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[UPDATE 11/21: Camille Champion Reveal]

Riot has released Camille: Severed Ties, a new comic introducing the upcoming champion Camille!
"Camille must stop a secret alliance that threatens the fragile balance of power in Piltover."
Continue reading for more information on our next champion!!

Table of Contents

Camille: Severed Ties

Here's the fully expanded panels for the Camille: Severed Ties comic :

A short animation was also posted on the LoL Facebook - here's a mirror:

More Information

So far we know Riot Jag is the designer on Camille, she will be his first champion.

ZenonTheStoic also shared a few other folks who worked on Camille:
"Congrats to Camille team! Jeevun @RiotJag Sidhu on design, Hing "Hdot" Chui on concept art, and Ariel "ThermalKitten" Lawrence on narrative."

When asked what exactly Camille is - human, robot, or cyborg, Jag noted she is a "augmented living person". 

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