[8/22 Teasers] Yorick rework GIF & Baker Pantheon

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[UPDATE: Both Yorick and Baker Pantheon now on PBE as of 8/23 update!]

It's Monday and we have two new teasers for upcoming content going out on social media - a gif for Yorick's upcoming large scope champion update and a short video of a Baker Pantheon!
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Yorick Update GIF

Following the shovel teaser from last week,  a gif of Yorick's rework showing off his updated model and ghouls attacking is circulating on Riot's social media!

Here's the GIF from the main LoL facebook page:

Baker Pantheon skin teaser

League of Legends' social media has also been buzzing with a short video showing off what appears to be a Baker Pantheon skin, in reference to his joke!
  • From LoL Facebook:"My profession?! "You know, now that I think of it, I've always wanted to be a baker." - Pantheon"
  • From LoL Instagram: ""I've always wanted to be a baker." - Pantheon #leagueoflegends #baked"
Here's a youtube mirror:

With the usual timing of these sorts of social media teasers, keep an eye out for the start of the new 6.18 PBE cycle later this week!

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