Deep Sea Nami Now Available!

Posted on at 11:13 AM by Moobeat
"My quest beckons." Deep Sea Nami is now available for purchase!
Quit flopping around and continue reading for skin previews!

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From the release announcement - "Something lurks deep in the sea..."

AT 100 FT: Powerful currents at freezing temperatures. 
AT 200 FT: High risk of oxygen toxicity and consequent convulsions. 
AT 3,000 FT: Absolute darkness, except for the occasional bubble of light. 
AT 30,000 FT: Unconfirmed reports of a massive, hostile lifeform. 
Disregarding this warning sign may result in serious water damage, asphyxiation, and/or death by tidal wave.

Drag your enemies beneath the tide with Deep Sea Nami, now lurking in the depths of the League store for 1350 RP."

and on to the previews!

Deep Sea Nami

1350 RP
[Auto attack]
[W on ally]
[W on enemy]
[W bounce back]

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