Elementalist Lux Teaser

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[UPDATE 11/7 - Second set of Elementlist Lux teasers out, including in-game footage!]

Four teasers for Elementalist Lux have popped up on Riot's social media!
Continue reading for more information!

There are a total of FOUR different teaser videos, each showing a different type of element - Fire, Water, Darkness, and Light. These are scattered across various regional LoL facebook and twitter pages.

The English caption reads:
"Light through a prism takes many forms - and more remain unseen."


Source - FB: [US]


Source - FB: [Brazil / Latin America / Japan / Korea]


Source - FB: [Germany / Greece / France / Italy / Spain]


Source - FB: [Singapore & Malaysia / Taiwan / Thailand / Vietnam]

The end of each video shows a quadrant of a larger picture with Lux's face in the back ground. If you line them all up side by side, you get a full circle and symbol composed of the four elements.

and here is a youtube mirror of all the videos together in one place:

As you likely saw, an erroneous PBE shop entry last month revealed that Elementalist Lux will be our next Ultimate tier (3250 RP) skin. Look for more information  to light up soon!

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