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"My profession?! You know now that I think of it I've always wanted to be a baker." Four new Chef inspiried skins are now available  - Sashimi AkaliBarbecue LeonaButcher Olaf, and Baker Pantheon!
Continue reading for additional previews of these newly released skins!

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Official Release Announcement

From the official release announcement "Don your aprons and fire up the ovens!" -
"At Tahm Kench’s restaurant, “An Acquired Taste” 
Tahm Kench: Listen up! There’s a cutthroat crew from the Bilge eating here tonight, so get cooking… or end up like our last head chef… mmmm. 
Leona, Olaf, Akali: *Shudders* Y-yes, sir!

Hiiiiiii! Let’s bake a cake for them!!!

C..CAKE?! What we will serve them is this! *Slams chunks of raw meat onto the table*

Leona: I told you already, we can’t serve raw meat to people. What this needs is a little flare. *Raises fork towards the sky*

Olaf: Don’t you dare, hot stuff. Besides, it’s already seasoned with the blood and salt of my enemies!

I’m pretty sure that’s a health code violation.

Akali: *Dashes from the shadows and plates a pile of sashimi*

Pantheon: WHAT WAS THAT?!

Leona: Sushi also? This meal is a little too meaty.

Olaf: Hah! You can never have too much meat, sunshine.

Leona: I’m going to kill you.

*From the shadows* We need balance.

Balance you say… I know what to do!

3 hours and a lot of yelling later

Tahm Kench: 
You’re serving one of the vilest crews in Bilge dessert? This better satisfy my appetite. *Takes a bite*

Leona, Olaf, Akali: *Sweats*

Sooo what do you think?! :D

Tahm Kench: These are…


Tahm Kench: Hm, sweet, savory, splendiferous! You’ve proved yourself better than the last baker we had— or I had, rather hahahahaha!

Leona, Olaf, Akali: *Nervously laughs along*


Tahm Kench: 
Stop that! You’ll scare off our customers. 

Rise to the top with Baker Pantheon (975 RP) and dish out the pain with Barbecue Leona, Sashimi Akali, and Butcher Olaf (750 RP each).

Culinary Combatants Set - 3225 RP (5661 RP if you need the champs) 
Available until September 12, 2016 at 23:59 PT

Champions included:
  • Pantheon - 25% off
  • Leona - 25% off
  • Akali - 25% off
  • Olaf - 25% off

Skins included:
  • Baker Pantheon
  • Barbecue Leona
  • Sashimi Akali
  • Butcher Olaf"

Skin Previews:


Sashimi Akali

750 RP

Barbecue Leona

750 RP

Butcher Olaf

750 RP

Baker Pantheon

975 RP


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