Red Post Collection: New Hextech Crafting Components & PROJECT content, Thresh cosplay documentary, and more!

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This morning's red post collection includes details on the new Hextech Crafting components & upcoming PROJECT icons + loading screen borders, an update on champion rebirth passives and cooldown pings, a documentary on the thirteen foot tall Thresh cosplay from PAX East, and more!
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New Hextech Crafting components

[UPDATE 7/19 - Check out the 7/19 PBE UPDATE for details on the new crafting components, including what you need to buy to get what, what each cache contains, and more! ]

With the new PROJECT: Ashe, Ekko, and Katarina headed to live next patch, Riot has announced a set of new Hextech Crafting components players will be able to purchase with IP and RP to craft FIRST STRIKE summoner icons and get exclusive loading screen decorations for the three upcoming skins!
"PROJECT returns this year with new skins and a new process for joining the First Strike to unlock unique borders for loading screen cards. 
As you may have noticed on PBE, we’ve modified the Hextech Crafting system to prepare for First Strike with two new limited-time crafting materials. Introducing PROJECT Cores and blueprints:

PROJECT Cores fuse with blueprints to unlock various types of loot. Certain blueprints allow you to craft First Strike icons for PROJECT: Ashe, PROJECT: Ekko, and PROJECT: Katarina, which you will need to secure First Strike borders for their loading screen cards. 
These new and existing crafting materials reside in a variety of caches that you can purchase for IP or RP. Caches are similar to Hextech chests but do not require a key to open.

In our efforts to make gemstones directly purchasable, we’re also guaranteeing one per day in special bundles for the first six days of this operation. 
We’ll dive deeper into this process with an FAQ in the near future. Stay tuned!"
Following the announcement, WizardCrab scuttled on to reddit, twitter, and the boards to answer a few questions regarding these upcoming crafting components and the PROJECT skins!
When asked about the special loading screen for PROJECTYasuo that was seen on the PBE, WizardCrab confirmed that it is not part of the new crafting and everyone who owns the skin will get it!
"Yasuo is getting First Strike treatment but we'll be giving it to all PROJECT: Yasuo owners, including those who purchase when this is live."

When asked if obtaining the blueprints for the icons are random, WizardCrab noted:
"No part of getting the First Strike borders will be random. The Blueprints for each skin's border will come out of unique caches you can choose to pick up (for IP or RP!)."
He continued:
They're not random. The Blueprints required to craft them will drop with 100% certainty out of unique caches.

WizardCrab also confirmed  the three upside down triangle icons from the PBE at the FIRST STRIKE summoner icons mentioned in the post:
When asked if you need to equip these icons to get the loading screen borders, WizardCrab confirmed:
"Just unlock the icon, don't need to equip it!"

When asked if the loading screens would return for the 2015 PROJECT skins (Master Yi, Lucian, Leona, Zed, & Fiora), WizardCrab confirmed they WILL NOT BE RETURNING.
"Last year's borders aren't coming back. These are only for Yasuo, Ashe, Ekko, and Kat."

When asked about the IP cost of the new caches, WizardCrab noted:
"This won't be a huge IP sync, but it should be something cool to spend a little IP on at least. We just wanted to make sure that people can participate and get content without opening up their wallets."
When asked if these caches drop only blueprints and cores or if they could contain skin and champion shards, WizardCrab noted:
"you'll get those too"

Assets for these new crafting components went to the PBE in the 7/18 update but they were not enabled for testing. Stay tuned for more from the PBE and look for the FAQ soon!

Rebirth Passives and Cooldown Pings

In a reddit thread noting that you can not use the new cooldown pings to let your team know how long is left on Aatrox's rebirth passive, Riot Rayven noted:
"We are working on adding this and other rebirth passives. Fixing a few bugs too (Morg/Kat ults)."
As for if this will include Azir turrets, Riot Rayven added:
"yes, it will."

Worlds 2016 Group Stage Ticket Information

Tickets for the Worlds 2016 Group Stages in San Francisco go on sale soon! 
"TL;DR: Tickets for the Group Stage in San Francisco will go on sale on Wednesday, July 20 at 10:00 AM PT starting at $34.10 USD viaTicketmaster."
Check out the lolesports article for more information on Worlds 2016, tickets, and more!

THRESH: MAKING A MONSTER | A League of Legends Documentary

Riot has put out a mini documentary on the making of the giant thirteen foot Thresh cosplay you may have seen roaming around PAX East!

"We teamed up a community cosplayer with a professional prop maker to turn everyone’s favorite chain warden into a towering real-life monster! Here are some behind-the-scenes looks at the creation and performance of the thirteen foot tall Thresh puppet that debuted at PAX East. Cosplay on!"
More info here! 


Last up for today's red post collection we have a few reminders on current promotions and events!
  • Ryze's champion update launched with 6.14! \A large bundle including Ryze and all of his legacy & normal skins  are available through July 20th.  Ryze's legacy skins - ZombieTribalProfessor, and Pirate Ryze - are also available individually through August 13th! 
  • In addition to the new Astronaut Teemo plush, all plush are currently 30% off through July 24th!

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