Mechs vs Minions - Cooperative Tabletop game in LoL Universe

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Riot has launched a new page dedicated to their upcoming MECHS VS MINIONS cooperative table top game, which will be available for purchase on October 13th at 11 AM PST!
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Official Announcement

Here's the MECHS VS MINIONS promotional page, which includes an overview and introductory tutorial video, a look at what comes inside the box, release date of 10/13/2016, an FAQ, and more!
"Mechs vs. Minions' is a cooperative tabletop experience for 2-4 players. Set in the world of Runeterra, players take on the roles of four intrepid Yordles: Corki, Tristana, Heimerdinger, and Ziggs, who must join forces and pilot their newly-crafted mechs against an army of marauding minions. With modular boards, programmatic command lines, and a story-driven campaign, each mission will be unique, putting your teamwork, programming, and piloting skills to the test."
MECHS VS MINIONS will be available for purchase on OCTOBER 13th at 11 AM PST!
Below you'll find coverage from the site, mixed in with a few extra screenshots and bits from us!



Mechs Vs. Minions Tutorial 


Whats Inside the Box?

  • 5 - Mechs
  • 100 - Minions
  • 1 - Bomb Piece
  • 4 - Crystal Shards
  • 1 - Gear Tracker
  • 2 - Gear Rings
  • 4 - Rune Coins
  • 96 - Command Cards
  • 55 - Damage Cards
  • 40 - Schematic Cards
  • 5 - Map Tiles
  • 1 - The School
  • 1 - Color Compass
  • 5 - Command Lines
  • 2 - Numbered Dice
  • 2 - Rune Dice
  • 1 - Zhonya's Minuteglass
  • 1 - Rulebook
  • 1 - Tutorial
  • 10 - Mission Envelopes (Dossiers and Cards enclosed)
  • 1 - Final Reward Envelope (Rewards and Cards enclosed)
  • 4 - Game Trays

NOTE: The large object in the sealed box from the FAQ is [SPOILER], as seen in The Dice Tower's video. Click here for a picture!


Last up, here is an FAQ about the game, story, pricing, and more!
  • What kind of game is Mechs vs Minions?
    • Mechs vs Minions is a fully cooperative tabletop game for 2-4 players. Using programmatic movement from a shared draft, teammates will grow in power as they face off against armies of marauding minions.  
  • Is there some kind of story?
    • Is an Ultra-Mega-Powerful Flamespitter hot? Yes! Rumble has invited Heimerdinger, Tristana, Corki, and Ziggs to his soon-to-be-mega-prestigious school. Without giving away too much, things quickly go sideways, and the Yordles are forced to work together to fight off the minion menace. Each mission is unique—with different challenges and objectives—as you fight through the story-driven campaign.  
  • What’s in the box?
    • The box includes five game boards, four command lines (one for each player), four painted mech miniatures, ability and damage decks, a sand timer, a bomb-like power source miniature, 6 metal trackers, 4 acrylic shards, 4 dice, and 100 minion miniatures. There also appears to be some large object trying to get out of that sealed box...  
  • How long is the campaign?
    • There are ten missions in total, and each individual mission will take about 60-90 minutes.  
  • When & where can I purchase Mechs vs Minions?
    • You can find Mechs vs Minions exclusively on the Riot Games Merch Store starting on October 13, 2016, at 11 AM PST.  
  • How much will it cost?
    • Mechs vs Minions is $75 USD plus shipping and handling (depending on your country) 
  • What languages is Mechs vs Minions available in?
    • The first wave will be in English and Simplified Chinese, with hopes to expand to more languages in the future!  


As linked above, here are the two soundtracks included on the MvM page: Lava Cave & Green Battlefield!

Mechs Vs. Minions Boards

Here's a link to the newly-minted Mechs vs. Minions Boards, including Kades with a welcome post:
Welcome to the boards for 'Mechs vs. Minions'. 
If you've found your way here, then I'm sure you know how boards work - we'll try to limit most of the chatter here to boardgame related stuff. The crew that worked on MvM aren't as keyed into the latest on balance changes or the movings and shaking of the e-sports scene or whatnot. But we'd be happy to chat with you about MvM, talk about our process (and occasionally, lack thereof), or provide whatever insight we can as to what we've made and why we've made it. Rules questions that crop up; that type of thing.
But for now, I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by. 
Few interesting posts

  • MvM has been in development 3 years. -src.
  • MvM will be available exclusively in the Riot Games merch ship and retails at $75 + shipping. -src.
  • No digital plans -src.
  • 2,3, or 4 players are all valid -src.
  • 30,000 units in English and simplified Chinese available at launch - src.

Community Videos

For those interested in seeing more, here's a few more example games and demonstrations from various members of the table top and board game communties!

REMEMBER - MvM will be available for purchase OCTOBER 13TH at 11 AM PST via the merch shop.

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