Red Post Collection: Worlds Pick'em Starts Sep. 10th, Legends Rising teaser trailers, Meddler Grab Bag, and more!

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Tonight's red post collection includes a heads up that the Worlds Pick'Em starts September 10th with new icons & prizes available, a set of trailers for the upcoming second season of Legends Rising, Meddler once again commenting that Yorick's update will be disabled for Worlds, and more!
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Worlds Pick’Em Is Coming September 10 

With the 2016 World Championship starting up later this month, the WORLDS PICK 'EM will be launching on September 10th! As with previous years, players will be able to participating in guessing how the 2016 WC bracket will play out and earn various prizes - those who manage to guess a very rare PERFECT PICK (all winners of group stages and finals correct) can snag a set of free ultimate skins! 
"Welcome Back! 
Worlds 2016 Pick’em is coming September 10! Prove your knowledge, compete with friends and fellow esports enthusiasts, match up against celebrities -- and with a bit of skill, and a bit of luck, you could walk off with some cool prizes! 
New Prizes 
This year features brand new rewards for those of you on the quest for the perfect bracket! 
New Pick’em Poro Icons 
Build a bracket, and you'll automatically get the new participation icon. If you cobble together at least 34 points, you'll also earn a new special Poro icon. 
New Ultimate Perfect Pick Reward 
Should the Runeterra gods smile in your favor and you manage to select every winner from Group Stage to the Finals correctly, you'll walk away with the Ultimate Pick’em prize: three Ultimate skins including DJ Sona, Spirit Guard Udyr, Pulsefire Ezreal. 
The Group Stage brackets open September 10 and close on September 29, so get ready to make your picks!"
Check out our latest edition of TWIES for more information on worlds 2016! Following this weekend's events, here are the current qualified teams:

Yorick disabled for World Championship 2016

With Yorick's large scope champion update preparing to launch in 6.18, Meddler reminded that Yorick will not be available for pick at worlds even though the 2016 WC will be played on patch 6.18:
"The Yorick rework will be in 6.18 but it will be disabled for Worlds."
On the topic of reworks, Meddler also commented that the Assassin update (in preseason!) will be prior to Warwick's large scope champion update:
What's coming first, Assassin update or Rewick warwork?

Meddler on Kog'Maw

When asked about thoughts on some Kog'Maw changes in response to a post regarding Kog'Maw's kit having too much power wrapped up in one ability, Meddler noted:
"Yeah, we're on the same page at this point. Kog's looking pretty stat checky right now, just clicking people at some points in the game without much subtlety. Some of that looks like just raw power, some is that some of his kit changes aren't working as intended. We're taking a look at him at the moment, aiming to ship some changes in either 6.19 or 6.20. Not sure exactly what yet though, the Live team's looking at possible directions right now."
Meddler continued:
Meddler, I've noticed that successful kog players don't even get a point in Q until level 13. Maybe take power out of his W (range?, AS?, percentage damage?) and E and put some into his Q. IIRC, the Q skill on most champs is supposed to be the bread and butter skill.
Making Q an ability worth ranking before you have to is likely to be a significant part of any changes. I think the most likely approach there is that we take power from W specifically, that's not definite though."
Meddler added:
How does that stop kog from being the late game instant win once everything is maxed out? Moving power isn't fixing the problem, it's just delaying the inevitable making his power spike come an ability level up later. As long as he can do % HP damage with items at a 4.0 attack speed cap, he can't lose trades or be killed easily unless instantly bursted, but steraks gage exist.
We're not scared of what kog does pre-30 minutes, we're scared from 30 after, forcing him to rank something else when it's just making the same late game outcome isn't a solution.
As above that's only expected to be part of the changes. Depending on what sort of power was removed from W to buff Q it could also be possible to reduce Kog's late game power with such a change too."

Legends Rising Season 2 Teasers

With the next season of LEGENDS RISING starting up on September 7th, here are a few more teaser videos for the different featured players:

More information available [here].

More information available [here].

More information available [here].

Check Legends Rising Season 1 or additional Season 2 teasers below:

/ALL Chat | Arcade Jinx!

It's Monday so the /ALL CHAT crew is back with a new Summoner Showcase showing off fan created content!

"Check out this week’s Summoner Showcase with Sam and Josh as they check out a fantastical Sivir cosplay, a heart-wrenching short-film, and an Arcade Jinx! Rejoice! 
That’s right! ALL Chat is moving to both Mondays and Fridays. Twice the ALL Chat each week!"


To round out tonight's red post collection, here are a few reminders on current promotions or limited time events!
  • There is currently a CHROMA FOR IP sale between August 25th and September 8th! This means all chroma released PRIOR TO AUGUST 2016 will be on sale for 2000 IP each  More information available here.

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