Red Post Colection: July Early Sales, Nexus Siege in RGMQ, Nemesis Draft testing on PBE,& more

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[7/24 UPDATE: Added in a few more red posts from Meddler on Azir, Ryze R, Jhin, and more!]

Tonight's red post collection includes the July early sales, Nexus Siege returning in the RGMQ this weekend, Meddler on Vayne Q changes in 6.15, Nemesis Draft back on the PBE for testing, & more!
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Meddler Grab bag - Bans, Jhin & marksmen, and Post 6.14 Azir 

Meddler  has been bouncing around the boards discussing champion bans, marksman changes, and Azir

When asked about potentially increasing the number of champion bans, Meddler  commented:
"We're planning on looking at champion bans sometime around the pre-season/start of next season. Can't make any promises about what our conclusions will be, at the very least though we'll have a lot of thoughts to share with you folks, get your opinions on the costs and benefits of different ban numbers and approaches."
When asked about potential nerfs for JhinMeddler explained:
Just curious. Are there any plans on nerfing Jhin? His stats are top pick + high win rate atm. Ive never liked fighting him. I think he needs a reduction slow on his ult. Shouldnt be in the up 90%
He's looking a bit strong, suspect we'll end up nerfing him in 6.16, maybe with nerfs to one or two other marksmen (Ashe a likely contender) and potentially buffs to a couple of weak ones."
When asked about the team's current thoughts on Azir following his 6.14 changes, Meddler noted:
"Not sure yet what changes we will or won't make to Azir before the Worlds patch (6.18). We hit his power noticeably in 6.14, to the extent he's not in a great place for most players, even if they've got quite a few games on him. Might still be strong enough, or even too strong, in pro play though. Need to see some more pro play to get a good handle on how he's looking there, then we can figure out how to balance for those two different needs. At some point we'll also need to make some more fundamental changes to him to give him clearer weaknesses, that's probably a post Worlds thing though."

Gameplay and Thematic reasons for new Ryze R

In a thread inquiring about the decision to make Ryze's 6.14 champion update R a teleport, Meddler noted:
"Gameplay rationale: 
  • Part of the reason Ryze has been hard to balance in the past is because he's mainly just brought damage. Giving him some more utility, and in a team focused way, allows us to give him power without him being as effective in a straight head to head fight.
  • A group teleport is an ability we've wanted to do for quite a while. First time we tried it, at least while I've been at Riot, was on Lulu. It showed promise, but we concluded it would work better on someone who could do well even if no allies went with them (we were still assuming Lulu would just get support play and not outduel a huge number of champs if solo, whoops). 
Thematic rationale: 
  • Ryze is a ancient archmage who roams Runeterra searching for World Runes. He's been doing so for an extremely long time (centuries?). Some form of transportation magic seemed like a really strong fit for an eternal traveler as a result.
  • Unlike many of the other mages in LoL Ryze has time to master his craft. Annie or Syndra for example have a lot of innate power and raw talent. They're not yet very refined about it though, so tend to do one or two things really hard (burn stuff and smash things into other things respectively). Ryze however's got enough practice to have a broader mastery over his magical talent, so he's adept at doing a range of different things with the power he's got."

July Early Sales: July 22nd through 25th.

The July early sales are now in the shop through July 25th - enjoy discounts on Beast Hunter Sejuani, Blood Moon Kennen,  Definitely Not Vel'Koz,  High Noon Jhin, Radiant Wukong, and Sweetheart Sona.
"The July Early Sale is officially here! To kick things off, the following non-Legacy skins from the past 4-6 months are going on sale from July 22 00:00 PT through July 25 23:59 PT!"

Nexus Siege live in the RGMQ

Nexus Siege is back in the RGMQ this weekend!  Check out the NEXUS SIEGE page for more info on our latest game mode.
"The siege continues with Nexus Siege returning for one more weekend! If you need a refresher on the new Siege Weapons or some strategy and champion suggestions go check out the Nexus Siege website here!
As always we’ll be trying out different things with the rotating game mode queue and we’d love to hear your feedback. GLHF!"

Meddler on Vayne changes in 6.15 

Meddler also popped on the boards to comment more on the minor changes to Vayne's Q coming in 6.15:
"Here's what's in 6.15: 
  • Tumble - Changed so that the basic attack and bonus damage can no longer crit separately. 
Previously each used a different calculation, now both use the same one. Average damage should be the same, should be clearer exactly what happened though. 
  • Q now works on towers, consuming the buff and dealing bonus damage. 
We feel Vayne's a little on the weak side, even for experienced Vayne players (going to have to disagree with you on 'border of being broken'). We wanted to add a bit of power to her as a result, but didn't want to give her more raw damage against enemy champs. A bit of tower killing power by contrast seemed an appropriate choice."
When asked why Vayne's Q crit was set up like this to begin with, Meddler noted:
"I suspect just oversight, given the inconsistency with other abilities that add damage that can crit."

[PBE] "Nemesis Draft" for rotating game modes now live for testing on PBE. 

Nemesis Draft is now on the PBE for rotating game mode queue testing! For those who don't remember, Nemesis Draft is where YOU pick the champions your OPPONENTS will be playing.!
"The "Nemesis Draft" game mode is now live for testing on PBE. We've been heads down on finishing Nexus Siege, so Nemesis Draft is a nice change of pace, assuming it's all good, we'll hopefully have it in the RGM queue sometime in the near future! 
This also doesn't mean we're not working on other modes (similar in scope to Nexus Siege), they just won't come out back-to-back so quickly (if only it was that easy!). We're also working on some medium-size updates to certain modes, as we realise they can settle a bit after multiple repeats (certain modes get stale quicker than others). 
Meanwhile, let us know if you guys spot anything weird with the champ select process in Nemesis Draft. For the newcomers, here's a review of the rules and how it should work: 
-- 3 bans per team.
-- You select a champion for the ENEMY TEAM.
---- Champions you pick for your enemies are allowed from your OWN TEAM'S combined champion pool."
While enabled on the 22nd, this is also documented in our 7/21 PBE post.




Last up for today's red post collection we have a few reminders on current promotions and events!
  • In addition to the new Astronaut Teemo plush, all plush are currently 30% off through July 24th!
  • 2016 Worlds Group Stage (San Francisco) tickets are now on sale! Be on the look out for Quarterfinals (Chicago) tickets to go on sale in late July and Semifinals (New York) and Finals (Los Angeles)  tickets in early August! 

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