the latest League Podcast, a series in which we take you behind-the-scenes with the people who help make League possible. Expect new guests and new stories every couple of weeks or so, and make sure to hit us with those comments and ratings so we can keep striving toward a Challenger-tier podcast. 
This week, designer Jeevun “Riot Jag” Sidhu, writer Ariel “Thermal Kitten” Lawrence, and artist Hing “Hdot” share the behind-the-scenes story on the development of Camille."

Fan Artist Feature: Skyzocat

Next up we have a fan artist feature on French artist Skyzocat!
"Skyzocat is a French artist studying both 3D and 2D art. She makes beautiful, detailed fan art for League as well as other games. She recently answered some of our questions about her creative process, influences, and more. 
Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us. Can you introduce yourself and how you got into art, or when you decided to get serious about artwork? 
Hello everyone! And thank you for interviewing me, it's a great honor! 
My name is Marie aka Skyzocat and I'm French! I currently live near Paris. I've been drawing since a very young age (like a lot of artists) because I wanted to be like my older sister and I just loved Disney animated movies. So I spent entire days copying my favorite characters while singing the songs ahah. 
During my high school years, I kinda stopped and began a literature degree. So I went serious about art just 5 years ago, when I decided to drop literature and go to art school. 
What do you play in League? Favorite champs or roles? How did you get into League? 
In League, I main support and I'm particularly fond of Lulu! I own all of her skins and play her almost every time! (changing other players into pink squirrels is my passion...) 
The others I like are Leona, Bard, Braum, Sona and Lux. But the first champ I ever played was Morgana, who I still really like (but my cages aren't that great sooo....). 
Sometimes I also play mid. 
I got into League 5 years ago because of my brother and his friends. They said "come on, try it, we can play together, it's fun!" At first I didn't understand anything… I used all my spells on minions and ran under towers alone. But he was a great teacher, and now I'm not that bad anymore! 
Very early, I felt in love with the characters, but it's only with the release of Diana that I felt like I wanted to do a proper fan art for it. It was very well received and it encouraged me to go on, as a fan artist and also as an artist. League has a very special place in my artististic growth and heart :) 
Are you studying art? What would you like to pursue full-time? 
Since July I’ve been in a game art school to learn 3D and a little bit of 2D art for games. So right now I'm currently doing my final year internship as a concept artist for Ubisoft, until December. After that, I would like to be an illustrator/concept artist and work as a freelancer or in a studio. 
What made you start working in digital art? Do you remember any early pieces, and can you speak to how your work has evolved since then? 
I think I began digital art because a lot of the artists I admired were working this way. I also liked the way it was flexible: you can erase, modify. Nothing is set in stone with digital art; you can always come back on something you weren't satisfied with. It also was a way for me to begin with more ambitious pieces of work, to consider doing real illustrations and not only "doodles" in my sketchbook. 
For a little side by side, we can compare those two fanarts ! (if you want to see older stuff, there are tons of them on my DeviantArt) 
My first participation to a fan art contest in season 3, and a more recent piece: 
Getting better is an everyday challenge but, for me, in art you never stop learning and that's why it's wonderful! 
Do you have any particular artistic influences that come to mind? 
I have many artists that I look up to, too many in fact to name them all! But in a more general overview, I'm very inspired by Asian culture (yokai, samurai, Chinese folklore, etc.) and artists. In fact, I grew up reading mangas and watching anime films like Ghibli's; I have a strange fascination for all of this. I also love high and dark fantasy. I am a total fan of The Lord of the Rings! And that's also why I love mangas like Berserk or anime like Vampire Hunter D, because they mix dark fantasy and Japanese art in a very great way. I also love the Victorian era and macabre things, in a more gothic/western way. I also look at various painters from the past and present illustrators/concept artists. 
What tools do you use? 
I use Photoshop CC with a Wacom tablet: Intuos Pro medium. When I draw in my sketchbook I like to use a color pencil or a lead pencil; it's softer, and I'm used to it. 
Can you walk us through your process? From inspiration to final touches? 
Humm, my process is kind of a mess sometimes, but I'm trying to improve it! My ideal process for now is this: 
Often I begin with thumbnailing: making tiny little rectangles on a page and try out compositions/value plans. 
Once I choose one, I copy it on my real size canvas and begin to clean it with a lineart, watching some references at the same time. At this stage, you can also do some studies if you need to. This is the more painful stage for me, because you have to draw everything correctly, checking things all the time. 
Once I have this, I begin to establish my values in black and white. Once everything is done, I add colors on top with layer modes and begin to paint/render things for real. 
How do you get better at your craft? Tutorials or writing communities or articles? What advice would you give someone who is aspiring to create artwork like this? 
Often, I just practice while focusing on something I want to get better at. Master studies, as well as life drawing, are the most useful though, in order to understand how things work in my opinion. 
I also read everything I find interesting online and I had some books that helped me a lot ("Color and Light" by James Gurney, “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud). I watch some videos like tutorials or podcasts (Proko's channel is really cool for fundamentals and Level up podcasts are great overall, the early ones with critique on paintings made by members were amazing). Some motivational videos can also help a lot when you feel bad, I personally love the ones by Bobby Chiu about artist's struggles. 
Having a bunch of digital painter friends with whom you can share all of this, between two games, is great too! And never be too afraid to share your work . 
But yeah, overall, just be curious and draw as much as you can on every subject. 
Thanks again not only for this interview, but for contributing to this amazing community. Do you have a site with your work, or a Twitch channel, or any other way for us to keep up with you? 
You're more than welcome! I have several websites that you can check! 
The most serious ones, that I use to post finished works:
  • Artstation:
  • Deviantart:
  • The ones where I post also little doodles and updates:
  • Tumblr:
  • Twitter:
I hope to see you there! 
Anything else you’d like to say to anyone reading? 
First of all, if you arrived here, thank you for reading through all of this! I hope this wasn't too boring and I'm particularly happy to have the chance to share this with you! If you draw I wish you all the best :) 
See you soon on Summoner’s Rift!"
Find more from Skyzocat on the [League Fan Art Showcase]

