League Festival At Worlds - PTL, All-Mid All Star Death Match, Cosplay, Music of League of Legends live concert!

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[EDIT: Stream's over but article updated with highlights and links! Pentakill II album teased on stream!]

On the night before the 2016 World Championship, Riot livestreamed the  League Festival at Worlds celebration! The event included a live edition of PrimeTime League, an All-Mid All Star Death Match, a cosplay celebration, the Music of League of Legends live concert, and more!
Continue reading for the event VOD, highlights, and more!

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Stream // VOD


[No youtube vod unfortunately!]


The stream started at 6:00 PM PT on October 28th. and included a live episode of PTL, an All Mid All-Star Death Match, a cosplay celebration, a live worlds tonight, and Music of League of Legends live!

From the 2016 WC Finals article elaborated:
"What’s the League Festival at Worlds?​ 
On October 28, we’ll kick things off on the eve of Finals with the League Festival at Worlds. Here’s the show line-up starting at 6:00 PM PT:​​
  • PrimeTime League Live with your favorite hosts to begin the show
  • The All-Mid All Star Deathmatch, featuring Voyboy, Jessica Nigri, Nicki Taylor, Reckful, Jimmy Wong, Spiral Cats, & more…
  • Champions Live: A Cosplay Celebration, hosted by /AllChat hosts Jessica Nigri and Jimmy Wong, as well as Riot artist Shannon “RiotPhoenix” Berke, and featuring more than 20 League cosplayers from around the world.
  • A special edition of Worlds Tonight, in which a panel of shoutcasters and analysts will give their take on the road to Finals and the championship match-up for the Summoner's Cup.
  • We’ll cap the night off in epic fashion with the Music of League of Legends Live Concert. A wide variety of artists backed by the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra will take both attendees and viewers on a tour through the many genres of League music, including champion and faction themes, music videos, and esports favorites.
And a few other surprises….


Here's a rundown of some of the stream highlights:
  • USC Trojan Marching Band playing Get Jinxed!

  • Cosplay show featuring many cosplayers from all over the world - Arcade cosplay, Star Guardian, Championship, Yasuo, Jinx, Vi, and many more!
  • Hollywood Chamber Orchestra collaborated with artists with Riot and several special guests to play a concert of live League of Legends music!
    • Includes: Diana theme, Nami theme, TJ Brown performing The Curse of the Sad Mummy, Howling Abyss music, Bilgewater music, the arcade theme, Super Galaxy Rumble theme, pentakill, and more!

UPDATE: Here's a set of timestamps and links using the TWITCH VOD for larger moments at the event!
  • PTL Start - 58:41
  • Lazerbeams Special - 1:50:32
  • The All-Mid All Star Death Match - 1:58:09
  • USC Trojan Marching Band Music Medley - 2:41:38
  • Stick Figure Spotlight 5 - 2:48:02
  • Cosplay Celebration - 2:53:47
    • Thresh - 4ItchyTasty! and Ben Bayouth - 2:54:09
    • Fiddlesticks - 4ItchyTasty! - 2:55:49
    • Death Blosson Kha'Zix - CFStudios - 2:56:27
    • Azir - TheGadgetFish - 2:57:04
    • Bard - Sinme of Spiral Cats - 2:57:46
    • Arcade Ahri and Arcade Riven - Tasha and Doremi of Spiral Cats - 2:58:50
    • Arcade Miss Fortune, Arcade Sona, and Arcade Ezreal - Azulette Cosplay, Nadyasonika, KrookedKev - 2:59:38
    • Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn  - Lyz Brickley, Nebularum, Tamayaki Cosplay - 3:01:06
    • Corsair Quinn - Oyuka Cosplay - 3:03:05
    • Yasuo - Ragnarodi - 3:03:54
    • Divine Soraka - Smirka - 3:04:32
    • Garen - Junkers Cosplay - 3:05:34
    • Star Guardian Lux and Star Guardian Jinx -  Vensy Props and Glory Lamothe - 3:06:50
    • Championship Thresh, Championship Zed, and Championship Riven - Androoly, Kenny Cosplay Stuff, and Littlejem Cosplay - 3:08:18
    • Recap and Closing - 3:09:34
  • League of Legends Statue Interviews - 3:11:30
  • Worlds Tonight - 3:16:49
  • Music of League of Legends Live Concert - 3:40:42
    • Champion Select Theme - 3:41:33
    • Daylight's End (Diana's Theme) - 3:42:43
    • Tidecaller (Nami's Theme) -  3:45:19
    • Freljord / Braum Medley - 3:50:50
    • Bilgewater Medley - 3:54:16
    • Curse of the Sad Mummy - 3:56:54
    • Super Galaxy Theme / Arcade Theme 1 / Arcade Theme 2 - 4:03:08
    • Pentakill Medley - 4:07:59
    • Pentakill 2 teaser - 4:12:20
    • Taliyah / Dragon Trainer Tristana / Aurelion Sol / Jhin Medley - 4:14:35
    • Final Medley - 4:21:45


As we head into the 2016 World Championship Finals between Samsung Galaxy vs SKT Telecom T1 on Saturday October 29th at 3:30 PM PDT!

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