Kled: The Reunion

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Here's a new teaser for KLED, our next champion! Check out Kled: The Reunion.

“Another day on the northern plains. Prickly shrubs. Harsh winds. Killin’ trespassers.”
Continue reading for more information and screen caps!

(NOTE: This teaser originally aired following game two between Splyce and Fnatic during EU LCS W8 D1)

In the video, Kled, a yordle, and his mount, Skaarl, battle through an army of Noxian soldiers to reunite with each other!
 Kled seems to have a gun and a melee weapon and at the end of the video he stabs a soldier while commenting "you're trespassin'!".


This video follows the variety of KLED posters found all around the world and 6.14's "Something in Brush" teaser! While we don't have much information yet, we do know the Harrow is the gameplay designer for Kled.

Riot Whren confirmed on twitter that the soldiers in the video are Noxian!

Harrow confirmed the mount's name is Skaarl.

Jaredan noted the battle in the video takes place in Noxus.

Look for more on our next champion closer to the start of the 6.16 PBE cycle! Typically we see champion reveals (including ability details and art) go up very close to their PBE debut!

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