This Week In Esports [August 1st - August 7th]

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With the 2016 LCS Promotion Tournaments now completed, we're back with a new edition of This Week in eSports!
[Warning: This post contains event spoilers!]

Continue reading for details on current LCS standings, regional standings, various team & player news, roster updates, and more!

Current Standings:

The 2016 LCS Promotion Tournaments are now completed and we now have our 2017 Spring Split Teams for NA and EU! Playoffs start soon as the teams fight for spots in Worlds 2016! First place in the summer split will automacially qualify for Worlds, and the next spot will go to the team with the highest championship points. The final spot for Worlds will be determined at the NA and EU Regional Qualifiers, the winners of which will be the third seeds of their respective regions.

The brackets and standings below are up to date as of Sunday, August 7th and, as always, VODs can be found here.


    • Promotion winners: C9C, P1, FOX
    • Teams that did not progress: NRG Esports, Team Liquid Academy
  • Summer Split Playoff Bracket:
    • Quarterfinals: 8/13 - 8/14
    • Semifinals: 8/20 - 8/21
    • Third Place Match: 8/27
    • Final: 8/28


    • Promotion winners:  Misfits, Roccat, Origen
    • Teams that did not progress:  FC Schalke 04, Millenium
  • Summer Split Playoff Bracket:
    • Quarterfinals: 8/13 - 8/14
    • Semifinals: 8/20 - 8/21
    • Third Place Match: 8/27
    • Final: 8/28

[Korea] LCK:

  • Top Four (W/L):
  • ROX Tigers (15 - 3)
  • SKTelecom T1 (13 - 5)
  • KT Rolster (13 - 5)
  • Samsung Galaxy (12 - 6)
  • LCK Playoffs
    • Round 1 - 8/8 
    • Round 2 - 8/10
    • Round 3 - 8/12
    • Final - 8/20

[China] LPL:

  • Top Four (W/L) - Groups A & B
  • Edward Gaming (16 - 0)
  • Royal Never Give Up (13 - 3) 
  • Team World Elite (10 - 6)
  • Snake Esports (10 - 6)


  • Top Three (W/T/L) - Points
  • J Team (10 - 4 - 0 ) - 34 Pts 
  • Flash Wolves (10 - 3 - 1) - 33 Pts 
  • ahq e-Sports Club (9 - 3 - 2 ) - 30 Pts

Announcing the League of Legends tournament format for Intel® Extreme Masters Season 11

Here's more info about the IEM Extreme Masters Tournament coming November 19th - 20th!
"IEM Season 11 will feature more matches, more teams, and the best League of Legends players from around the world. 
League of Legends is one of the pillars of Intel® Extreme Masters, and will be front and center in the IEM spotlight at Season 11 venues around the world. We are excited to share new changes for the IEM tournament format that will provide League of Legends the stage it deserves. Read on to find out more about League of Legends at IEM. 
In order to provide more opportunities for both players and fans to experience their favorite matches, IEM Season 11 will include more League of Legends teams than previous years. With the international growth of League of Legends, we want to ensure that the IEM tournaments will have the strongest lineups possible. This year, all stops will have eight teams allowing for a full tournament format. 
With a smaller number of teams in the past, there were occasional imbalances of regional representation. It has been proven time and time again that all of the regions have the chance to take victory. In order to crown the world’s best team at IEM Katowice, rosters will have to qualify based on results from the League of Legends World Championships or from their results at IEM Oakland and IEM Gyeonggi. To promote global fairness, both IEM Oakland and IEM Gyeonggi will include at least one team from each of the following regional divisions: 
  • NA LCS - North America
  • EU LCS - Europe
  • LPL - China
  • LCK - Korea
  • LMS - Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao
  • IWC - International Wildcard regions: Southeast Asia, Latin America North, Latin America South, Brazil, Turkey, Japan, Oceania, Commonwealth of Independent States 
Many factors go into deciding the best teams, but many people always say “the stats don't lie." This season, teams will be invited based on their rankings in their respective leagues and their performance at Worlds. Additionally, the IWC teams will have a separate qualifier to determine which teams are representing the IWC region as a whole. Details on the invitation and qualification formats will follow next week. 
There will be no byes in the League of Legends circuit of IEM Season 11. With eight teams represented at each tournament, Season 11 will showcase a dual group stage to determine the playoff teams. The top two teams of each group will then square off in a single elimination semifinals bracket until only one team is left standing. 
Stay tuned for more information on each stop, and don't forget to grab your tickets for the first tournament at IEM Oakland on November 19-20! As always, follow IEM on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates." 

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    • [REMINDERRiot has announced the location for the 2016 All-Star Event - 2016 All Stars will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from December 8th-11th.

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