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Following last week's four elements teasers, a second teaser is out including two video previews showing off more on the upcoming ultimate tier (3250 RP) Elementalist Lux and her TEN different forms!
Continue reading for more information, including explanation on how her transformations works and more!

We currently have TWO Elementalist Lux teaser videos - one showing the skin and all the forms and the other (while not in English yet) briefly showing how the transformations work in game.

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Elementalist Lux Forms Video

The first video shows all TEN of Elementalist Lux's potential forms - adding six more on to the Fire, Water, Light, and Darkness forms we saw in the first teaser.

Source for main video - LoL Twitter / LoL FB / LoL Instagram

Here's a 3rd party youtube mirror:


Transformation Preview

A second video also went out demonstrating how the transformations work - you will use a new resource exclusive to the skin to build "elemental power" to change forms. You'll start as Light form then choose an element.  Then  later you'll earn more EP and choose another form (can't pick same twice) - which combines with the first to make something new. You'll be able to choose only twice per game, you can also choose not to pick an element. You can see the new UI element in the video.
"Elementalist Lux"
"Collect Elemental power to master an element"
"Unlock your Elemental form"
"Collect additional power to master a second element"
"Combine both elements to unlock a final transformation"

Source for explanation video - LoL Twitter / LoL Instagram - Other languages - Spanish / Turkish / French / Latin American Spanish

Here's a mirror for the evolving video:


More Information

Here's a bit more information on our upcoming Ultimate skin:

  • RoboLion's on how you choose which form to be - you'll start as light and only transform twice through the game based on which elements you pick:
="Only two changes through the course of the game and it cannot be done during cast or effectively weaved between casts. Hopefully that will be sufficient but I'm keeping my eyes on clarity issues." - src
= "Each transformation is gated by collecting stuff and you get two throughout the game (the second is a combining of your two choices). 
So each game you have the potential to see any of the 10, but at most you will see 3 based on the choices the Lux player made. They can also choose not to transform." - src
= "You choose. You'll start as Light and the first choice will be Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. The second choice (can't pick the same thing twice) combines with the first to create something new."  - src
= "If you click the X at the center of the dial it closes and you don't change forms (can pull it back up later). 
If you're happy with the base or the four primary elements that is totally ok! We put a lot of effort into all 10!" - src

  • On the elemental power it takes to switch forms - "You now get the elemental power by landing spells on enemy champions, not just killing minions and champions." - src.
  • VO related
    • "Oh also the dialogue team really came together for Elementalist Lux, so enjoy her lines! They were fun (and stressful!) to write!" -src
      •  "well from what i remember each form had champ-specific taunts, transformation lines, etc. about 500/700-ish in all?"- src
    • She has 10 different laughs. -src.


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