Soulstealer Vayne & Hextech Ward Now Available in Crafting

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"The dark should fear me." - Soulstealer Vayne and the Hextech Ward can now be obtained exclusivvely through Hextech crafting! Like Hextech Annie, each can be crafted for a certain number of gemstones or be opened up as shards!
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Release Announcement

From the official release announcement: "New loot: Soulstealer Vayne and Hextech Ward" -
"Calling all soul collectors, Hextech hunters, and crafting connoisseurs! Soulstealer Vayne and the Hextech Ward are joining the ranks of loot-exclusive items available through Hextech Crafting. 

You’ll need 10 gemstones to craft Soulstealer Vayne and five for the Hextech Ward (for those not in the know, gemstones currently appear as random drops in Hextech chests). Like Hextech Annie, both can also drop as a skin shard. 
Need moar gemstones? We’re also rolling out ways for players to directly purchase them in limited amounts, true to what we mentioned when we first launched loot. Keep an eye out!"
Once you have enough gemstones, just right click the gemstone in your inventory to craft them!

Soulstealer Vayne

Soulstealer Vayne is now available for crafting! Like Hextech Annie, you can obtain this skin by combining 10 gemstones or randomly opening a skin shard!

Soulstealer Vayne

COST: 10 Gemstones
[Q while R is active]

Hextech Ward

In addition to Soulstealer Vayne, the Hextech Ward skin is also now available by combining 5 gemstones!

Hextech Ward

COST: 5 Gemstones

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