Camille Release Day Stream ft Voyboy, Cactopus, NickWu

Voyboy, NickWu, Riot Jag, and Cactopus all jumped on the League of Legends twitch channel to stream release day Camille games and answer questions from chat!


FIGHT - Trailer | League of Legends Documentary

Here's the trailer for FIGHT, an upcoming LoL Documentary.

"In Muay Thai, League, and life - you have to fight. Especially when there’s a championship on the line.
Live/Play - a global mini-series that goes into and beyond League of Legends, seeking out stories of individual players and local communities and how they interact in unique and personal ways.: 
Legends Rising - what does it take to be a League pro? This series chronicles the lives of top tier players both in and out of the esports arena: 
More League of Legends and the latest videos:"

2016 All Star Moments and Memories

With the 2016 All-Star Event wrapped up and Team ICE crowned the victor, here's a look back at the moments and memories from this weekends event.

Final results and standings for 2016 ASE can be found [here].

Be sure to check out the special 2016 ASE closing ceremony featuring Pentakill!

/ALL Chat: Solo/Duo Queue is back!

/ALL Chat is back with a new Baron Pit discussion on Solo/Duo queue at start of the season!

"The Baron Pit is ALL Chat’s discussion segment where we roundtable a question and then kick it to you for your opinions. This episode’s question: how will you dominate Solo/Duo queue next season? 
Solo/Duo ranked queues are back and we want to know how you’re going to tackle the season climb to gold and beyond! Will you OP the hell out of mid lane like Josh? Are you swapping to something more impactful in a solo sense like Sam? How will you destroy your opponents in everyone’s favorite queue?"

Diana and Galio Price Reduction

With Camille's release, both Diana and Galio have received a permanent price reduction.
  • Diana lowered to 880 RP / 4800 IP from 975 RP / 6300 IP.
  • Galio lowered to 790 RP / 3150 IP from 880 RP / 4800 IP.

Quick Hits: IEM Gyeonggi, Riven Bug, & more

[Quick hits is our own mini news collection inside a red post collection, often including shorter or easy to digest stories and repeat information you may have missed in other posts!]

  • IEM Gyenggi starts on December 13th! This international event includes the following teams:  ImmortalsTeam LiquidGiants GamingVega SquadronDark PassageKongdoo MonsterJ TeamSamsung Galaxy! Check out the IEM website or the [Countdown to IEM Gyeonggi] article on LoL Esports for more information.
"IEM Season 11 continues in Goyang, South Korea with its second event. Eight international League of Legends teams will do battle starting on Tuesday, December 13 (PST)."

  • When asked if Ascension will run for two weeks when it returns, Riot Stephiroth took the opportunity to explain the upcoming stretch of four weeks of LotPK in the RGMQ:
"It will be for 2 weeks in a row, like our previous runs of modes have been (excluding Nexus Siege)  
This run of Poro King is actually an exception, and we wouldn't normally run a mode like this 4 times in a row (and yes, it'll actually be 4, not 3 like the picture indicates); However, we have a few reasons for doing this:
  • Due to getting all of the modes into the New Client, we are slowing down our cadence (hence the 2 weeks per mode) 
  • Poro King has been updated with some new gameplay that we think will give a fresh experience. It would've likely been run for 2 weeks regardless. 
  • Due to the Holiday, we chose to run this mode longer than we normally would. In the past, Poro King has always been active for the entire Winter Holiday, which we wanted to uphold. It used to be on for 2 weeks (14 days) straight with no off-period in between, however this season it will be run according to the RGM schedule, but for 4 weekends in a row. On top of that, League in general usually experiences a slow-down in new features in a patch during the Holiday season either way, so this made the most sense to us ^^; 
I don't think this answer will make you happy, but these are our reasons."


    To round out tonight's red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!

    • Piltover summoner icon available for FREE through December 13th!  Just visit the the Piltover page (be sure to be on your correct region - url or switch in upper right)!

    • 2017 Season Kickoff Sale is live through  December 13th! This sale includes 2 for 1 rune pages, 50% off IP/XP boosts, 50% off RP name change, and a multitude of bundles.

    • Purchase Elementalist Lux before the end of the day on December 13th to received the exclusive Elemental Origin loading screen border and summoner icon.
    • 2016 All-Star in-game content such as summoner icons, ward skin, and more are available through December 14th!  A general 2016 ASE Icon is in shop for 1 IP as well!

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